Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Reform??????

Dear People concerned or CONFUSED about all this HCR: (healthcare reform)

I am here to help a bit. So while watching the news all I saw were the angry people just ANGRY about this HCR. And that was it. GREAT REPORTING. I did not get why they were so angry... Health Care Reform that is GREAT!! Who doesn't want that!?!?! We are in the same boat still holding on or have been thrown out of said boat with no live preserver... So began the great search and its still on going But I wanted to share what I found and some thoughts... I welcome all TRUE information from a site that ends in .gov nothing from any news web sites that twist and turn it to get ratings. I want the source. that said I stumbled on to this GEM Ok honestly I am not going to read the WHOLE thing I just want the cliff notes K.....

Some high lights.... Basically 2 things Tax breaks for all people involved in with Healthcare... for employers, people that need it, and insurance companies. AND NO Insurance Discrimination for people trying to get insurance. Hey those are good things. But I see some cracks in this foundation....

I feel that President Obama answer to EVERYTHING is a tax break or throw money at it. Uh we as a nation don't have any money we are BROKE... well thats what I think when I hear that we are 1 Trillion dollars in the RED... How about this... Why don't we have some Insurance Company Reform... pass a few laws no tax breaks just some guidelines to run Don't Discriminate, Change some of those CRAZY prices for medical things... Really, and maybe give them a little bit of a tax break if they follow the rules.... Don't just give them tax breaks because its easier. That is what I go from it. BUT, BUT, BUT I don't want the government in everything they are in everything to much as it.... Well we need them for checks and balances because Private Companies can't handle everything.... They take our Tax monies and spend it as they see fit. Kinda And we need regulations because well I will give a few examples of this... FDA, Boarder Patrol, ICE, FBI... these are things we need because Yep could you imagine if we did not have those things. But as for insurance that is questionable... We have Medicare and Medicaid I hear those aren't the best... BUT private insurance has gone down hill in the last few years... We need something.

Does President Obama feel that if we are saving money in our new insurance and our new mortgages and all this money we got from tax breaks that we will go out and spend it, and save the economy ?? It's a good thought. He is totally taking a page from the FDR play book... well FDR came up with the whole Social Security Idea..............and that has worked GREAT.... =/ President Obama I feel like you had a lot of hope and changes for us because honestly things weren't/aren't going so well... And It was a HUGE job, however its a lot to deal with and I don't think we are going to get it done in a year or two I am thinking 10... But its always going to be something we are never going to get EVERYTHING right all the time. But we have the American Spirit of Never Give Up!

Check out that website. Its not bad, breaks down by state. But remember the President just can't do anything he wants we have Congress and the Senate that have to approve things. Don't you guys remember your High School Government class??? Also... Um there is NO Bill yet... apparently things could not be agreed upon and a deadline was missed so NOTHING is changing yet. I guess people are up in arms about what COULD happen. But I am left wonder about a Trillion things and who is going to

Peace out homes,
Leah (one of the few registered Democrats in Utah.)


Little Ms Blogger said...

Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel - LOL.

I'll have to check out the site.

Kristina P. said...

I will leave a comment, because I'm awesome like that and you would think I died, but I am going to admit a dirty little secret to you. I don't read blogs about politics. But I love you still!

wonder woman said...

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to HCR. I think I'm about on the same page as you: I think something needs to be done, but not necessarily what IS being done. I think reforming health insurance companies is a good idea.

What irritates me as a non-registered republican is all the STUPID people who have become the face of the republican party. Fox news? Seriously? Rush? SERIOUSLY? Crazy ladies shouting "I'm scared of Obama!"? Seriously?!?!? It makes me crazy. I think we all need to be better educated about the facts we're disputing, and act in a mature, rational way.

Whew. Rant over.

For the record, I'm a fairly moderate republican. I grew up in Kansas, where being rep. was really the only option. I'm conservative on moral issues, but more liberal on social/fiscal issues.

And at the risk of starting a small battle Ü, I wonder every now and then what track our country would be on if Mitt Romney were president. I just wonder sometimes.... Ü

La La La Leah said...

Oh wonder woman I <3 you I guess i am just a big fat liberal! who does not want to pay taxes....=/

About Mitt... Um Why did he get elected governor of Massachusetts. I don't get it. A super blue state elects a super RED Mormon who loves Utah more then Massachusetts... What is up with that... I guess whoever he ran against was not a better choice...

Rebecca said...

I think competition is healthy and would hate to see private go under. I don't want Canada's system. I like your idea of tax breaks for following the rules. And no discrimination for covering the insured. I have been getting frustrated with Obama's bailouts for EVERYTHING! You know it may not hurt to struggle a little bit and let the economy go through it. But everyone is afraid. Some intervention is good but not for everything. But I think he was definitely the best choice for this election!

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