Friday, July 17, 2009


Dear Friday !!!

I love you so much! I love lots of things that happen on Friday like every other Friday is payday and house cleaning day. Yep I am so lazy that I have someone come and clean my house....... You know this blogging takes up a lot of time. No but I have a very good cleaning company. They are some sweet girls that clean up a lot of $hi! for less money then I would... They go all over Utah and Salt Lake County so I will include their website at the bottom. But I can NOT figure out how to make a link from a word. I am sure once somebody, named Kerri, shows me how to do it... I will go "Dang I am so stupid...." Yep just two of my favorite things that happen on Friday!!!! Also Its the start of the weekend and that is just FUN. Friday = good times.

So I was feeling pretty crappy that nobody commented on my blog from yesterday, when I checked it this morning. There were many thoughts going through my mind.... LIke did I step over the line with the BYU comments... OR was it the fact that I wrote a PRO-gay blog the day before. I even started writing a blog about it... but then I was like forget this I will just wait and see what happens. And then I had two comments and it was fine. I was really nervous that my blog had crossed the line and that I was going to lose friends and sleep over this. IF it ever does EMAIL me and we can talk about it. Don't leave some hate filled comment, because I will just delete it OR take comments off all together. Just a FYI.... I also did some other FUN stuff today....

I made a Diaper cake!!! I LOVE to make them every now and then. I will post a pic of this extra cute one when I give it to the mother-to-be. It would not be fair if she wasn't one of the first people to see it. Also I need some help from my mother in law. So when its done, I will post a pic. GOOD TIMES. I must say that my friend Sheila helped me out a lot and its always fun to hang out with her! She doesn't blog or use facebook much... I don't know what she sees in me... I guess the 3 years of Visiting Teaching have worn her down into being my friend. LUCKY ME.

Have a great Friday!!!



Rebecca said...

Howdy, you should stop in next time you drive by:)

Kerri said...

Sorry I didn't come tonight. I just go the email and now Hunter is sick. Maybe next time. It would have been fun!

La La La Leah said...

It's OK, I guess everybody is busy or did not check their email or facebook. I will have another game night sometime.

Also I had fun at the Farmers Market I will post about it on Monday... I wish i would have taking pics.. Oh well.

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