Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sunny Rant!!

The follow was posted on my Astronomy blog for my weekly assignment... I thought it was funny and had to share!

On another note off topic.... my wax business has taking off... and by that I am several hundreds of dollars into it so I need sales people!!! please visit me here: BUY WAX FROM ME HERE. It is still the test/beta web site so go test it out and see how it works! I promise I have google check out so how can you go wrong with that!?!?!

here is your funny ha ha Astronomy post!!

This weeks assignment is to write our feelings and observations about a sunrise or a sunset. Oh do I have some feelings about them!! We could do one or the other and since I am NEVER up to watch a sunrise, I quickly crossed that off. For the past 5 years I have seen the sunset every day. Ok not everyday but most days. I am pretty sure our family room window is perfectly aligned with the sun's setting path, because most days that is how I see it and all its "splendor". What surprises me most about this, is that I see even when the sky is cloudy and gray and have not seen the sun most of the day. That is because when the sun sets it gets lower and lower out of the atmosphere and shines/blinds me for a good 2 hours as it sets. So I pretty much hate sunsets and refuse to look at one for fun or for school. I see the effects of it every day EVEN when I close the blinds it still comes in. IT IS COMING IN RIGHT NOW as I type..... Another thing I hate about the sunset and when it rises for that matter. Is the fact that it blinds you when you drive!! How dangerous is that!?!?!?! I am convinced the sun is out to get us... If it dies we die... It annoys us sometimes. But we need it, so how can something we need so much cause us so much annoyances ??? To sum it up... I hate the sun but we all need it and it is forced upon me even when I don't care for it... I did not even get into sunburns, yet another reason to hate the sun......

Monday, February 8, 2010

recipes and giveaways!!

Oh its time for a giveaway but not from me!! Kristina P and Jenny Mac are both hosting giveaways!!! Kristina is giving away tickets to the Casual Bloggers Conference here in Utah. Jenny Mac is giving away a Jimmy Choo Bag AND a $100 gift card to this Women's apparel store Cosabella. I had never heard of them, probably because it is super high end. On a side note when I entered the gift card give away I left some smart comment about the sizes of the bra and how I thought they were different. They are, I had never seen sizes 1,2,3,4,5 in bra's...... well I got a very nice email from a Company Rep telling me all their sizes and this and that. I was very impressed by her. So much so that I want to win all 3 giveaways... So I am not posting links to these you have to go find them. HAHAHAHA but as a boobie prize I will post a recipe that I found yesterday in Southern Living. I know none of you get that magazine but it is my FAVORITE. The Recipe is Chicken Parmesan Pizza. Its so easy you all could make it, maybe even your husbands.....

Here is the LInk : Super Easy Pizza

I am to lazy to write it all up... but its still easy i am just lazy. Also I have not made it.... But how can you go wrong with cheese, chicken fingers, and garlic bread !?!?! Let me know if you have questions and/or problems I may help!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Those Duggars!

As you know I love a few things in life... The Duggars and Jesus. Now I just happen on a story today that just melted my little heart then kinda made me stop and go did he just do that ????

So last week Josh Duggar was working at his used car lot in Arkansas along with his brother... who names I forgot, but I am guess starts with a J.. I think John. Anyways apparently their car lot is on a busy highway... go figure put a business near a busy highway. But Last week there was a pretty bad car wreck and for some reason, probably Jesus, one of those cars envolved in said wreck pulled off into the Duggars Used car lot... Now I am no expert or have been in a car crash, Thank you Jesus, but aren't you suppose to say there until the cops come? I mean yes you can move you car if its in danger... I don't know someone please let us all know. But hang on it gets worse There is a little girl in the car and see passes or out or something and Thank Jesus John (who is also a volunteer firefighter for real) was there to start CPR and Josh was there to call 911... Now she did not pass out due to meeting The Brothers Duggers, no this was caused by the car accident. *WHEW* So that's pretty bad but the EMTS and the Brothers Duggars save this girl. THANK YOU JESUS. The Duggars also credited Jesus a few times. Now that is an awesome story.... But I think what impressed me the most was that during all this Josh was able to record the whole thing.................................

I don't know is that Kosher or even right?? I am pretty sure I would not record in that situation. And I have been in 3 situations where I had to call 911 for whatever reason and my thoughts were not OMG where is the camera this will be the greatest episode ever. Probably because I am not a reality TV star and don't carry a video camera with me. But don't you just think that was a poor judgement call??? And Lucky you guys!! you can view the video HERE and let me know what you think.

Then I got to thinking about baby #19 Baby Josie, and haven't heard anything in awhile about it so I went to check it out!! But their personal web page was down and everything I could find on googles 1st page was from 6 weeks ago so I guess she is still in the hospital.... I am sure we will hear all about her coming home when it happens.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Guess what I am famous now!!! This past week 2 things happened to confirm this!! ONE: 1 won something off Gifted Giveaways and it came in the mail!!! I know that doesn't make me famous, BUT its still fun and exciting to win something. I think I will host a give away on there soon!! Here are some pictures of the Calendar I won!! and the link so you can buy one and be JUST LIKE ME!!!

And 2nd: My son and husband were featured on a blog... a pretty famous blog. OH YES. A picture of them was put on Kristina P's snuggie sightings !!!! OMG its like Christmas all over again!! I think she did it So I would write a blog... I know she misses her weekly tributes from me.... She is also a mental health professional, so I am not sure why she is aiding in this really unhealthy obsession of that I have for her.... OK I am not OBSESSED I just think she is cool and funny. not obsessed.... there are blogs on here that are NOT about her!!! Its a pretty cute picture of Micah and Micah hiding in my snuggie... I guess she did not want to use this pic:

Yes, that is really me.... yes i am wearing my PJs, and Uggs... Yes that is a Sham wow... and No that is not my car.. and yes it is like 11 PM Christmas Day.... Its ok if you stop reading my blog I will understand.

School is KICKING my butt.... I don't even want to talk about it. Also I am sorry I don't read or comment on blogs anymore I pretty much suck so it will be ok, and I am only going to take one class a semester from now on. ME = FAIL. OH well better luck next time.
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