Monday, August 31, 2009

Crappity Crap Crap Crap

Dear Crap...

How do you keep finding your way into my life???? Honestly DO I NEED MORE CRAP IN MY HOUSE???? So the 1st Saturday of every June our lovely HOA puts on a subdivision wide yard sale... That is SO nice of them..................... This year I was way excited for 2 reasons 1: It rained last year and I was not going to put out my crap and son was a tiny baby of 9 months old. and 2: I finally had some baby stuff/toys that I did not want. Being in Utah that is a sure money maker...... OH YEAH So I put out all my crap and sold some of it.. not a lot but enough and made like $60 WOOT WOOT.... So it was decided that things either went to the the Goodwill Thift store whatever... OR ended up on the good old classifieds. And you know what nobody wants my crap. =( Its very sad. So I thought I would share with you all the crap that nobody wants... But I thought I needed it and thought maybe someone else does too. I will list the price I had put on it and a brief description. And if someone is interested maybe we can make a deal.... If not it will continue to still in my kitchen and annoy the cleaning girls. ;)

That is a lovely Pampered Chef Cookie press I can not get it to press out cookies I am pretty lame. But I had it listed for $15. I did have a girl call about it but she could never come and get it or find my house................. Yep. There are 16 disk that you can press dough through and make cute shapes.

Next up is one that might kinda scare you... But I bought it because we were still on the soy formula for son and I bought a can right before decided that we should try some milk again.... and low and be hold I have a full un opened can of Soy formula.... Yep its for sale because I lost the receipt and can't take it back.. It expires Oct. 2010. and is yours for $10

Ah the Xyron machine the item everybody told me they would come back and buy if nobody else did..... Yeah nobody did buy it ever.... I bought this at The Costco. I used it once but what the heck I am not crafty nor need to have a machine cut out shapes so I can put them in my scrapebook... But if you do its only going to cost you$30!!! They do have a website with more info also on their site its $90. I did not pay $90 for it FYI. I do have the box it came it and all the cords and books!

I also have a fake LV white and multi colored hand bag with a broken zip pull, a black metal candle holder and some baby scrapbooks with blank pages... If anybody is interesting but nobody likes my crap so its cool. If nobody wants to buy these items I may give them away in a giveaway on here or something who knows. Also speaking of crap did you noticed that I did not blog on Monday??? It was my friend Kerri's Birthday and I went out and did some fun things with her. Rebecca I tried to call you....... Then our ISP was down for like 6 hours and I almost died!!! DIED I tell you! D-I-E-D! Thank god it came back up. THANK YOU JESUS. AND on Sunday night I got bit by like 5 mosquitos on my foot and it swelled really bad and I was thinking I might have the west nile ..... but I have 2 weeks to figure that out and there is not a lot I can do but let it run it course.............


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Come Follow Me only if you are crazy.......

Dear Follows of Life Letters.

*giggle* I love all the people that have chose to follow me publicly that means you have BALLS... unlike the masses of people that follow me privately that just means you are a chicken!!! So really why don't people follow blogs publicly, ashamed, don't know how?? Its OK I won't JUDGE to much... Or is it against your "blogger code"..... I have no blogger code... well kinda... It's do whatever the hell I want..... If I like your blog I will comment and come back and probably follow if the blogger is not acting up... that happened a time or two then I forget to go back. So there you have it either follow me or don't. I don't care just means you have balls if you do...... Just a thought.

Speaking of blogger code??? Do any of you have any rules of the road that you follow religiously??? I have been seeing a few stories on the News about all the bloggers and the blogs people have started about other bloggers selling out... Now is that called for??? That was so confusing... Apparently its not cool to an "awesome blogger" and get free stuff only because you told that company you would write about how awesome it was but passing it off just as something every day like "HEY guess what we got a Wii today and 25 games... Its awesome you should buy one" Yeah that is called selling out and I am not digging this post as much as I thought I would..... So In closing have a good weekend and I will still like you if you end up being a sell out blogger. Well maybe not.

OH wait I know some people looking for a Curling sponsor..... Um yeah they are in Connecticut and really want to go to the Olympics only because they think its a sport your average joe can do..... Hmmm I don't know about that... I mean its not like the shuffle board... which I know how to play and I am good at.... Remember in PE they made you learn stupid games like bowling, badminton, ping pong and crap like that well along with that I learned shuffle board and I was good at it when I was in the 10th grade... If there had been a team in High School I would have been the captain... so so so so sad. I told my husband this and instead of laughing he was in shock and a little scared. I guess he is worried that I was going to build a shuffle board area in our back yard... Do not worry I will just start volunteering at the Senior Center so I can get my shuffle board on... Oh wait.... maybe I will join the Connecticut Curling Champs... because apparently its shuffle board on ice...... And we all know how awesome I am at that!!! I just learned that buy looking it up on the Wikipedia.... true story. I will keep you updated.


PS Got the just FYI... its up and running so you can't hide from me!!!! leave a comment please....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

Ah I love the Thankful Thursday.... I really do.

1. Pre-made Frozen meatballs.... I am flattered you think I make my own. I buy the Farm Rich brand because they are wheat and egg free!!! Its a good thing... I am amazed at all the things you can make out of soybeans..... Also the Costco brand meatball is very very good. *See Wednesdays blog*

2. My neighbors! I really do love them The ones to the North of me came over for a play date today and brought cookies!!! So good!! Her stove caught on fire a few days ago...SCARY... her new one was delivered today so she is baking up a storm. -lucky us! I asked about how the stove caught on fire it was the wiring... YIKES.

3. I am thankful for in door plumbing.... do I even need to explain???

4. The mobile dog groomers!! Yes they came again yesterday even though there was drama involving a little boy who had not napped and thought they were taking his Max away forever..... it was pitiful, bless his little heart.

5. My friend Jenny!! She thinks I am funny and that is priceless! Her "29th" birthday was Tuesday.... She went to she Depeche Mode concert last night... I was pretty jealous but I saw them a few years ago.. so I can deal. She is the best, we get along so well. Also she sells The Scentsy which I love. She also lives near me and her parents live across the street its like we are practically family so I would do anything for them! Yeah for Jenny and Thank you for being you and for being my BFF!

Ah Thankful Thursday!! I love it!


PS I was a lot more thankful when I wrote this yesterday afternoon when son was napping... not so much this morning when he woke up at 6:30 AM....

Monday, August 24, 2009

My favorite things too??

So some of my friends posted this on The Facebook:

And I saw this:

And one last one:

Did you love them???? I don't think I even need to write a blog today. I just love those songs and wanted to share them with all my blogger friends because at times during the day we can all relate to them. Also I think Hilary Weeks is my new BFF... I wonder who is going to tell her???


The incredible edible meatball!

Dear Mr. Meatball,

I love you soooooooo much. Not only are you tasty but you make my life so much easier around dinner time. Did you know that there are 101 things you can do with said meatball???

I LOVE that cookbook! I really really really do. You should go and BUY it, and any of the other 101 things cook books that Mrs. Stephanie Ashcrafts has written. I like her cooking style.... cooking on a budget -check easy -check tasty -double check. Because honestly I do not want to cook some crazy dinner with tons of ingredients every night.

I once got a chef's 365 meals with no repeats cookbook.... Yes some of the recipes looked good but really some of the recipes had A PAGE. YES one page of ingredients... NO, THANK YOU. Followed by 2 pages of instructions.... OMG really NO that that does not sound like a 30 minute meal to me. I did not try any of the recipes in there. On that note I know I lost many of you because A- you cook like a 5 star michelin chef every meal - JennyMac and Little Ms Blogger .... Or you don't cook -- Kristina P....... (kristina do you cook?? I don't know) But I know there are my readers to do cook like me.... you know what there are because I have gotten calls about recipes I have posted on here.

But anyways back to my not so any more secret love affair with Mrs. Ashcraft. Um well I have bought like 7 of her cook books and refer to them often and I wish my friends would buy their own copies... - Susan and Stef because not only does she give the meatball a good name and finds different ways to cook it up.... She also wrote 2 cookbooks that changed my life forever. 101 and 101 more things to do with a crock pot. Did you know I made some bread in the crock pot once?? and it was good... tasted like homemade bread my mom use to make.

Back to Mr. Meatball .... please don't throw up your nose at him... He will always love you and never do you wrong. So here are some of my favorite recipes from Mrs. Ashcroft.... Meatballs and Spaghetti Sauce. This is such a easy recipe that you can do a few things with .... So put as many meatballs as you think you will need and as many jars of sauce as you like... I usually do about 45 meatballs and 1 jar of sauce but you know your family better.... And with that you can have your regular old spaghetti and meatballs... OR you can make meatball subs/grinders. Those are so tasty easy!!

Another favorite is the Sweet and Sour Meat ball!!! YUMMO... so about 45 meatballs. I think a rule for meatballs are about 8-10 meatballs per person... 5 for kids OR MORE. But I like my meatballs. Also need is a can of CRUSHED pineapple, 1/2 cup brown sugar, a few dashes of soy sauce. Mix all that together and pour over all the meatballs... I keep meaning to buy pineapple juice to add because hub loves sauce so if you like more sauce add some more pineapple juice and mix with a tablespoon of cornstarch. And serve over rice or pasta. OR you can serve as an appetizer if needed. Someone told me meatball appetizers were so 1960s... and I told them they can suck it. Honestly.

In closing Stephanie Ashcraft is a good cook who writes a mean cookbook! check them out you won't be sorry!! Actually I think those 2 recipes I got from the crock pot cook books.... Well go get those, the meat ball one, and the 2 101 things to do with a cakemix!! SOOO GOOD, and you will thanks me.


Manic Monday

Dear Monday,

You get such a bad rap most of the time. But I actually like Mondays! Maybe because I don't have a job outside of the home but I just like it because Mondays are a new beginning I set goals think about the up coming week and reflex on the weekend... Ah great a weekend recap for all my readers...

Saturday... I painted the office... No I am not done. Hopefully we will be done in like 6 weeks....I painted the hub's office gray and red 3 walls gray 1 red... My last cleaning people said that it was UGLY. They no longer are employed by me. New cleaning girls said yes they love it... They are younger and going to school for interior design. They are still employed by me. Hub bought some black paint and I am going to paint the baseboards black?? Any thoughts?? Keep them to yourselves. j/k please let me know what you think. After all the painting I cleaned myself up and took my baked goods to the Eagle Scout Bake Goods Auction. Oh yeah I baked some crap on Friday night then got up and painted. It was fun The Eagle Scout earned around $200 to clean/fix up our neighborhood park. I did win some tasty treats that included some Homemade Oreo fudge cookies. YUM. And a rhubarb custard pie YUM. I have had some ideas for some cheesecakes Mint Oreo Cheesecake and a Strawberry Rhubarb one... I need to get working on those. REALLY SOON. That was Saturday I did not do much else because I was spent and don't remember much of the evening.

Sunday I guess I was really spent because I had left the only milk we had on the counter over night... I was mad, not only was it son's expensive lactose free milk but I had barely used any of it. I did cry over milk. So off to Albertsons I went. NOT Happy. But all that was cured by winning my SECOND blogger award. I KNOW WHAT THE CRAP, I just won one. I was really honored because it was from JennyMac and she is basically a blogger rock-star, And I am just honored that she found me and commented on my blog first. It was basically like winning the Tour de Donut, which hub and I are doing next year. Really I was very very very very humbled. To be honest I never thought I would win an award I did not think my blog was up to par with anything, I just like to write about the crap that happens in my life and did not care if anybody read it. To be honest I don't think my friend Jordan even reads anymore... She probably found new better friends in Wyoming because she never calls or answers her phone when I call... Great I started this blog for nothing. OH guess what else we did on Sunday We took son to a children's museum up in Salt Lake at the Gateway... Long drive, expensive admission, not to great exhibits, and son having a great time = priceless. And the best part of Sunday???? MAD MEN... Did you watch?? NO of course not why would you ........ It was ok... it was one of those episodes where not a lot happened but we need to see the events to build up the story. I would talk about it but HECK my readers don't watch... i really need to go find a Mad Men blog to join.

Have a good week xoxoxoxox

Friday, August 21, 2009

Freak Friday Part deuce!

Ok just some random CRAP because I don't know what to write .....

1. Baby names... I hinted about this awhile back. When I was prego with Son we had 2 ultra sounds saying we were having a GIRL. HOLY CRAP. We found out after our GIRL baby shower and a week before I crapped him out (thanks Leeanne.....) If that was not enough to blow your mind while I was pregnant with a girl I wanted a name to end in UH.... to go along with mine and hubs names and I REALLY like the name Cameron. However that is not following the plan so I was like lets name the baby Camera..... FOR REAL I said that out loud.. Hub looked at me and said NO... I said Why not... then I was like OOOOO... well we could spell it with a K. It was still a no go . I felt dumb, still have not lived it down, and still think its a pretty name............ Son will be 2 next month.

2. Happy 50th Birthday Hawaii!! I love that place someday I will go. Yesterday I helped a friend cut fruit for her sisters wedding reception today. Um I cut up 6 whole pineapple.... cut off the outer part, sliced it, took a heart shaped cookie cutter to it. then cut up the scrapes to be used for fruit trays.... I took me 2 hours. I also dipped some strawberries in chocolate. I am a good friend. I did not go help set up tables, chairs and what not... I am only a good friend not a GREAT friend.

3. I have to go to Wal Mart today..... Ugh They have this brand of pre made frozen meatballs that do not have eggs or wheat in them. Farm Rich brand. I love meat balls, I love my son, Sometimes Wal Mart makes me crazy. Last time I was there they had put up TWO signs out in front you know the signs on big post that light up at night most fast food places have them. I was like WHY its freaking Wal Mart... Its not like people don't know its there... I think they just wasted some money.

4. I think Deuce is my new favorite word. I will use it more this week.

5. I don't want to jinx it but uh Son has been going to sit on his potty when I go... I probably just did. CRAP. its not like he is potty trained he is 2 I have not even started or tried I think its cool he kinda gets its. Now if only he could tell me when he had to pee or poop. I am still going to encourage him. I still don't like going to the bathroom with a partner.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Disclaimer For most of my readers I know you don't have the cable TV But this guy has a "survival" show on The Discovery Channel and his recent trip was to my old stomping grounds in Alabama.

Dear Bear Grylls,

I have decided that you are a FOOL.... For many reasons.... Which I will discuss now. Why do you feel the need to get naked in EVERY SINGLE episode??? Do you really need to get into the water every episode??? I understand you don't want your clothes wet causing you to die... But every episode??? And did you know that later in each episode you get your SAME clothes wet anyways? You are not fooling me. I bet you have a stylist that comes along with you standing behind that camera ready with a fresh set of clothing.... That is one of my biggest pet peeve about the show all the unnecessary nakedness in the "wild". You could get a tick somewhere important, BE CAREFUL. The other thing he does frequently is drink his own PEE. I would say he does this like every other episode... You would think If you had your own show on Cable that does fairly well you could say "Hey!! I don't want to drink my pee anymore." But I guess he has done it enough that drinking his own pee is his niche and is what gets the male viewers and well he doesn't want to die of dehydration which happens a lot when you have a camera crew following you around, so he can't stop doing it.

Now Bear went to North Alabama earlier this year. Guess what!?!?! That is where I grew up. GO ME!!! As you can guess I was excited when Hub told me that the DVR had recorded this for us. So I watched it, and learned many many many things.... First of which was that HUGE alligators live there... ummm no. NO just no. Secondly, Apparently It floods A LOT there. Well I guess it could but I don't ever remember this happening, but not surprised if it did or has. Third, We get Tornados! WHY YES Bear we do!! Ding Ding Ding you get a prize....... I have actually been in 2 that were serious and did some damage. I don't want to relive them due to the PTSD I could get. But I was in a few and I did live. One of the other highlights of the show.... Bear ate Deer poop.... WHAT !?!?! WHY !?!?! There is NO reason to do this EVER... you get no nutritional value from eating it.. I mean I could go on and on and on about all the things that are wrong with this guy, but I won't because I already hit a few high lights.

For Thankful Thursday I am glad I am not Bear, his wife and family, or his camera crew. And I am thankful to know that I can drink my own pee when I get lost in the woods.... But I won't.

Growing up I never thought I lived in the wild and had to survive. I knew that there were mountain people and everyone would say something to everybody they knew when they saw "a mountain person" in Wal-Mart or at church.... or the BEST at the hospital.... Honestly they were people that needed a bath.... But really a whole show was needed on this?? Nope I think they are running out of ideas...


Holy batman crap.....

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Vest.... and the people that love them....

SERIOUSLY what is up with this??? You know a few days ago when I posted about the lady I saw with the Vest on??? Well in around about way My friend Kerri was featured on tipjunkie blog along with the this GEM. Not only is it about the Vest and how great they are but also 4 ways you can wear it. I have officially hung up my hat on this one. I guess I need to go find that vest I made in the 8th grade because I guess I need it now. I am pretty much chalking up my hate for the vest up there with the coupon people... And If I see a a coupon person wearing a VEST well I know that hell has frozen over, the world is coming to an end, and that Jesus pretty much hates me.


It has come to my attention that people like getting awards and they like music.... And that I have not shared any of the music I love with you bloggies. So this is serious So I may just share like 5 songs. And possibly a YouTube link so you don't have to go searching There I did the hard work for you.

1. Zero 7 In the Waiting (pretty much the whole album Simple Things)

2. Kanye West Heartless

3. Better Than Ezra Desperately Wanting

4. Pet Shop Boys Domino Dancing

5. Peter Bjorn and John Young Folks

So there 5 songs to blow your mind. I don't think you could handle any more. Sorry if some of the video quality is poor, Finding all these took forever due to YouTube being and slow and my son not wanting me to blog today.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A shout out to all my homies!

Dear Little Ms. Blogger.

Why Thank you, and yes I will take your award and give out it but first I would like to this is opportunity to Thank a few people.

First I would like to thank God, because without him nothing is possible. Secondly I would like to thank my family who put up with me being on the computer for hours and hours, days and days.... Thank you, I love you. THIS AWARD IS FOR YOU. Third Thank you to all my followers I really do love each and all 7 of you... I don't have room for more love in my life so no more followers ok... Thanks. For all the people that read anonymously and never comment it's probably better that way... Because when you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Thank you. And Finally I would like to thank all my English Teacher's who thought I was a loser and could not write. No, I was not a loser, you were just a CRAPPY teacher who uninspired me. And lastly Little Ms. Blogger, who took a chance on me and gave me an award and some publicity. Thank you. Did you like my speech?? I practiced for like 5 seconds last night, In front of the mirror with a hair brush no less.......... I know you can laugh now. (Que cheesy music and applause.)

I did have a few English teachers that were decent. In college Ms. Lewis, English 101 and 102, she gave me B's and made whitty comments on my papers. And Mrs Bonds in 8th grade She was just pretty questionable, looking back on it. Really The Lottery in the 8th grade, making us write about euthanasia, flirting with the married teacher next door, AND being the cheerleading coach... She was such a role model in my life......

And now on to the people who I think should have a shout out and steal my button of HOTNESS. Now about half of the blogs I read on my list are the "family brag blogs" I mean "family memory blogs" Now I love my friends and their family but they don't get an award... its not that hard to slap up some pictures and write about what you did. But I still love you and read your blog. No wonder I don't have many friends.

I was suppose to do 15 heck I don't think I have that many.... But here are the blogs I read. I love you guys and thanks for reading my blog when you get a chance.

a*may*zying I met her once time at the park, I was so nervous but I went with my friend.....

messes and mudpies This is my BFF and she is just wonderful and helps me out in the blog world and real world She made me met this next person after this post she wrote about me professing her love for me It was a little embarrassing but nice. and I returned the favor.

Pulsipher Predilections This is just a bunch of crazy stuff all posted together to make you laugh so hard you pee your pants. A good time. I have gotten a lot of traffic from there because of the crazy comments I made.... I think this is where this person came from....

Lets have a cocktail Now this lady is an serious blogger with a daily blog about funny stuff and cooking. She cooks way to fancy for me so I don't ever try anything but I leave a nice comment.

I know Lets have a cocktail and Pulsipher get awards like every day, so this is no big deal. But I just wanted to publicly let people know i read you..... I know its scandalous. I have only been blogging for 2.5 months so maybe in a few more months I will have more people to give a shout out to.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The things I do.....

Dear Son...

I did that for you... Yep you know last week I took you to the Mommy and Me swim class it was good. Thank you for not being the screaming cry kid, I really appreciate it. I don't think we had as good of a time as I thought we would but we did it. Maybe it was because you ruined my planning of swimming, lunch, nap.... It was a perfect plan that did not happen. But such is life Its over and we ARE doing it next year because you need to know how to swim, its just a life skill. Your father and I can swim but we are no olympic swimmers.... Maybe we are Olympic curlers..... So anyways... I bet you are so confused at the pictures. Did you notice that one hand my finger nails are painted BRIGHT red?? and the other is not? That is because swim teacher thought it would be helpful for you to see my hands underwater better. OK its been like 5 days and I really need to buy some nail polish remover. Son I did that for you and you don't even care. Well its cool, not to many other people have cared either because only one person has said something to me..... Maybe people are scared, maybe they don't notice or care. But when asked a question I tend answer a little to much that is probably why people don't ask me things. Thanks for being a good kid.

Love always,

On to more random.... I got a blog award..... IT IS SO FREAKING CRAZY. I may cry. I will probably post more about it tomorrow when it has settle In and I can write something really really good.

Also I don't know if you have noticed but I learned how to turn a word into a link. I have 3 in this post.... hehehehe Also don't forget about my Scentsy give away..... Holy moly I may actually have to buy a warmer and give it away to someone.... I knew this would happen.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Freaky Friday..... Kinda

Dear People

What is up? So I had some weird things happen this week. Nothing Bad, just something out of the norm for us.

Hub went to a shooting range with co workers and the BIG boss CEO of the company he works for. Um what's weird about that?? I live in Utah everybody and their kids have guns. Uh we don't and hub works for a software company based out of Montreal.......... Yes hub bikes to work and wears flip flops in the office if we are lucky sometimes he doesn't then I yell at him and tell him for the 500th time about the boy in summer school with me who went to the school bathroom bare foot then died 2 months later...... Anyways So hub, boss, and 2 co-workers to go to the shooting range and spend $250 to rent guns and buy ammo. Is that a lot I don't know we don't shoot guns... But I guess it was because the owner was excited and decided it was ok and chatted it up with them OH hub and one co worker are from Utah born and raised and Boss and other co worker are French Canadian born and raised. I don't know is it just me or did you think that the Frenchies did not like guns?? Like really NOT like them? Ok so they do this and then its 10 PM on Wednesday night so I call hub and asked if he wanted a ride home because who wants to ride a bike home that late at night and guess what he DOES... go figure its a good thing my mom was here so she could listen if son woke up or the house caught fire... I pick up Hub and all he talks about are GUNS... the guns they shot, all the cool guns his American co-worker has... a Nazi gun and a WWI gun... cool.... Just the whole way home guns, guns, guns. And I am thinking to myself WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY HUSBAND!?!?! This was so out of character for him that it kinda freaked me out. UGH

Then I got the urge the urge for a Roast Beef Sandwich from Arbys and of course some curly fries I am driving so I don't even ask, I just drive there and order some food... Nice huh. As we are waiting in the drive thru there is more gun talk well because why wouldn't 2 young yuppie talk about anything else ... Then he tells THE STORY... The story that I thought was funny but my grandma did not maybe because she can't hear and she was just being nice... while at the gun range the "boys" were talking to the owner about all the guns they had there and of course there was talk about the biggest most expensive gun there........ men...... And it was a $6000 sniper rifle that was "just for display" The "boys" are like WOW... And the owner goes on to tell about a patron of said range and how he owns 3 of them and he likes to go HUNTING with them..... really? Isn't that illegal in Utah... apparently not..... But I won't mess with Utah and their guns I would lose. So the story continues about "big guns" hunting trip and the $6.75 bullets for the sniper rifle, and how you can take an ELK out with one from like 200 yards away and the other ELK won't even know or care what happened. I don't know why I thought this was funny, Its not really funny as I am typing this I guess i was tired and this was not normal talk for us and apparently we where in the Twilight Zone. I don't know maybe Hub told it better and you just had to be there.

After all this gun talk Hub goes... "Don't worry babe I am not going to go out and buy one." Thanks Sorry you had to read that long post about guns but it was just weird for me... ALSO on Wednesday I was somewhere and sat next to a woman wearing a vest... like from the 90s you know we all had one. She was not old she had kids around son's age. I was like really a vest complete with the white shirt and skinny light blue jeans... She did not however have on a braided belt.. =/ Maybe next time. So are Vest in Fashion ?? I did not think so I won't wear one BUT I own one. One I made in 8th grade Home Ec, I got a 100 on it and I am keeping that baby forever its a light blue with stars on it. CLASSY.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

Yeah I am soooo excited to do this. Nobody tagged me, nobody will get tagged, I just wanted to share a few things I am Thankful for because I can and I want to. I don't think this is done enough in my life. I will limited it to FIVE (5) and try to do it every Thursday if you are lucky!!

1. I am Thankful for the Scripture Luke 12:28! Its a good read and will give you some direction in life. I am not going to post it because I want you to read it and study for yourself. (I read the King James Version so I hope its the same if you have a different version bible)

2. I am Thankful for Facebook! You give me something to occupy my time and help me re connect with old friends and stay in touch with them, my current friends, and my family.

3. I am Thankful for my Husband. I know you should be #1 but you are to me and that is all that matters. Thank you for giving me everything I have ever wanted and more out of life.

4. I am Thankful for days that start at 7 AM because I am alive and able to take care of my son. (well its something I want to try be thankful for... so its on paper so it has to happen now)

5. I am Thankful for my friend Susan! She always has the best advice and is a great example of who I want to be more like. She does not blog because she is busy raising 5 of the best kids ever and being a good friend to all.

Thank you for reading and I want to encourage you to do a Thankful for Day soon!


PS: I guess nobody was feeling yesterday's post.... Thats ok its always good to test the waters. I really do enjoy politics, I even thought about majoring in it during my college years. I probably would have if I had gone to school in a Blue state instead of my rural community college that I did................ But thats why I love America! I love that we can have different opinions and share them without the fear of our safety and that is something I will always fight for, our freedom to choose what we feel is best for us not what is best for someone we don't know. NOBODY has the right to tell us what to do with our personal life as long it does not infringe on someone else.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Reform??????

Dear People concerned or CONFUSED about all this HCR: (healthcare reform)

I am here to help a bit. So while watching the news all I saw were the angry people just ANGRY about this HCR. And that was it. GREAT REPORTING. I did not get why they were so angry... Health Care Reform that is GREAT!! Who doesn't want that!?!?! We are in the same boat still holding on or have been thrown out of said boat with no live preserver... So began the great search and its still on going But I wanted to share what I found and some thoughts... I welcome all TRUE information from a site that ends in .gov nothing from any news web sites that twist and turn it to get ratings. I want the source. that said I stumbled on to this GEM Ok honestly I am not going to read the WHOLE thing I just want the cliff notes K.....

Some high lights.... Basically 2 things Tax breaks for all people involved in with Healthcare... for employers, people that need it, and insurance companies. AND NO Insurance Discrimination for people trying to get insurance. Hey those are good things. But I see some cracks in this foundation....

I feel that President Obama answer to EVERYTHING is a tax break or throw money at it. Uh we as a nation don't have any money we are BROKE... well thats what I think when I hear that we are 1 Trillion dollars in the RED... How about this... Why don't we have some Insurance Company Reform... pass a few laws no tax breaks just some guidelines to run Don't Discriminate, Change some of those CRAZY prices for medical things... Really, and maybe give them a little bit of a tax break if they follow the rules.... Don't just give them tax breaks because its easier. That is what I go from it. BUT, BUT, BUT I don't want the government in everything they are in everything to much as it.... Well we need them for checks and balances because Private Companies can't handle everything.... They take our Tax monies and spend it as they see fit. Kinda And we need regulations because well I will give a few examples of this... FDA, Boarder Patrol, ICE, FBI... these are things we need because Yep could you imagine if we did not have those things. But as for insurance that is questionable... We have Medicare and Medicaid I hear those aren't the best... BUT private insurance has gone down hill in the last few years... We need something.

Does President Obama feel that if we are saving money in our new insurance and our new mortgages and all this money we got from tax breaks that we will go out and spend it, and save the economy ?? It's a good thought. He is totally taking a page from the FDR play book... well FDR came up with the whole Social Security Idea..............and that has worked GREAT.... =/ President Obama I feel like you had a lot of hope and changes for us because honestly things weren't/aren't going so well... And It was a HUGE job, however its a lot to deal with and I don't think we are going to get it done in a year or two I am thinking 10... But its always going to be something we are never going to get EVERYTHING right all the time. But we have the American Spirit of Never Give Up!

Check out that website. Its not bad, breaks down by state. But remember the President just can't do anything he wants we have Congress and the Senate that have to approve things. Don't you guys remember your High School Government class??? Also... Um there is NO Bill yet... apparently things could not be agreed upon and a deadline was missed so NOTHING is changing yet. I guess people are up in arms about what COULD happen. But I am left wonder about a Trillion things and who is going to

Peace out homes,
Leah (one of the few registered Democrats in Utah.)

Scentsy Anyone??

Dear Scentsy

I love you too! I really do I love this stuff so much!!!! What is it?? Well Its Wax blocks that you break and melt in these CUTE warmers that they sell. I love MOST of the Scents they sell and guess what??? I don't sell it. But my friend Jenny does!! Yep that stuff is awesome! So awesome that I am going to her Party on Friday night at 7pm and she said I could invite all my blog friends and that we can give them something if they show up!!! Don't you love free stuff just for hanging out with people you don't know!?!?! Yep thats right If Jenny did not invite you to her party and you show up with me even if you don't order something I will give you a PRIZE!!! But WAIT I don't live in Utah but I want to order stuff!! FEAR NOT just send an email or and tell her you are my friend and I will BUY you a BAR of your favorite scent!! I know, I know I am toooo kind. But that is how I roll!! So take a look at her web site and let me know what you think! Before I go I must share some of my favorite scents. OOOO wait before I do that Guess what August 10% off most burners and scents because they are making room for the new catalog next month!! SO EXCITING. NOW here are my favorite scents In no order, just the order I think of them in. I will limit it to 10 and put a star if it is being discontinued.

1. Home Sweet Home
2. Beach
3. Verbena Berry *
4. Toasted Apple Butter*
5. Pomegranate Orange *
6. Thunderstom
7. Cranberry Mango
8. Enchanted Mist
9. Blueberry Cheesecake*
10. Sweet Pea

Scentsy Favorites Pictures, Images and Photos

scentsy Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, August 10, 2009

So many things so little time!

Dear Readers,

I am trying to squeeze a post in while Son is napping and my break from all my daily womanly work of watching TV and eating snacks................ So Busy Busy Busy weekend.

Friday: Can you believe we went "camping" we did after I said we were not. Made it just in time for dinner and the family "talent" show. No no no... there are some very very talented people in my husbands family and I am glad there are people that can sing. I was impressed. Did I mention it was COLD and my mouth hurt from the dental crap.... And guess what I packed the car all by myself... I WANT MY GOLD MEDAL NOW PLEASE....... uh huh I will not hold my breath.

Saturday: Still camping, went on a HIKE!! (don't laugh) with son and brother in law. Hub was TIRED and It was good but I do not enjoy hiking. You know we went to a LDS church camp for all this and guess what the bathrooms smelled like church! It cracked me up... You just can't get away from that LDS clean smell. Also we stayed in very nice cabins and it was just nice. It was pretty much camping in my back yard but nicer and hour away. I would do it again... I came home NOT smelling like camp... CRAZY.

Saturday night.... We need a few groceries SO I had to go because I am not tired....... uh huh. So I go get my wallet and keys out of the glove box because I put them there during the camping trip ... put them in my purse and I am OFF, get all my crap and stand in the worse line ever.. Behind the coupon "lady" and of course there was a problem and the manager needed to be called... OMG LAME... I have already put my crap on conveyer belt so I have committed myself to the line... So they finish and I go and get my wallet out to be ready so I won't take as long as crazy and its NOT in my purse... WTH ?!?! So I tell the girl and she is cool because I thought it was just in the car, WRONG.... so I think I must have left it in my car that I did not want to take because it was still full of camping crap.. So I go home and its not there HUB and I tore this place up!! We still could not find it.. So I call the local grocery store and GUESS WHAT?!?! Some nice person turned it in!! I am so lucky and grateful, but still can't figure out how my wallet got out of my purse... CRAZY!!! So I go back and my groceries are still there in the cart and all ready for me to pay THAT WAS AWESOME... I am glad they cared about me and took care of my grocery needs. =) GOOOO MACEY'S

Sunday: Did nothing but laundry. it was good to do nothing.

Monday: Mommy and Me swim class with Son, good times! Its all week for 30 mins so I hope it all goes well the rest of the week. Come back tomorrow when I have a special give away/promotion/date with me!!! You will not want to miss it!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Dear inkObsessions,

I love you. I know I know I know we have only know each other for a few days but dang you do good work! And for some reason you have read my blog and commented a few times. CRAZY. It BAFFLES me that people I DON'T know read my blog and think its semi-funny. I was not popular in high school or in life.... But I have found a tiny cult following on here. I may have to move into a gated community with a 24/7 guard in the front. I will be paying with this will all the money Adsense has made me... Yes all $2.47. Back to the task at hand, I love your web site and blog LOVE IT. So much I am giving you a shout out, put up your button, and wrote a double blog for the day. CRAZY! I am thinking you should make my son some birthday invites but I only need 10 and we are having a dinosaur party and I did not see any of those on your page. I know you could do a NICE one, but I know you are busy and its not like I have 500 readers that are going to place an order to make it worth your while. But I LOVE you and you made me want to have another baby so I could order some of your birth announcements. I will by the way when #2 comes along in like 18 or 24 months from now..........................................................

I also felt that after I posted the site about that I excluded some of my readers because not everyone that reads has a baby but fear not!! inkObsessions will take care of you and it just so happens that there is a scrapbooks steals .com you know from the same people that steal babies... I guess they steal scrapbook supplies now too... What is this world coming to. HEHEH I am going to be 2nd grade for a min... I love that there is CRAP in sCRAPbooking... Because its how I feel about spending that much money on something. Yep buy all the sCRAPbook supplies then it still in my closet. LOVE IT.



Man what a crazy last few days I have had. Well guess what, we are not going to the Family Reunion in the mountains. I feel like someone punched me in the mouth several times then punched me in the head some more. Ok if the Dentist wants you to come and get your teeth all pretty and healthy they should not make it hurt... Also they should not charge you an arm and a leg to beat you up and emotionally abuse you. And all I got done was a deep cleaning.... what ever that means I am still not sure, but my "friend" said I needed one and apparently I need one every three months... I honestly did not think my teeth were that bad, I still have all of them and they are a shade of white. I don't get it. There are some positive things about all this. I did get to try laughing gas for the first time! It was pretty great, why I have not done this before?!?!!? For $30 I will do it again every time even when my teeth are fine and I just need a cleaning. I guess I am a little high strung about the Dentist. Guess what I don't have wisdom teeth! I never have and they are not there. CRAZY??!?! YOU CAN BE JEALOUS NOW. Its so weird I feel like a freak of nature now... Also they did not give me a sticker or a prize =( To think of it this Dentist really is not a kid Dentist, I have not seen any there or a big station of stickers and prizes. Well that is ok with me I don't care. So No more Dentist Stories for a month!

Did you see that NEW button on the right side of my page?? The Baby Steals one?? Its a pretty awesome place and no they will not steal a baby for you. They just find some awesome expensive baby/children's items and sell them for 50 % off. I just scored some awesome baby socks to give as gifts I am pretty excited about this and can't wait to give them away to some lucky friend, because our friendship will be cemented forever because of these socks... I would post a pic hey I might... HOLD PLEASE. Never mind It did not like any of the pics i found on the internets...

So cute I know!! So check it out they have a new steal M-F and update it at 9 AM MST.. what I can't remember that... its ok you can sign up for a daily email.. ALSO if you live in the SLC area you can pick up your steal for free or pay a little bit of shipping and you can get it the next day. SO AWESOME.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uh I did to much today.

Dear Wednesday,

Are you over yet?? I seriously can not stand you. After next week I will hate Thursday.... OK So why do I keep signing up Son for Little Gym?? Well for one he LOVES it and his teachers LOVE him. And I have not reached that point in my life where I have to tell him that I don't want take him to do things he LOVES for whatever reason. Yes it expensive, Yes its 20 mins from the house. Yes its early in the morning. But we go every week. I have thought about this for awhile and decided I LOVE Little Gym. Why?? a Few reason... 1: I don't have to talk to the parents, just the rare small talk about how cute the children are or to say sorry for whatever our child has done. 2: Nobody goes "OMG you pay how much!??!!?" Why because we all paid the same thing and we keep it to ourselves. That is nice because there is no explaining we just look at each others designer clothes/handbags. And 3: It gets Son's energy out because he is almost 2 and is pretty much crazy. So there you have just a bunch of stuck up bitches with their kids that don't want to talk to each other. Its really nice, there are no expectations. I do feel bad for new people that come and don't get it... but most of them do.

So I do the Little Gym on Wednesday then I do all my shopping errands up in Orem because they have way better shopping then SF... I go to the Sunflower Market so I can gluten free crap for Son and do whatever I need to do... Its nice but wears me out and most times I am gone for 3 hours and son takes a name on the ride home so that when we do get home he wakes up while I am getting him out of the car and he is up till his bed time. =( Oh well so is life and the messy house will still be there tomorrow.

Guess what tomorrow I am going to get tortured wait I mean go to the Dentist. So I may not blog... Hold yourselves... Then Friday we are going camping/family reunion in the mountains... GREAT in the mountains with people that sometimes you don't get along with... there are so many places to dump a body up there... WHO thought it was a good idea to do this?? NOT ME. I don't plan family crap anymore. So you may not see me till Monday.. GASP I hope you can stand it....


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A dream trip

Dear Disney Cruise lines,

I would LOVE to take my family on one of your cruises. I really would don't laugh. But I am going to wait a few years till my kids are a little older. I only have one child now, but once my 2 kids are potty trained Hub and I will take them. So we have a few years to plan and save and maybe by then you will travel to Hawaii so I can kill two birds with one stone.

Why do I want to go on a Disney Cruise? Well its been a dream of mine to go on one for awhile now, isn't it everybody's???? Here are some of my reason:

1. A family trip where I can pawn off the children on someone else for awhile with out feeling guilty . I won't feel this because they will WANT to go swimming and making things with Mickey and whoever is popular then.

2. It really is not a bad deal 4 night cruise with a Disney theme is about $1400 depending on where you go and what room you get. To me that is a deal if I don't have to stand in line with the sun beating down on me waiting to go on some ride I really don't want to go on. And honestly we would probably spend that driving down, hotel, tickets, food, and so on... Maybe I will have enough Skymiles by then that I can get some free air plane tickets.

3. If you did go to Disneyland or World could you see a Adult Burlesque show with your spouse? Or play a round of Trivia at a Pub while your kids are "asleep"?? Could you eat all you wanted to at one of those amazing buffets I hear everyone talk about after they get home. These are things you could not do. Heck can you even eat at Disney for 4 days with a family of 4 for less then $1400??? I have never been so these are questions I need answers to.

4. I want to go on a cruise. And if its a cruise to Hawaii, all the better. I will get two things crossed off my "bucket list"

Those are the reasons I want to go, I need to go.... Right now they only go the Bahamas', Caribbean, and Europe. Who the crap wants to go on a European Disney Cruise... sounds BLAH. Well not really, I do think it would be fun but like when I am OLD, not on a Disney cruise line, and don't have kids with me going what the crap is this??? This is the worse trip ever.. So when they do go to Hawaii I AM THERE WITH BELLS ON. I will put it on the AMEX and tell hubs later.

I do have to say some of the adult activities sounds so funny and yet I would probably go to them... I was looking on their web site and you can sign up to for the Zone diet and detox work out seminar while you are on the cruise... WHAT THE HELL.... who does that on a VACATION. WHY?!?!?! NO WAY. I will not do that.. Yes I may work out a day or two. Yes I will go swimming. Yes I will see the Disney Nudie show. Yes I will eat my weight in food, and I will have a good time. I can't wait. I know its such a long ways away but when you are dropping this kinda money on a trip you plan for years. Well I do. Any thoughts on my future vacation that is probably 5 years away??


Monday, August 3, 2009

Life Letters...

Dear People:

Some thoughts on life.... Just some random tidbits of juicy knowledge to make you laugh and think.

1. Did you know that Pineapples do not grow on trees??? FOR REAL... Its kinda sad that I did not know this until my 27th year of life.. I felt kinda dumb. This all came up because I play those farm games on the Facebook and you can plant pineapple in the ground. I had to have a chuckle because I thought I was smarter then the developers of these games.. So I said something to Hub and made it my status on Facebook... This led into to Hub and I talking about this and neither one of us really knew so we took it to Wikipedia. They grow on this bush like thing.. Kinda weird I know. I have to give props to Wikipedia, I really do wonder how many marriages they have saved or broken up... I know I use it to solve useless marriage tiffs.

2. Did you know that I pay this kid and his family to pick up dog poo-poo in my back yard? I do.. And I think its worth $3 every time they come. I hate dog poo with a passion and I am grateful for them. I was a little weary of them at first because I did find them on the KSL classified ads and then when they showed up, Their dad made them do all the work. I just kept think WTH I would hate my dad if he made me do this... But then I let it go because they are not my family and if they really really really hated it they would charge me more. If you or someone you know have problems with poop let me know, I know some people.

3. Did you know that I think people that yell at fast food workers are seriously the stupidest people on the earth... Really are you going to stand there an yell at someone you don't know that is preparing food that is going into yours and your families mouth. Lets break it down... These people make $8 an hour doing a crappy job, are they going to think twice about not spiting in your food or putting a boggie on it... HMMMMM OR picking it up off the floor and serving it to your son... Maybe you like spit and fecal matter in your food... I know I don't so I am super nice to these people. I use to work fast food in my younger days. I worked at Subway in Alabama, I would not eat at that location today It was pretty gross and I did not care because I was in High School making $5.25 an hour I was a BIG Baller

4. Did you know I worked at Chick-fil-a in Sandy and people did not yell at us there because we were AWESOME... You have a problem with your chicken sandwich NO PROBLEM let us give you another one and a coupon for a FREE sandwich... I am pretty sure that if Chick-fil-A ran the world there would be no problems. They have the best answer for everything. I learned so much from that job and made some good friends. So much so that I would probably go back and work there If I needed a job. I did quit that job because I did get burned out of cleaning up after the Sandy/Draper elite and their 2 kids... I would like to mention Chick-fil-A's coupon policy because you know I have a coupon hang up. They take as many coupons per transaction that you have, and they don't care if they are expired or from another place. It did have to be a chicken sandwich coupon and you did have to fulfill the coupon requirements like buy a coke or another sandwich...

5. Did you know that I am still in LOVE with Chick-fil-a and am proud to say I worked there. I bet you did not know that I get a little teary eyed when I see them in the news... I do. Really how many food places have 500 people lined up for a grand opening of a store??? Maybe In and Out Burger.. But Chick-fil-A cares about YOU.. Not your money.. One of the things they teach was make a costumer not a SALE. I knew so many of our regulars and their names and what they wanted. They would WAIT in my line for ME, because I cared about them and they cared about me because if they came in and I was not there... There was HELL to pay. How dare Chick-fil-A give me a day off... Next time you are in there notice how they call for the next person... "I can help the next Guest" If they don't please say something to the manager or call the 800 number.... And my favorite thing... It was my pleasure to write this blog... YEP if you said your welcome while working you would get beat down... No not really but your co workers would promptly correct you....

So there are 5 random things that I have been thinking about... I hope you are clearly confused and feel like I have wasted 10 mins of your life. So get off the computer and get back to cleaning your house and playing with your kids... Maybe you should take them to Chick-fil-a I would if they did not use stinking Peanut Oil.... stupid allergies... OH yeah part of your chick-fil-a training included intense product knowledge. You were TESTED (for real) about what EVERY product contained. I know this because in my last year I was a Trainer there... I do have to say this... When training, train like that person has never heard of whatever it is... and tell them all about it... If you do that you will have the best trained person ever. Never assume they know anything... because chances are they don't.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adsense =(

Dear Adsense...

Thanks for the condom ads... My readers LOVED it... It embarrassed me to think that my blog had content to suggest that would be an appropriate ad for my blog.. GOOD JOB. I also thought this was a "family friendly" web site that did not allow talk about sex and sex acts... I guess with enough money anybody can advertise on here. Well at least you are promoting SAFE sex, that has to count for something. I was going to send this to them, but they don't want to be contacted for things like this... Its not important or anything.....



It should be noted that I have not had anyone click on that ad... I guess they don't want a free sample.
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