Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keep on trucking!

Yo to all my Readers!

Keep on Trucking, that is my motto for the rest of the week maybe even month. Lots of stuff going on, Baby M is growing up, and just the daily grind of life. Yikes, life is hard sometimes and I am tired and want a nap.

SO my baby is growing up =( last night we took the side of his crib off so he could climb in and out. He did pretty good I did not hear any loud noises or bangs, that is always good. We put a baby proof handle knob thing on the inside of his door so he could not escape in the middle of night and hurt himself or wake us up. And At 8 AM I went to check on him and he was up.. So I am not sure if he stayed up all night or if he got some sleep and just woke up early. This is making me sick to my stomach, not that I want total control over him I am just a worrier and go over all the worst case scenario in my head all day every day. Like him waking up and falling down the stairs. Or that he makes it down the stairs and lets Max out and they go play outside OR wake us up crying at our door. Just stuff like that. I am sure I will out grow this when he is 5 or 17....

With all that going on I thought It would be fun to have guest bloggers every now and then. Why?? Because not everyone has a cool blog like mine HECK some people don't even have a blog!?!?! Can you believe? But I do have my first guest blogger and he is pretty awesome. No he not my husband but close! I have been emailing him today and he is very excited but he says he is tired all the time and doesn't know when he can... Just because you have terminal cancer doesn't give you an excuse to get of out writing my blog when I demand you do it. Just kidding but he does have some pretty serious cancer but is humorous about it and writes way better then me! So whenever Jordan James gets off his butt and death bed he will write us a blog about stuff. Its cool, he is my husband cousin so I can say stuff like that too him.

For real, In real life I don't treat people different EVER... You are sick and dying, whatever I am not going to treat you like are. I am going to treat everybody as equals. After talking to people about this they appreciate that I do this. Yeah don't worry I will still add the I love you and pray for you crap but that is about it. HOWEVER this does not always work and I kinda feel out every situation as I see fit. I said this to a lady in our ward She said she felt the same way but she has not talked to me since... and she has some medical issues going on in her life, I told her yes its horrible what's going on and I am here if you need anything. But I am not going to single you out and parade it around in front of everyone. So I guess I did not feel out that situation very well. Only time will tell So get excited about Jordan's blog and I will let you know when I get it and am doing editing it =)

ALSO a Shout out to my Fist Follower!!! Its pretty awesome! Thanks Super Woman I owe you big time.



Kristina P. said...

Yay for guest posters with cancer!

Nancy K said...

Just emailed you!
great blog!

Kerri said...

i didn't know you didn't have any followers! that must mean I'm not a follower yet. I'll become one now!

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