Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Things!!!

Happy New Years and New Blog layout!!! Oh did you notice the new blog background?? Oh yeah don't you remember when I won it a few months back?? Well its up and running and awesome to look at. Now you have another reason to be jealous of me.... I could go on and on about all the things but I won't. So the tabs you can click on them and they will take you to all sorts of new places. They are all fun and exciting and will not take you to porn!!! PROMISE. Oh don't click on the Wax Products button yet, it will take you no where. Moving on! But a BIG Thank you to Kristina P for picking me to win her "random" giveaway. And to April Showers for designing it for me! Her link is at the bottom of my blog, forever. and well if you read me you read Kristina. Now moving on.

So today is New Years Eve! How exciting. I am making cheese fondue, in my new fondue pot. I know it will totally rock. I have been thinking about my Revolutions this year. yeah yeah yeah me and hub call them that instead of Resolutions.... It just sounds cooler and makes them sound more serious. So here are mine....

1. Stick to my budget that I made. I was doing really, really well until the Holidays... this year I should start saving now for them. And this is how rich people stay rich.... I should have not said that I am going to get beat down from the other club members. But they I mean their servants. They don't like sharing THE SECRET.

2. Go to my classes, enjoy them, and the work I will have to do in them. And Try to make B's in them unless they are really really hard then I will take a C. Like my brother in law said " C's get degrees" Ahhh our future leaders and in this cause account... I think he is well on his way. ;) But he only got one C this past semester and the rest were As and Bs.

3. Try not to have diarrhea of the mouth... I don't know how well this will work since it does make for a good blog.

4. Blog like 3 times a week or when something really awesome has happened. Or if I am faced with a life changing question. And I will update my "Whats for dinner" blog every 2 weeks because I am super excited about that! *see above link*

5. Get Pregnant. I am just so sick and tired of people asking me when we are going to have another one. So fine. I will have one in 2010 or 11. HAPPY... and you all owe me a baby shower even if its another BOY. =P ALL OF YOU. I do like making major decisions in my life based on what people want me to do.

6. Be a better wife.... Delicious, Heathy Meals are just not enough. i should really try to listen to my husband when he talks about computers and what not. But I did start riding a bike this year!!

7. Spend less time of Facebook... but I will not try that hard, and I may need it for my homework.

8. Buy a Juila Childs Cookbook and make something... Yeah Yeah I saw that movie and it inspired me to make something fancy.
And apparently she was a really good cook. I would like one of her personal cookbooks with all her handwritten notes... but that would probably cost me a fortune.

So there you have it and I will try to do those Revolutions and keep you updated on all 7 of the. 7 is my lucky number and one of my favorite numbers! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all and think of you often and thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Parade of Homes Spanish Fork Edition

So every year Utah County puts on a Parade Homes, which includes the newest, the best, and the biggest, and every year my house is some how left off the list =/ Maybe its because our house was built in 1998. Maybe its because most homes are bigger then our 1750 sq. foot home. .. any how I want to put on my own Parade and welcome you into my 2009 Holiday parade of our home. Oh and there was great demand for seeing pictures of the remodel after my "little meltdown" so here you have it. Sit back and enjoy the tour. And grab a cookie or two and some punch. OH and please remove your shoes.............

Those are some of our awesome Christmas decorations. Don't you just LOVE the Bah Humbug blocks???

A few pictures of the remodeled kitchen. Note the new BLACK stove. I love it.

Son's little table and chalk board wall. Its pretty fun.

And last the new man cave/hub's office. Its really nice to have him so close, but we can close the door. Its pretty cool.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why Santa, Why???

OH HOLY BATMAN MAN POOP. A "friend" posted a link on the facebook and I just had to pass it along to you. If we were facebook friends you would have seen it, but we are not because you know i have personal info on there and well I am just smrt like that. SO a disclaimer uh its pretty creepy and shoo the children out and you have been warned this may give you nightmares and keep you up at night for awhile... which may be good since you are like me and probably have a lot of crap to get done


I won't even post any pictures just in case you want to sleep. Hugs and kiss and have a great Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guess what I did today??

HUH can you guess??? Well besides NOT cleaning my house so I could take pictures of it for you...... I started another blog. HA Only because I got a few emails about my awesomeness of having 31 nights of dinners planned. So I decide the best way to share those with my friends is to make a blog about it!! How awesome is that??? Well go check it out, uh no dinner menu's yet, but do your thing so when I do post them you will know.

Oh Yeah about the pictures of my house, I pretty much live like a hobo even when I do have working appliances. I have been catching up on Dr. Who with the hub, got a 2ND stomach bug, and we have people/family coming over to our house on Christmas eve for a PAR-TAY.... so you will get your pictures on the 25th... what an awesome gift from me to you... yeah what did I get from you???? So here is the link to the new bloggy blog:


XOXOXOX for a great holiday

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Santa: This year I have been pretty dang good and just generally awesome. So my list of things I want should not be unreasonable. And being who you are, they can all be acquired by Friday morning.

1: A Beach front home: Nothing to fancy or big... Here is a picture to help with your search.

2. A 2010 Audi Q7

3. Le Creuset Cookware, the 11 piece set from Williams-Somoma and while you are there grab me a 14 cup Cuisinart food processor

4. Disney Cruise to Hawaii I know it does not exist, but see what you can do

5. World Peace (i can't seem like a totally witch during this time of year)

6. a pair of black Manola Blahnik shoes..... size 7

7. a Louis Vuitton Purse just the brown logo one they are classic and NEVER go out of style.

But what I really really really want this year, besides a Snuggie... Is the Chia Herb garden, only because hub said this was just to horrible to be in our home.....

I guess that is about it..... I expect all these things on Friday morning, or at least letters of intent for some of the items.....

Love Always,

PS: Just wanted to share our holiday card with you this year:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leah vs. The Angel Tree

Ugh so lets just the this out of the way I have issues with the angel tree at church...... Every year I feel like it's out to get me, but every year I take a few items off of it. Like the one year, by that I mean every year I have to go to 7 different stores just to find the items needed, No wonder they asked for them. HA. Its not like they are hard to find, socks, shoes, clothing, jackets... Crap like that, but the problem I run in to is that sometimes those items are PRICEY... like shoes or a jacket. Why did I choose such items? Well my mom goes to that church too and she and I go in on the items and by that I mean she picks them off the tree then I BUY them.... OR the fact that I don't think we should even do a tree since half the families from church are on there so what's the point, not our job we should find a rich church to sponsor us...... There is some History on my feelings....... 4 years now.......

SO This year I beat my mom to the punch!! I picked out awesome stuff off the tree!! I got their early and got TOYS this year FUN FUN FUN toys like a Nerf Gun and LEGOS! That is what Christmas is about anyways, NOT SOME CRAP SOCKS AND PAJAMAS... I did pick socks off, but poo I PICKED TOYS. But as I am looking over the tags on the tree I notice 2 items that kinda took me back a bit... NO this was nothing like the one year we almost got stuck buying the Cottenelle moist wipes... uh huh.. So glad we did not get those. But gift cards... yeah $25 gift cards to local restaurants..... I am not sure how I feel about that. So I said something to my friends that where near by and who could possibly be on the tree, I don't know its anonymous you know. But I am pretty sure it was my tone, what I said, and the fact that I pretty much say what every I want without regard to anything, " WHAT THE CRAP, WHY ARE PEOPLE ASKING FOR GIFT CARDS!?!?!?" NICE. and my friends looked at me kinda in shock, confused, thinking, all in one. Like they were trying the find the right thing to say to ME... Well Maybe our Bishop suggested it to them or maybe they want to on a date.. YEAH those things.

I don't know, I don't go on dates I am married. I would not suggest to people in need to go out on a date that will probably result in them spending money on a baby sitter or paying the difference in total vs. gift card. Money they would not have spent if they had not got said gift card. But on the other hand I can see wanting to go to the restaurants, they are good and fun... I can see wanting to go there on a date with my spouse.... But should I or someone else have to pay for that??? I don't know I am troubled and torn.... I feel bad for saying to my friends... I feel bad they are on there, I feel like to make this better I should go back and get those tags... But then I think hey I have and could be poor .... Would that be the thing I would ask for??? Should those have really been put on the church tree?? Shouldn't they save up for their date night??? I don't know I have a lot a questions and thus the reason for blogging two days in a row!!! I need your thoughts on this. NEEEEED!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So whats up? Me not much... Just getting everything back in order!! I know, I know I promised you pictures of my awesome house. I will when I get all the Christmas crap up! What have I been up too? Not much Got super sick at Thanksgiving, well sick the day of with some nasty stomach bug. I registered for 2 classes at UVU, American Civ. and Elementary Astronomy... Yeah we will see how that goes! hmmmm what else??? OH YEAH my birthday was Dec. 3rd!! GOOOOOOO ME! Hmmmm also my blog is being worked on as we speak, so look for that sometime soon! Its going to be freaking awesome!! Oh yeah been loving Dexter this season... I know most of you don't even know what that is because its on Showtime, and most of don't even have cable.... But its good I guess that is about it!! Don't watch it they says the cuss words............ OH I DO HAVE A PICTURE OF THE NEW FLOOR

So there I will post again in another week or so... haha

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