Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear Sleep....

I pretty much miss you and I am not so sure you miss me because you don't come around anymore... Its so true. I have not been sleeping well, and its starting to show... I blame a few things like my hub and son for whatever reasons they have, there are times they won't let me sleep. Son did not sleep Saturday night because of our awesome annual family pizza/pool party. I am in charge of it, so you know it was AWWWWESOME. I do such a good job of party planning it hurts my face. Does it stress me out some, but no more then watching someone fail to plan a party, then watching the party go down in a horrible, messy fire.... I lose sleep over that too... I have some other reason I lose sleep, mainly the fact that we don't have a KING size Sleep by number bed..... Someday.

But last night it was my own darn fault me and hub stayed up and watched 2 episodes of Mad Men... OH YEAH If you have not seen that show its because of 3 things. 1) Its on AMC and you don't have cable 2) its has sex, smoking and drinking 3) You have not heard of it, but probably now since it got nominated for 16 Emmys.... That's pretty awesome. So now that I have your attention what is it about?? Its about an Advertising Company in NYC during the early 60's, 1962 right now. So the show is about Don Draper and his adventures about being a hip cat family man/playboy..... Its so crazy to watch. We started watching the 2nd season this weekend and its so interesting to see how people acted back then... Like in the last few episodes Don has his 8 year old daughter mixing cocktails for him and others. I hope that does not fly now. Or how everybody smokes EVERYWHERE all the time... at home, at work, at the grocery store, and at the doctors.. That says GOOD health when after your visit with the doc you both light up your smokes... GOOD TIMES. My favorite part is when Don's cocktail mixing daughter found a plastic dry cleaning bag and put it on her head... Her mom said something to the effect of... "take that off it makes you look ugly..." NOT "TAKE THAT OFF, BEFORE YOU DIE." Oh how far we have come since the 1960s... which makes me wonder where we will be in 50 some years.... HMMMMMM

SO Mad Men is good... MOST of you won't watch because you are GOOD Mormons who don't have cable. So that is fine, but still makes me question why we are friends... WAIT... good mormons don't have cable?? Yeah pretty much because they can't be tempted by PAYING for all that SMUT. YEP 2 things they hate PAYING for SIN... (did you get that how I capitalized paying and sin... because they hate paying for things they don't need... and then most things on cable are pretty bad) So its a double whammy and why most mormons do not have cable.... Hub and I could never be good Mormons since we pay $106 a month for High Def Directv.... OH YEAH. mmm HD DVR..




Kristina P. said...

Why am I not watching this?!?! I am not a good Mormon, and I love smut!!

Rebecca said...

I have cable, basic cable with only a handful of channels. So what?..who cares? Don't knock the basic. But IF I did have the elite cable for elite people, Matt would just surf and surf and still not settle on anything to watch.

There are a few shows I would like to watch. One being HGTV Divine Design, so if you feel really nice you could record it for me sometime.

Kerri said...

Ditto exactly what Rebecca said.

La La La Leah said...

Fine... I will record a bunch so you guys will come over and be my friend.... AHHHH its so worth the $106 now... ;)

Shanana said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment, as it gave me a chance to hop over here and have a good laugh.

I don't have cable, but it's not because I'm a such a good Mormon... We're just poor right now. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be watching A&E's smut too... and drinking my Diet Coke while watching it. I might even ask one of my kids to put it on the rocks and add a twist of lime. :-)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I love MadMen and I bet Big Love is not promoted in Utah (another great show)

wonder woman said...

We only have cable because we somehow are getting it for free from the city. We were supposed to have the basic package, then one day had 81 channels. I have yet to correct them.

Otherwise, we'd be too cheap to pay for it. But I'm so glad we have all the good stuff. I might die without Vh1, E!, TLC and HGTV.
I think the only reason I don't watch mad men is because it's not on one of those channels.

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