Friday, July 31, 2009

ahhh better....

I am feeling a TON better today... Maybe it's because I MADE hub take me to Wingers for dinner last night. Yeah we go out to a nice place maybe once a month for dinner, so it was a treat. A sticky finger salad and a piece of concrete pie can change anybody. It was just what I needed to celebrate all the weight loss in the house. Hub has lost like 50 pounds... HOLY CRAP yes you can say anything you like. He bikes to work 98% of the time, the only time he has called me to pick him up was due to flat tires and once when it POURED rain during his ride. So I will let that slide. It is also 10 miles each way... We were talking one day about the different way I exercise vs how he exercises.. He said he would rather bike each day to work in 100 degrees then to get up at 6:45 and go to water aerobics. I told him I would rather get up early and put on a swim suit for water aerobics then bike 20 miles in the HOT HOT HOT sun... Then we laughed and gave each other a kiss, it was cute. Also we are on diet pills from our Primary care Doctor, it has helped a lot too but watching what you put in your mouth and exercising doesn't hurt either.

Today was SUPER busy... I took my son and my mom to the BYU art museum it was FREE and FUN.... I wanted to go see the Walter Wick exhibit before it closed tomorrow, and she just wanted to get out of the house. I guess I was expecting there to be more then just 20 pictures of the iSpy that he does.... But it was what is was and I am glad I took them. There were also some other exibits that just rounded everything out ... from modern to classic oil paintings. One of my favorites was a Norman Rockwell, It was pretty neat to get up and close to it, I was so close that I could smell the oil paint. To smell the same smells and to see the same things as he did is mind blowing to me. I am grateful and humbled that I live this close to a GOOD, FREE museum. Here are some pictures I took:

I also went and got my car washed at Super Sonic the best place ever for that. They know me and my car and are always really nice and professional. And then I went to Costco to buy bulk products... What a day. Son is still asleep, well that's what he gets for waking up at 6:15 AM and making me miss the VERY last day of water aerobics for the season... and for having a FULL day of activities. I hope this weekend is more relaxing and I get to watch 2 episodes of Mad Men.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coupons anyone??

Dear Readers,

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about going to grocery store and all the things I hated about it?? You DO don't you? If I could get my LINK thing to work I would post, but I can never get it to work after being told how. =( Well one of the things I said I hated were the coupon ladies and their cases of coupons. Apparently I am not alone. It seems that a lady here in Utah decided it would be a good idea to STEAL Albertson's ad flyers out of peoples mailboxes... She must really like those double coupons. YIKES Well some people saw her and it freaked them out so they called the police... Apparently the Police don't like it when you take things out of peoples mailboxes that don't belong to you. Oh its pretty wrong to steal.... Well if that wasn't amusing enough I read the comment board for this story on our local news ( And people were going CRAZY... Crazy I tell you.. saying things like Its a FEDERAL offense to tamper with the mail and my personal favorite... I hope she has a get out of jail free coupon... Wait thats not my favorite I guess my favorite was.. I hope she saved enough money to pay for her legal fines... I am telling you those coupon people are CRAZY.... Some things I would like to point out ... Uh you can get those for FREE at the store and I think you only use like 2 or 3 per time and they expire. I wonder what will happen to her.... here is the link for all that want more info

Some UPDATES: I have lost 23 pounds.... and have made $2.57 from the ads on my blog. So you would think life would be coming up roses for me... But its not, I am trying not to get my depression/blues get me down... Why are you feeling this way La La La Leah...

Well apparently sometimes when we write emails to family members they don't always appreciate it. In the future I will ignore your actions and shun you silently, instead of trying to help buy telling you to read your scriptures and pray about how you can be a better parent..... So if that was not enough... Apparently my Awesome pool party was not that awesome. It seems that some people were unhappy about how I spread the cost around... So I will break it down for you... Pool Rental $169 Pizza $85 =$254... It was asked that people pay $2 for the pool and then everyone pay for pizza. I put the pool and pizza on my debit card.. I only got $175 Let's talk about cost.... Or lets not and be grateful that we could spend time together as a family and that Leah and Hub likes us enough to invite us and our family to a good time and not have to worry about the cost. In the future I will think twice about doing events and who I invite. So Damned if you do... Damned if you don't... How are we still all alive??

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Blues...

Dear Readers,

I need some help on planning Son's 2nd birthday... I know the master has come to the student for help. =( So what is troubling me... I have a theme... Dinosaurs... I have a place, date and time... I have the menu planned. I am even having TWO parties... Why two?? One for family with more of a dinner. Then one for friends with ice cream and games. I thought this would work out better so we could visit more and not have all the awkwardness of my friends trying to converse with my family. And not have a HUGE party with 50 people there....

So now that that is out of the way... HERE IS MY BEEF.... Who to invite and why.... So I live in the land of Utah, home to families with 7 kids all with different degrees of ages.... Its probably nothing to invite half a family, because really do 10 year old girls want to come to a 2 year old BOY dinosaur party in the park?? Probably not... I hope. My plan is to invite all my friends and their children under 5 so I can handle the amount of kids and not blow my budget on trying to feed and give gift-bags to 20 kids.... Is this cool or am I just going crazy and over reacting? Does it not matter??? It does to me because I don't want to leave any out and make someone feel bad.. Just like the way I feel bad when I see someone's birthday party on their blog that we were not invited to... I know I know they probably have the same problem I do...

That is why I came to you my blogger friends because I want your thoughts and ides on the birthday party... PLEASE do not put Oh he is only 2 he won't remember... You know what I want to be able to show him pictures when he is older... So just because you feel that way and don't want to explain to your kids when they are older that you did not feel like and/or did not have the money to throw them a party when they were 2... Does not mean you can take it out on me and my blog.


Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear Sleep....

I pretty much miss you and I am not so sure you miss me because you don't come around anymore... Its so true. I have not been sleeping well, and its starting to show... I blame a few things like my hub and son for whatever reasons they have, there are times they won't let me sleep. Son did not sleep Saturday night because of our awesome annual family pizza/pool party. I am in charge of it, so you know it was AWWWWESOME. I do such a good job of party planning it hurts my face. Does it stress me out some, but no more then watching someone fail to plan a party, then watching the party go down in a horrible, messy fire.... I lose sleep over that too... I have some other reason I lose sleep, mainly the fact that we don't have a KING size Sleep by number bed..... Someday.

But last night it was my own darn fault me and hub stayed up and watched 2 episodes of Mad Men... OH YEAH If you have not seen that show its because of 3 things. 1) Its on AMC and you don't have cable 2) its has sex, smoking and drinking 3) You have not heard of it, but probably now since it got nominated for 16 Emmys.... That's pretty awesome. So now that I have your attention what is it about?? Its about an Advertising Company in NYC during the early 60's, 1962 right now. So the show is about Don Draper and his adventures about being a hip cat family man/playboy..... Its so crazy to watch. We started watching the 2nd season this weekend and its so interesting to see how people acted back then... Like in the last few episodes Don has his 8 year old daughter mixing cocktails for him and others. I hope that does not fly now. Or how everybody smokes EVERYWHERE all the time... at home, at work, at the grocery store, and at the doctors.. That says GOOD health when after your visit with the doc you both light up your smokes... GOOD TIMES. My favorite part is when Don's cocktail mixing daughter found a plastic dry cleaning bag and put it on her head... Her mom said something to the effect of... "take that off it makes you look ugly..." NOT "TAKE THAT OFF, BEFORE YOU DIE." Oh how far we have come since the 1960s... which makes me wonder where we will be in 50 some years.... HMMMMMM

SO Mad Men is good... MOST of you won't watch because you are GOOD Mormons who don't have cable. So that is fine, but still makes me question why we are friends... WAIT... good mormons don't have cable?? Yeah pretty much because they can't be tempted by PAYING for all that SMUT. YEP 2 things they hate PAYING for SIN... (did you get that how I capitalized paying and sin... because they hate paying for things they don't need... and then most things on cable are pretty bad) So its a double whammy and why most mormons do not have cable.... Hub and I could never be good Mormons since we pay $106 a month for High Def Directv.... OH YEAH. mmm HD DVR..



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday recipe box!

OOO lucky you... A rare Sunday post! I was feeling a little bad about not posting a few days this week or a recipe in the last little bit so here is a crock pot favorite that has a few different things you can do with it and for leftovers....

Chicken Fajitas

3 or 4lbs frozen boneless skinless chicken tenders or breast ( I don't know I just dump a bunch in.. almost 3/4 of the crock)
3 peppers... like red, bell,yellow, or orange you pick but 3 different colors.
1 large onion
1 package dry onion soup
4 cups salsa
1/2 cup water
salt and peper

Place frozen chicken in a greased crock pot, salt and pepper, cover with salsa, water, and soup mix. chop peppers and onion into thin strips just like you would for fajitas and place them over the chicken cover and cook till done... I would say about 7 hours on low 3 or 4 on high. You know your crock better then me. =)

What to do with all this chicken... I like to make a bunch and you can add more spicy to it as you see fit so make it your own. So you can either serve it on tortillas with sour cream and cheese fajita style very yum or even do chicken soft tacos.. kinda the same thing in our house. OR you can make Quesadillas so yummy I do this with left over meat very easy. OR you can make a southwestern chicken and rice OH YES... just make your regular chicken and rice and add corn and black beans which pretty makes anything southwestern. So good so easy. Have a good Sunday.

Yet again I did not come up with this I found it in the 101 things to do with a crock. It is a must have cookbook along with 101 more things to do with a crock... since I could not find mine I am just going by my memory because I don't even look at the recipe when I make this... just if I write I down

Friday, July 24, 2009

So Sorry!

Dear Bloggers!

I am pretty sorry that I have not blogged in a few days. I have been SUPER busy... So busy that I put my blog on the back burner. I know GASP. That never happens I always try to find a few mins to blog everyday. But Wednesday, its just crazy anyways... My day starts at 6:30 AM I get up get ready for 7 AM water aerobics its over at 8, I have to rush home and shower so I can take Micah to little gym at 9:15.... Its a crazy morning. Since Little Gym is 20 mins from our house I try to do my errands I have up there so I don't get home til 12ish. So that is my normal Wednesday. This past Wednesday I had to pick up my mom from the airport so that was more important then the blog. But that took up Wednesday and I was beat and did not feel like writing some crazy funny blog about the airport and all the crazy people there and all the crazy things you have do to fly... and how much money it cost and on and on and on. OH MY I forgot I did go see New Baby Jack at the hospital, you know that baby I made the diaper cake for.... He is CUTE and TINY like 5 lbs. I know crazy tiny.. So that was my crazy Wednesday.

Thursday I tried to clean and got some stuff clean.... YEA. I have people come and clean my house and now its a mess, what is wrong with me !?!?! And I went and got a pedi and my eye brows waxed because it was getting beastly and I have to look decent for the family swim party on Saturday, which we may not go to because....

Friday: HAPPY PIONEER DAY!!! what the crap is Pioneer day... Well its a Mormon holiday to celebrate and remember all the Mormon pioneers. In Spanish Fork it happens to be the city's Festia Days which is just a big celebration with all kinds of crap including a parade and fireworks. Hub had to work so I took my son and our good friends. I am SURE Kerri will post about it.. Because her son got to help in the parade and because my son BARFED all over me, him, and street.... I was so _______ (everything) But I am grateful I lived in Utah for that moment... Because nobody cared people helped because its a family place and people have 6 kids and I am sure all of them have barfed in public at one time. I used all my wipes, newspaper and paper towels... YES one of the people next to us owned one of the business we were sitting in front of and she went in and got some wet paper towels for us. I was so grateful... I will say a prayer for them... THANK YOU. We did leave early....

Why did son throw up... Food allergies... YEP =( I was not thinking and let him eat taffy and I know that it had egg in it. I am feeling pretty awful now. He got me back by throwing up all over me and Spanish Fork. But he is passed out, because I had to give him Benadryl .... I don't talk about my feelings towards his food allergies but it can be a lot to deal with..... But some days I HATE it. I hate that I can't just hand him a PB&J for lunch like most moms. I hate that he can't eat cookies, candies, cakes, and cupcakes. I hate that we can't order pizza when I don't feel like cooking. SO there are many days that I hate it. I also hate cleaning up throw up when it does happen, only 2 times in the 8 months. Thank goodness for ham, cheese, chips, bananas, apples, fruit snacks, fries, gluten free cereal bars, kix, alpha bets cereal and hamburger patties. Those things save my life because not only is hard when you have a picky eater... try having a picky eater that has food allergies.... IT SUCKS. But I deal because that is our life and I don't take it out on him because its not his fault. I hope he is going to grow out of them because he has grown out of the soy and milk alleriges, but we still have eggs, wheat, and nuts. So we deal and eat what we can. On that bummer note... Have a good weekend and I will blog when I can.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

baby, baby, baby!!

Dear Prego's

Good Luck! hahahahaha. I just wanted to write a quick little blog about all the people in my life having a baby. Mainly my next door neighbor. Guess what her water broke like an hour ago and she is on her way to the hospital to have a baby. I am glad this happened. I was really really really really worried that The baby would come super quick and She would call me and ask for help delivering the baby. This is a HUGE fear of mine. So glad that did not happen. I hope she got to the hospital Ok... If she is on the News for having the baby in the car I will blog about it. I like my friend and neighbor a lot She is funny, smart, a good mom, and just super nice. She is so awesome I made her one of these

A stinkin cute diaper cake made with 82 size 2 diapers. I LOVE IT and so did she. Oh my friend has a name... Leanne... But anyways Leanne loved it and excited to have #3 coming and we can't wait to find out if its a boy or a girl. SO MUCH FUN.

I have another friend Stef... who had a baby but nobody called me to tell me if she actually had said baby and all the stats. I have great friends. She will not be getting a diaper cake. I am not sure what I will give her since I don't know if she had the baby. We will see. And my friend Sherry is like a month away from having a baby so we won't even talk about that since she probably angry that everybody else is going into labor and its hot........ It should be noted that Stef and Sher both have son's the same age as mine.... Sher had hers in Aug, Me in Sept, and Stef in October.

Gosh I love babies.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Provo Farmers Market!

I had such a good time at the Farmers Market on Saturday. Its in Pioneer Park in Provo Center and 500 West... I always thought of it as that place the homeless lived.... I only saw a few of them. The City must have giving them a Trax pass and $20 for the day.............. I only saw like 3 or 4 people that could have, might possibly needed a shower. But even if there were homeless people there I wouldn't care they did not bother me.. BUT geesh there were a TON of people there in a tiny area and they were kinda friendly but kinda annoyed that I had a stroller, BUT ITs UTAH home to double strollers, so they should not have even noticed me....

I went to the Farmers Market to see my friend Kerri who runs messes and mudpies. I still don't know how to do links...SOMEDAY. she has a way cute display and has totally beat my red crock pot to hell and she owes me another one..... She told me she was going to buy me a new one and I believe her. But I did not buy any soaps because I can buy those anytime I want, I am that awesome. OH you will note her button on the upper right hand side of my blog so no need to know how to link to her on line store. Its pretty neat so check it out. She just had a blog give away of her soaps... I did not enter due to the fact I am her BFF and it would not be fair if I won... I thought. So I posted about her after the contest was over. But she has a booth at the farmers market and she has an online store... SO NO EXCUSES. Handmade yummy smelling soaps = good.

While at the farmers market I bought some flowers!!! I LOVE IT. I always thought it would be awesome to live in a big city and be able to go early in the morning and get fresh flowers and produce... I will keep dreaming, but this was as close as I could get right now. They are beautiful I should have taking a pic, but I don't feel like it and aren't all flowers pretty!?!?! But they were kinda pricey for what I got. I won't do that again for awhile. But they look good. Geesh Its just money.

I also bought some BBQ sauce... $10 a jar BBQ sauce. The sample was good, but not again. Its to much money I don't care how good it is. I have not made anything with it yet because I want to go and buy a BIG FAST tasty pork loin so I can crock pot the heck out with the $10 sauce . I will invite somebody over for dinner for that... Its to nice of a dinner not too.......

So after all that will I go to the Farmers market again?? Probably not soon Its just to dang expensive... BUT I might go again just to get these Hawaiian Funnel Cakes I saw.... OMG it was a funnel cake with like carmel and just YUMMY looking Hawaiian things on it like coconut, pineapple, macadamia nuts stuff like that. I just kept walking because I had spent all my money =(.... I should have saved my $20 and bought a few of those..... When I do go back and buy one, I will share with Kerri, leave my son at home and not look at anything else. My neighbors give me enough zucchini to last me a life time. I need to make banana, zucchini, chocolate chip, coconut bread today............ All together not like 4 different kinds...

So go to the Farmers Market its fun to look at things but bring lots of CA$H $$$ $20 was not enough..... Oh and I had this ginger lemon limeade it was good... they cut the ginger in small pieces that were still to big... maybe they should try a garlic press or something....


Friday, July 17, 2009


Dear Friday !!!

I love you so much! I love lots of things that happen on Friday like every other Friday is payday and house cleaning day. Yep I am so lazy that I have someone come and clean my house....... You know this blogging takes up a lot of time. No but I have a very good cleaning company. They are some sweet girls that clean up a lot of $hi! for less money then I would... They go all over Utah and Salt Lake County so I will include their website at the bottom. But I can NOT figure out how to make a link from a word. I am sure once somebody, named Kerri, shows me how to do it... I will go "Dang I am so stupid...." Yep just two of my favorite things that happen on Friday!!!! Also Its the start of the weekend and that is just FUN. Friday = good times.

So I was feeling pretty crappy that nobody commented on my blog from yesterday, when I checked it this morning. There were many thoughts going through my mind.... LIke did I step over the line with the BYU comments... OR was it the fact that I wrote a PRO-gay blog the day before. I even started writing a blog about it... but then I was like forget this I will just wait and see what happens. And then I had two comments and it was fine. I was really nervous that my blog had crossed the line and that I was going to lose friends and sleep over this. IF it ever does EMAIL me and we can talk about it. Don't leave some hate filled comment, because I will just delete it OR take comments off all together. Just a FYI.... I also did some other FUN stuff today....

I made a Diaper cake!!! I LOVE to make them every now and then. I will post a pic of this extra cute one when I give it to the mother-to-be. It would not be fair if she wasn't one of the first people to see it. Also I need some help from my mother in law. So when its done, I will post a pic. GOOD TIMES. I must say that my friend Sheila helped me out a lot and its always fun to hang out with her! She doesn't blog or use facebook much... I don't know what she sees in me... I guess the 3 years of Visiting Teaching have worn her down into being my friend. LUCKY ME.

Have a great Friday!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Date in the park!

Dear Blog Friends... (kerri and Alyssa)\

Thanks for inviting me to go with you guys to the park on Tuesday! My son and I had a lot of fun, he laughed all the way home and I think he even laughed during his nap. So It was a good time. Sorry I did not get to socialize much, my son is crazy and needs to be watched ALL the time while we are out in public. Its because he is 22 months and has no FEAR. I know we have all been there. So maybe we can get together another time.

While we were at the park a little boy, maybe a little older then my son, pushed my son down. FOR NO REASON. HOW DARE HE. Since his "mother" did not step in because she was to busy yapping with her friends I called him out. She did not care because she was to busy yapping about stupid stuff instead of watching her kids.... Probably why he thinks its OK to push people down. Later I found out who is mom was and really she did sit and talk to her "friends" the whole time. OK if you are going to wear a BYU shirt.... Please follow the BYU code of honor... which really is the only reason you like BYU, its not like their sports program is awesome.... Really only people who are MORMON wear BYU clothes... why would some Catholic wear one... they are to busy with their Norte Dame sports team.... SERIOUSLY it really miffed me. It always annoys me when parents don't watch their 5 kids.. then they wonder why they are heathens. Is Heavenly Father really going to reward you for having 5 kids you can not properly care for ??? I don't mean food, clothe and shelter.... I mean really care for and listen to their needs and teach them them to chose the right??

Children are not trophies... They are gifts from God that deserve the best. OK now I must say that I am by no way a perfect mom... My son watches ALOT of TV, eats pretty much whatever he wants , and is generally crazy. However when he does something I KNOW is not right or nice I let him know that I disapprove of his actions and correct it. Ok now that I bought up the kids vs TV.... here is my beef..... Son does not sit in front of the TV morning, noon and night. Its pretty much on for noise and distraction. Honestly I am going to sit in a quite house with a 22 month old.. NO we watch Nickelodeon, why because I am not a freak. He does not flip out if I turn it off OR worse becomes one of those zombie kids when their parents do let them watch TV....

My motto in life is pretty much everything in moderation. Its has been my experience with people that if you TOTALLY deny somebody something they are going to want to do it more. I don't know I will probably write my blog about that whole subject tomorrow, I have a lot to say about it and a personal experience.

Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Long time listener, first time caller......

Dear KUER and Radiowest!

Thanks for taking my call. I am sorry if I sounded like a CRAZY person, I blame nerves, waiting, rambling, and so on and so on. But I was on the radio today... GASP. What was the topic How Prop 8 has affected the LDS church... Why did I call in, I don't know... WAIT because I have some thoughts about this. I have always wanted to call in on a topic I know stuff about and today I had a chance, which is rare because I am usually in the car driving when I listen or its after 7PM... But here are my thoughts that did not get come across the way I wanted them too......

I think that LDS has been affected in a GOOD and BAD during all this... Good by getting on the Christian bandwagon for once and showing them LDS people really aren't weirdos and they believe in a lot of same stuff they do. So that is always a plus when you are a major religious organization. BAD because The church is publicly saying we don't want a a certain group to do something we disagree agree with. BAM

WOW so here is my disclaimer: If you dislike Gays and Gay Marriage please stop reading. Because I support it for many reason.

So I am kinda upset that the church, I grew up in and has my current membership but have not attended in the past 9 years, decided it would chose to get involved in all of this, because I was pretty sure they did not like to get into politics and endorse things one way or another. I thought they left if up to the individual because we ALL have agency and only ONE person will judge us in the end..... HOWEVER when they write a proclamation to the world declaring that marriage is ONLY between a man and woman, I guess you kinda have to say something.... So fine but don't throw money at it or ask members to really think about supporting it.... YIKES.

You know there are many times in History where groups of people who are weird and different are forced to do things they don't want to do... Like have angry mobs drives them out of town and force them to move cross country to wastelands. OR forced to work in labor camps while being starved to death... I don't know I guess It's not a good thing when a group of people don't like something another group is doing, it just never turns out good. Kinda like when the LDS church said Blacks aren't cool and can't have the priesthood and all the blessing that come with that... I hope in a couple of years they don't have to recant and say" Hey gays are fine and can get married in the temple. JC said it was OK and that we should love everyone and NOT exclude people". YIKES I hate when I have to go back on something I said and fought so hard for............ It can really ruin ones creditability

I don't know, Is being GAY a sin?? Uh its not up to me. I don't care if you are, I try not to judge people because he without sin should cast the stone kinda thing.... Is it YUCKY??... not really, not more so then 2 VERY FAT PEOPLE MAKING OUT (on a personal note I HATE all PDAs)... I don't know... But if two people want to get married FINE let the government deal with it. Then let each church decided who can worship with them and get married in their church. All I know is that Jesus Christ would let everyone go to his church and he LOVES us all...

Leah from Utah Co.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dear Teeth...

YOU SUCK..... Yep, I went to my 3 year check up yesterday..... I must say I HATE going, I am pretty sure its the aftertaste, money, and pain that come with going. I could probably eliminate the cost and pain if I went more often but HECK I am from Alabama just be glad I have all my teeth and do not have sliver OR GOLD teeth.... HMMMMM I wonder if they will put a gold cap on my "BAD" tooth.... It would not do much good because most people would not see it because its a molar... DANG. And it would probably cost $500 and our insurance would not pay for it... HECK they are barely paying for the stuff that "The Dentist" says I need. But I should mention that my Dentist and his staff is pretty cool. I think its a gift If I can make doctors/dentist laugh. I bet most of their patients don't make them laugh as much as me... They should be lucky I give them my time and my husband's money. I have yet to make mine and hubs primary care doctor laugh but that is because we see him for like 2 mins... Its hardly enough time to get it done....

Back to the Dentist office staff.... Why did I drive 30 mins to the dentist?? I blame Annalee..... My RDH (registered dental hygienist) I have know her a VERY LONG TIME. I would guess to say we met in 95ish so about 14 years!?! I know her and a lot of her family who all have perfect teeth... =/ But she is pretty awesome not only does she give 125% but she is honest and cares about my teeth and comfort. She is so professional I LOVE THAT. But she is a good family friend, so good that when her grandfather passed away last year we all drove up to the funeral. I can not say enough positive things about her. We love Annalee and her family!

Dr Hadfeild... he is pretty good, My mom was impressed that he is an official for the PGA and that he travels around to judge golf. OMG yes thats pretty cool but so boring... He most be a very hated man... SUCK. Those golf fans can be TOUGH. I bet they shout out all kinds of bad things like " My BMW is better then yours." "Mr. Hadfield, your call was very inaccurate please think about that." "Sir, I disagree with you". I bet he gets a lot of death treats... Dentist and PGA judge... Dang he has a death wish..... But I think he is a good dentist and I am going back Aug. 6th to give him $300 to hurt my mouth... how messed up is that!?!?! But I did get a free toothbrush.

There are other people that work there... Sharon and Kelly they are so nice... I don't think I could be nice and work at a Dentist office.. It must pay well... I just liked everyone there, they were fun and easy to talk to, you don't get that often anywhere. Dr Hadfield must have made them go to Customer Service Training or they are doing laugh gas during the day... Who knows, wait I Know, I love it there I will be back. I give them 4 star, 1 star deducted due to being a dentist ...


Monday, July 13, 2009

I do things... beside things on the computer....

Dear People that Read my Blog

Guess what I do things... really... This weekend I did things like Hub and I cleaned out our 2 car garage.... HOLY CRAP.. for real CRAP. We have a TON of $H!T. I think I said that a few times during the process because it was HOT and I pretty much got heat stroke and died. BUT its done =) We have a pile of EMPTY boxes... who the crap has 25 empty boxes in their garage.. I guess we did... We filled up our garbage can and our recycling bin so there are 2 piles of trash in our garage that I need to throw away... So if you need empty boxes I have a lot in different sizes, and guess what they are FREE to you. Thats right I am giving you trash for FREE. I know I am to kind. I know how we got here... this stupid remodel that is still not finished. I HATE IT. We had to move my car out of the garage so we could put stolen building materials there, and it just became a dumping ground... Why did we not move hub's car? Because its a 61 VW bug it needs protection from the bad and dangerous elements.... He protects it so much that he doesn't even drive it or WASH it.... its for sale btw... $4500 or $5000 its up to you... $5000 is what we put into but I doubt we would get that back.... Its pretty... Oh really we would sell for CASH if you came over with $4500 in Cash or certified funds. I am just not a angry wife that hates her husband. I don't hate my husband or the car, but really do we need a car that we don't drive... I never drive it because I can't drive stick... I need someone other then my husband to teach me how so I can buy an Audi TT someday, when my kids are like 15 and don't need me to drive them places............................. Heck I would settle for a Porsche, I am not picky. I SHOULD GO TAKE A PICTURE.... BRB

Well have a good Monday, I have a Dentist appointment in 2 hours and its SUCKS.


Friday, July 10, 2009

blogger block =(

Dear Brain....

What happened you use to be sooooo FUNNY and cleaver... And not nothing... =( FOR REAL... I have nothing to blog about, well nothing witty and smart. I did plan out some blogs to write about AND I had/have a guest blogger that was going to write for me. AND I wrote like a 6 paragraph blog about a friend and she even gave clearance on it, but I am just not feeling it.... OK side note... WHY IS THERE A MORMON AD ON THE KENDRA SHOW!?!?! Its so wrong but I guess they are targeting the people they think need it most..... BACK ON TRACK.. So I just don't know what to blog about... Do you want me to share my thoughts

1st Blog idea: Celebrity sightings/meetings. Ok I only have seen ONE Donny Osband at Costco like 2 Thanksgiving ago and he was buying pies/cakes. I did not talk to him, but I did write about it when I had my Myspace account.... and then one of my friends goes it was probably his deaf brother that nobody knows about but looks just like him. =( And the other person I know was a girl that was on the 2nd season of the Bachelorette. It was down to her and another girl and she lost.... It was sad and funny all at the same time. Not to much or funny there?? Any thoughts??

2nd Blog Idea well I still may blog about it but I can only do so many FREE product endorsements a week/month. But it did involve a mobile dog groomer.... =)

3rd All the reality shows I watch... I started that but it got pretty boring... =(

Well dang I guess that I really don't have that many blog ideas, and maybe it was pretty gutsy of me to want to write this much good stuff ever day... It really hurts my head.

Have a good weekend and let me know if you have any questions or blogs you would like to see on here OR if you want to be a guest blogger...


Friday Recipe Box!

Lasagna Soup/skillet dinner

1 pound ground beef
1/2 cup onion
1 box lasagna hamburger helper
5 cups water
1 can tomatoes undrained
1 can whole kernel corn undrained
2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
1 zucchini

In a large stockpot cook beef and onion over medium heat until meat is no longer pink, drian. Add contents of lasagna dinner season packet , water, tomatoes, corn and parmesan cheese, bring to a boil. Reduce heat , cover and simmer for 10 mins stirring occasionally. Add the lasagna noodles and zucchini Cover and simmer for 10 mins. until noodles are tender.

This is a pretty easy and tasty dinner. Also If you do not want soup just make hamburger help as normal and add veggies. I make it both ways and love it!!

I got it out of a cookbook that has recipes that use a "easy" packaged meal or ingredient, I think its a called Easy Mix Meals or something, I have lost it =( But that was they only recipe out of the whole book that I tried or even wanted to try. I may add shredded carrots sometime.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes

Dear People who love Cupcakes!!

If you really really LOVE cupcakes you need to check out this place in Provo called the Sweet Tooth Fairy! It is sooo YUMMY. They have a website that shows all the flavors and TONS of beautiful pics of cupcakes and the custom Cakes she does. They are fairly pricey as one cupcake cost $2.25, which I think is a lot, but they are good and I only buy them every few months. They are closed on Sunday and Monday so take note of that, but are super easy to find, they are next to the Provo Sam's club and Hogi Yogi. Enjoy, sorry for the short post but that picture and web site are worth a thousand words.

Also a Big Thank you to Marla For being my #2 Fan!!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keep on trucking!

Yo to all my Readers!

Keep on Trucking, that is my motto for the rest of the week maybe even month. Lots of stuff going on, Baby M is growing up, and just the daily grind of life. Yikes, life is hard sometimes and I am tired and want a nap.

SO my baby is growing up =( last night we took the side of his crib off so he could climb in and out. He did pretty good I did not hear any loud noises or bangs, that is always good. We put a baby proof handle knob thing on the inside of his door so he could not escape in the middle of night and hurt himself or wake us up. And At 8 AM I went to check on him and he was up.. So I am not sure if he stayed up all night or if he got some sleep and just woke up early. This is making me sick to my stomach, not that I want total control over him I am just a worrier and go over all the worst case scenario in my head all day every day. Like him waking up and falling down the stairs. Or that he makes it down the stairs and lets Max out and they go play outside OR wake us up crying at our door. Just stuff like that. I am sure I will out grow this when he is 5 or 17....

With all that going on I thought It would be fun to have guest bloggers every now and then. Why?? Because not everyone has a cool blog like mine HECK some people don't even have a blog!?!?! Can you believe? But I do have my first guest blogger and he is pretty awesome. No he not my husband but close! I have been emailing him today and he is very excited but he says he is tired all the time and doesn't know when he can... Just because you have terminal cancer doesn't give you an excuse to get of out writing my blog when I demand you do it. Just kidding but he does have some pretty serious cancer but is humorous about it and writes way better then me! So whenever Jordan James gets off his butt and death bed he will write us a blog about stuff. Its cool, he is my husband cousin so I can say stuff like that too him.

For real, In real life I don't treat people different EVER... You are sick and dying, whatever I am not going to treat you like are. I am going to treat everybody as equals. After talking to people about this they appreciate that I do this. Yeah don't worry I will still add the I love you and pray for you crap but that is about it. HOWEVER this does not always work and I kinda feel out every situation as I see fit. I said this to a lady in our ward She said she felt the same way but she has not talked to me since... and she has some medical issues going on in her life, I told her yes its horrible what's going on and I am here if you need anything. But I am not going to single you out and parade it around in front of everyone. So I guess I did not feel out that situation very well. Only time will tell So get excited about Jordan's blog and I will let you know when I get it and am doing editing it =)

ALSO a Shout out to my Fist Follower!!! Its pretty awesome! Thanks Super Woman I owe you big time.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Hangover....

Dear Readers....

I bet most of you are like me... You have the weekend hangover.... No you are not drunk but you pretty much feel like it. Yes I had a long eventful weekend. My Aunt and Uncle FINALLY showed up Saturday afternoon, 24 hours late.... But they shared some fun stories both telling them a little different... hehe. But Micah and I fired up our grill and cooked some tasty food and waited for my cousin and his "friend" to show up. I called and said hey your mom and dad are here are you coming down?? "UHHH yeah I guess I will leave in 30 mins" An hour he calls back and asked for directions and I give them to him. As he is a male he does not write them down.... I guess 30 mins goes by and I get a call reconfirming said directions and he goes fine... Then he calls me back so we can go through this together... "Leah I followed your directions exactly... I am going just like you told me. Don't you know where you live !!?!? I got off the AMERICAN Fork exit" I pause collect my self " I live in Spanish Fork" "Oh I will be there in 20" I will admit every city in Utah has a Main and Center street and they meet up, most of the time in the center of town. So that is Utah fault... But I give most of the blame to my cousin for not writing it down and for be nervous for us meeting his "friend" He did get here and did not call me when he got to Spanish Fork, because I know were I live. It was nice to see him and meet his friend Rose, We all think she is nice and can't wait to get to know her better. What ever in the world she is doing with my cousin is beyond me. =)

Now on to the Firework.... I am SHOCKED that my son who is 21 months old LOVES them. Now me being a semi-good mom, I did not let him light the fireworks, OR even play in the road near them. I made him sit with my Aunt in back of my cousins truck so he could not wonder off and make me be on the 10 o'clock news. By they way I live in fear of this all the time, and mention it as often as I see fit. Kind of as a warning to people so they don't do stupid things around me. I think is a more polite to say "Now I don't want to be on the news tonight" then to say "don't be a jack-ass, stupid" Back to the fireworks did I mention that I bought them from Costco?? Yep $50 of bulk fireworks!! And that was the small pack I decided not to buy the $300 pack just because I did not want to be a show off and because I could not carry it or fit in the station wagon with all of my bulk groceries. The small pack barely fit in the cart and my car. They were a lot of fun and we still have half of the pack left. So fireworks are GOOD. If that was not enough to pack my weekend with good times, We went to SLC on Sunday.

AH Trolley Square, I never need to go back there again. For real. Yes its kinda cool and not run down, but there is nothing there. They did have a Brazilian Grill that cost us $110 for 3 adults and our son and a Pottery Barn kids (a favorite).. but I will not go there again, unless someone in my family makes me. I don't know its always weird for me to go to places where things happened. Like I use to work, shop, and live around the place Elizabeth Smart was found... Its kinda weird to me, surreal would be a better word. So being at Trolley Square was more sad, because people died there and It has a somber feel to it. People will never get over that and I don't think it will be open much longer. For real who wants to go and fun at a mall where people were shot and killed??? I don't think I will be back. =/

So that was my weekend, busy busy busy. This week will also be fun of activities so please pardon my absence. I may try to post because this my day job now as I have made 62 cents.

Have a good one,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July and stuff!

Dear Readers!

Happy 4th of July!! I hope you have some exciting activities planed for tomorrow. I have some family BBQ plans that are not set in stone, I am so last minute, but that is because my aunt and uncle are coming in from Alabama today!!! They should be here sometime today maybe... They don't believe in cell phones, and I could and have plans for blogging about that. So I may not be around some next week, kinda like yesterday when I had an emotional break down. Everything is fine now, just lots of stuff happened and piled up all at once and when you get up at 5 AM its hard to deal with them. But anyhoo I wanted to share some thoughts on the 4th of July and what it means to me.

I love the above pic, its something I look at often. Why because it has many things I love it in. I love Alabama and their sports program. (IE ROLL TIDE ROLL), I love my cousin, Donnie, he is number one in the bottom left. And I love our soldiers fighting for mine, my family, and YOUR freedom. How Lucky we are to be protected by such a fine group of men and women. If you know my cousin you are super lucky! I have known him all my life and honestly I can not even say anything negative about him, ever. He would do anything for you and does! He is caring, honest, smart, funny, just your all around good guy. ( don't worry this is not going to end up with him dying.. He is alive and well I talked to him this morning.) I just wanted to let my readers know that soldiers are REAL people fighting for REAL things. We may not support the reasons for the war, but we should always support our soldiers for all that they give up and do for us. I have always thought it is a HORRIBLE shame that we glorify "celebrities" in our society to the point that they make millions of dollars and become whores we hate. When we should glorify our soldiers, teachers, and civil servant and give them the same amount of money. I think its a whole heck of a lot harder to be those things then some fame whore. Why do we do that as a society?? I don't know its pretty sad of us.

But on this 4th of July Holiday I hope we all stop and think of all the things that have brought us to the point we are at now. The fact that we can go out have a hot dog and shoot some fireworks, seems so simple, but in reality its a luxury. I am so grateful that I live here in this great country when I can do all the things I want and not worry about my safety, for the most part. I am lucky that I don't have to worry about suicide bombers at Costco or that I can go there with out my husband, or covered in black head to toe. I think we take those things for granted, but I think about them often and how lucky I am. I also and grateful that I get to vote and speak out about things I don't like on my blog and in person. I am blessed. I get to do all these things and more because of soldiers. Yes, you may hate things but at least you are not stoned to death for telling people all about it. Nobody is going to come into your home in the middle of the night and beat, rape, and kill your family because you don't like Obama. But in some places that happens daily. =( So Yes our country has some problems MAJOR problems that could and will have effects us and our dealings with the world. So lets all pray this weekend for a two things, a prayer of thanksgiving for all that we have and the people that have given it to us. And for our leaders of the country and world that they will be able to make the best decisions for the greater good, so that more people can have the freedoms they want and deserve.



Friday Recipe Box!


2 18 oz Pillsbury refrigerated sugar cookies
1 8 oz package of cream cheese (soften)
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
assorted fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwi etc

Cut cookies line on un-greased pan cook as directed. Let cool. Mix cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla spread on cookie crust
Arrange fruit on cookie to look like American Flag or design of your choice.

I like to double the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla for more frosting.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I can make monies ??

Dear Adsense and readers,

I guess you have noticed that I was approved for Adsense! Go me! I was pretty nervous because I had read some reviews about how some people has not been approved because their blog was not considered "family friendly" by Google.... WOW. Thats some hard core stuff. I did not go to these blogs because for some reason they were not listed in the articles... HMMMMMM Makes ya kinda wonder what the heck those people are into... WAIT I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. But its good to know that Google thinks my blog is family friendly... I must have been the 32 nights of dinners that pushed them over the edge. They probably did not read the blog about me being gang raped by my bike... Which after writing, I was surprised to find out I was not the only one this has happened too. HUH bike seat makers take note. And if I am ever featured in a Blog spot light, and asked "What is the most surprising thing you have learned about while blogging?" I will tell them about the staggering number of women that are assaulted by bike seats each year. There should really be a charity/organization on facebook for that. YES, we can hold a bike-a-thon for all the victims and raise funds to pay for meals, baby sitting, and cleaning while you recover....

So now that I have Adsense, Have I sold out?? I have noticed on many blog that people do not have it. And I was like HMMM why?? I know I will not make hundreds of dollars a day or ever, but I will give it the old college try. Is it a scam?? My husband and I don't think so because its run by Google, and they don't scam people EVER, I don't think..... And I did not have to put up any money or give them my credit card. Or is it because you are just to cool for that and don't want to bother? I really want to know why you don't have it?? I will keep you updated on it and let you know when I get my first check and how much it is for. =) As of today I have made $0. I guess I can't really consider this my day job.

By the way I am looking for away I can make money sitting at my computer all day while staying at home semi-watching my son. Isn't that every SAHM dream?? That and winning a year supply of food and all the shelving needed from ??? Wait not all my readers at SAHMs and /or Mormon. Sorry. But still I am looking for this stay at home dream job. I don't want to sell crap at home parties or make things. Also I can't spell or do math real good. Geesh I have no idea why I do not have a job. =( Any thoughts?

Take it Easy,
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