Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Hangover....

Dear Readers....

I bet most of you are like me... You have the weekend hangover.... No you are not drunk but you pretty much feel like it. Yes I had a long eventful weekend. My Aunt and Uncle FINALLY showed up Saturday afternoon, 24 hours late.... But they shared some fun stories both telling them a little different... hehe. But Micah and I fired up our grill and cooked some tasty food and waited for my cousin and his "friend" to show up. I called and said hey your mom and dad are here are you coming down?? "UHHH yeah I guess I will leave in 30 mins" An hour he calls back and asked for directions and I give them to him. As he is a male he does not write them down.... I guess 30 mins goes by and I get a call reconfirming said directions and he goes fine... Then he calls me back so we can go through this together... "Leah I followed your directions exactly... I am going just like you told me. Don't you know where you live !!?!? I got off the AMERICAN Fork exit" I pause collect my self " I live in Spanish Fork" "Oh I will be there in 20" I will admit every city in Utah has a Main and Center street and they meet up, most of the time in the center of town. So that is Utah fault... But I give most of the blame to my cousin for not writing it down and for be nervous for us meeting his "friend" He did get here and did not call me when he got to Spanish Fork, because I know were I live. It was nice to see him and meet his friend Rose, We all think she is nice and can't wait to get to know her better. What ever in the world she is doing with my cousin is beyond me. =)

Now on to the Firework.... I am SHOCKED that my son who is 21 months old LOVES them. Now me being a semi-good mom, I did not let him light the fireworks, OR even play in the road near them. I made him sit with my Aunt in back of my cousins truck so he could not wonder off and make me be on the 10 o'clock news. By they way I live in fear of this all the time, and mention it as often as I see fit. Kind of as a warning to people so they don't do stupid things around me. I think is a more polite to say "Now I don't want to be on the news tonight" then to say "don't be a jack-ass, stupid" Back to the fireworks did I mention that I bought them from Costco?? Yep $50 of bulk fireworks!! And that was the small pack I decided not to buy the $300 pack just because I did not want to be a show off and because I could not carry it or fit in the station wagon with all of my bulk groceries. The small pack barely fit in the cart and my car. They were a lot of fun and we still have half of the pack left. So fireworks are GOOD. If that was not enough to pack my weekend with good times, We went to SLC on Sunday.

AH Trolley Square, I never need to go back there again. For real. Yes its kinda cool and not run down, but there is nothing there. They did have a Brazilian Grill that cost us $110 for 3 adults and our son and a Pottery Barn kids (a favorite).. but I will not go there again, unless someone in my family makes me. I don't know its always weird for me to go to places where things happened. Like I use to work, shop, and live around the place Elizabeth Smart was found... Its kinda weird to me, surreal would be a better word. So being at Trolley Square was more sad, because people died there and It has a somber feel to it. People will never get over that and I don't think it will be open much longer. For real who wants to go and fun at a mall where people were shot and killed??? I don't think I will be back. =/

So that was my weekend, busy busy busy. This week will also be fun of activities so please pardon my absence. I may try to post because this my day job now as I have made 62 cents.

Have a good one,


Kristina P. said...

I really want Rodizio now.

Rebecca said...

I feel tired too, and I have lot of laundry and cleaning to catch up on. I love Rodizio but it is a little pricey! That is sad what happened there.

Kerri said...

I have never been to Trolley Square, but I think it would be sad too. I would like to go to go pottery barn store. Just to look. They are too expensive.

wonder woman said...

I definately have a hangover-type feeling. My grandma, parents and little brother visitied for two weeks. It was great fun, but EXHAUSTING. It's also why I've been a slacker blogger.

We should totally get together for a playdate. Just tell me when. I'm pretty flexible.

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