Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

It's about dang time I was thankful for something!! So Yesterday... I noticed a smell coming from upstairs, I go to investigate because i was about to be pissed at whoever pooped up stairs and did not tell me. So guess what It was coming from Mine and Hubs room! GREAT, I go in and on OUR BED is throw up that smells BAD... REAL bad I know its not the boy because he does not throw up without me knowing all about it. And I know that our dog did not poop on our bed because he knows he would not be living with us... So i decide and I am sticking with that our dog threw up on our bed for whatever reason and he later threw up on the new floor... I am chalking it up to the fact I made him stay outside all day yesterday when the new floor was put in and the fact that it smells like new floor and glue and that our house is all messed up... I don't know if you know this or not but dogs, like small children, do not care for change and chaos .... So anyways I am in a panic because I do not have a working washer or dryer due to the floors and them wanting us to move everything and blah blah blah.... So what do I do I put it all in a laundry basket and take it over to my neighbors house, almost in tears and go "my dog barfed on my bed can i use your washer?" OH YEAH She goes OH DANG.. and says NO PROBLEM because Leah you are the best and I live to serve you.... hahahaha well kinda.. you can guess what part I did or not did make up.

To to Honor My Best Buddy Neighbor Sister Friend, I decided to devote a whole Thankful Thursday and publicly declare my love and thankfulness for her and her family. Not only for letting me use her washer AND dryer but all the other crap I make them do... And not only is this Thankful Thursday it happens to be Guest Blogger Thursday as well So here you go Meet and Love my neighbor Leanne.... She does have a blog and its a family blog and I don't know how she feels about me posting it for all to see but she can if she wants.... So here is the unedited and very true guest blogger spot! **also note happy meals and lunch was bought for her and her family today so I did kinda make it worth her wild and I made some comments which I made in italics... as not to confused like last guest blogger.... anyways.**

How long have you been our neighbor?? Too long. Just kidding. 2 1/2 yrs.

Do you think you would have bought your house if you had met me first? It wouldn't have mattered- there will always be a crazy neighbor no matter where you live. Thanks that makes me feel so much better........ But its really really true.

Do you remember the time the animal skull stared at my house for all of last winter?? yeah that freaked me out. Why did you really put it there? Because we are lazy and didn't feel like moving it. Also, we couldn't decide if we wanted to keep it, so instead of keeping it in the garage we just left it in the snow to stare you down when the snow melted enough. My favorite part was that Scott left the eyeballs in the skull so it would look like it was following you when you moved. hahaha This is very very true, and really happened, I forgot about the eyeballs. But when I had my window open and sat in my spot on the couch I could see this skull that had half its skin and tissue left on it and it would look at me.... I did not like it but I liked having the sun come in and I liked my spot on the couch.... I was a hard winter.

Are you sure you aren't scared when I say things like.... I am going to move next to you if you ever move away... OR You can put a home on a piece of our estate some day?? No, because you feed me yummy meals like Taco Soup or watch my kids when I forget to get a babysitter. Also, who else would mow your lawn and how would I get my internet for free? I say this a lot and think about it even more.

I hear you have like 12 brothers and sisters, are you going to have that many kids? As much as I love giving birth and having babies, I don't think we'll have that many. Actually- I know we won't have that many. Scott said that he isn't above castrating himself the same way he did the cows growing up... So, right now we have 3. I wouldn't mind a few more. Just don't tell that to Scott.

Are you impressed I know all their names and have met half of them? I am impressed that you know all their names. Some of the names aren't that common of names either. I think the only one you haven't met is Holly from England or Nicki from Arizona. So, 2 out of 9 isn't bad...

How do you feel about Dinosaurs? You really had to ask me that... I will admit that I have spent most of my life not believing they existed. I know- what about all the bones and fossils? I'm still not convinced they are real. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around an animal being SO big! And why did they all die? No clue...
This is a new thing I learned about Leanne a few days ago.... My husband CAN NOT and WILL NOT get over this... and made me ask her like 3 dino questions.

What were your extracurricular actives in High School? I was involved in band and choir all through HS. I was sure that I would go into music when I got older, but decided that I just really don't care why music is made the way it is or who wrote what. So, I'll just sing in church and funerals the rest of my life.

So you shoot guns for fun! Are you a good shot and is this something you have always done? I do shoot guns for fun! It is one thing that Scott and I did a ton of while dating. We never went to see movies or other things- we went camping and shooting. I would like to think I am a good shot. Let me ask Scott... He says I'm a "great shot". Thanks honey. :) My dad hunted every year and he had 2 safes full of guns, but growing up in a hoity toity, uppity town, we never went shooting with him. He'd let us shoot a gun at our cabin during the summer, but I would attribute my mad gun skillz to Scott.

Did you know you can hunt animals with a sniper rifle in Utah? Any thoughts? Explain sniper rifle... any one of my "hunting" rifles has the capabilities of being a sniper rifle due to the fact that it is high powered. Scott says you can play sniper with any gun. I think the difference is that when I look in my scope there is an animal there. Not a person. Oh I guess I don't know that much about guns ???

If you could be any Dinosaur what would it be and why? More dinosaur questions- I would say brontosaurus, but I already got the downlow from your husband about that "species". So I will a T-Rex since I love me a good medium rare steak everyonce in a while and you'd have to be a carnivour to enjoy that. Its really an Apatosaurus

I know you aren't a "famous" blogger, But do you have any favorite blogs you would like to share? I have been on a craft blog kick lately. I really like, , There are lots others, but I won't bore you. I do like but who doesn't! I can't think of any others right now... So whats up... you don't like my blog... SHAME

Do you think we spend to much time together? No Ah nice and simple no need to get all weird and tell me how you really feel. =)

Why don't you have a piece of plywood up in your master bedroom window, like the last people who lived there?? Because I am a exhibitionist who doesn't care who sees me in my bedroom... hahaha. Just kidding. I don't even like to see me naked. Why would you. I'm just cool unlike your previous neighbors. So, don't worry. I won't run over your lawn and I won't put plywood up. That is really true....

If we could hunt Dinosaurs, today what kind of gun and ammo would you use and why? Remember when dinosaurs didn't exist... :) I would use my trusty Sako 270 b/c it used to be in John Travolta's possession (long story) and a 140 grain Triple Shock bullet from Barnes Bullet. (sorry, shameless plug for Scott's work.)

So there you have it! I do have a awesome neighbor and she will probably read all your comments and go read your blog and not leave a comment. But that is OK we can still be friends, Can't we??? Happy Thursday and Let us know if you have any questions.... They may or may not get answered.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hobo life is the life for me!!!

Oh it is.... I had no idea how fun living like a hobo could be! All be it that most hobos don't live in a house... well some do but they are called squatters... and that is not as fun of a word as HOBO..... Now that I have completely confused you... LETS HAVE SOME PICS. Of the last few days of my life.

This is my kitchen last night!! Look how fun, its not even the best when all the appliances are in.

Hobo kitchen part two!!

Once we had a fridge there!! =/

But we decided that it would be better to put it in the dinning room!

Its not all bad we still have a table to eat at!!

And a place to play!!

But I am pretty sure the best part of all this, besides getting new flooring.... IS THIS:

Yes that is a fridge in our living room. Yes it's kinda fun and convenient.. If only we could hook it up to a water line, we would probably leave it there all the time.......... The whole remodel project will be done Sunday. I am excited. I may post pictures of that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween ???

Oh yes a day late and a dollar short are my middle names. I know its been awhile... like 2 weeks but I am feeling better, a lot better. Lots has happened but who wants to hear about that boring miserable stuff, of remodeling and my cousins death. NO lets relive the horror of Halloween 1989... OH YES.... when I realized that was 20 years ago... I had a mini stoke, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.... THE WORST HALLOWEEN EVER..... and why I don't like Halloween and why I will never dress up and why I will buy my children what ever they want to be at what ever the cost.

To take you back... Like most children growing up in America during that time we were poor, had to walk to school in the snow, did not have satellite TV or the internet... You know life was dang HARD. So hard that for whatever reason my mom decided to dress me up like this for Halloween. Some more back ground My older brother was so AGAINST store bought costumes he refused to let her buy me one and threw hissy fits if my mom even thought about buying me something... She was tired and old so she told him to make most of my costumes. And he did... One year I went as him........... I just wore his clothes and lettermen's jacket. No wonder I hate my brother. Anyways, I don't know who's idea this was.... his or my moms But I went out in public like this to the School Halloween Party

So there I was in 2nd grade... looking like an accident victim. OH GOODNESS. People did not know what to say or react but just ignored me. Its not the greatest costume and I did not win a prize... The girl dressed up like a present with silver wrapping paper and a big pink bow did.... I hate her. Anyways It was a bad Halloween.... I have always hated dressing up and it has resulting in many of issues in life. But oh well. What was your worse costume ever? Did you have a good Halloween? Let me know, I miss you guys and will try to be a better blogger.

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