Friday, August 21, 2009

Freak Friday Part deuce!

Ok just some random CRAP because I don't know what to write .....

1. Baby names... I hinted about this awhile back. When I was prego with Son we had 2 ultra sounds saying we were having a GIRL. HOLY CRAP. We found out after our GIRL baby shower and a week before I crapped him out (thanks Leeanne.....) If that was not enough to blow your mind while I was pregnant with a girl I wanted a name to end in UH.... to go along with mine and hubs names and I REALLY like the name Cameron. However that is not following the plan so I was like lets name the baby Camera..... FOR REAL I said that out loud.. Hub looked at me and said NO... I said Why not... then I was like OOOOO... well we could spell it with a K. It was still a no go . I felt dumb, still have not lived it down, and still think its a pretty name............ Son will be 2 next month.

2. Happy 50th Birthday Hawaii!! I love that place someday I will go. Yesterday I helped a friend cut fruit for her sisters wedding reception today. Um I cut up 6 whole pineapple.... cut off the outer part, sliced it, took a heart shaped cookie cutter to it. then cut up the scrapes to be used for fruit trays.... I took me 2 hours. I also dipped some strawberries in chocolate. I am a good friend. I did not go help set up tables, chairs and what not... I am only a good friend not a GREAT friend.

3. I have to go to Wal Mart today..... Ugh They have this brand of pre made frozen meatballs that do not have eggs or wheat in them. Farm Rich brand. I love meat balls, I love my son, Sometimes Wal Mart makes me crazy. Last time I was there they had put up TWO signs out in front you know the signs on big post that light up at night most fast food places have them. I was like WHY its freaking Wal Mart... Its not like people don't know its there... I think they just wasted some money.

4. I think Deuce is my new favorite word. I will use it more this week.

5. I don't want to jinx it but uh Son has been going to sit on his potty when I go... I probably just did. CRAP. its not like he is potty trained he is 2 I have not even started or tried I think its cool he kinda gets its. Now if only he could tell me when he had to pee or poop. I am still going to encourage him. I still don't like going to the bathroom with a partner.

Have a good weekend.


Kristina P. said...

One of my best friends just announced to everyone yetersday that she is 4 months pregnant. Holy crap! They didn't tell a soul. I would tell at least 7 people as soon as I was a week pregnant. (WHICH I'M NOT)

But I will suggest Camera as a name for them.

Beth Dunn said...

Very funny! xoxo

wonder woman said...

I like the name alaynUH. except I'd call her Laney.

I refuse to be bitter that your not yet two year old is sitting on the potty. My 3.3 year old is finally getting the hang of it. I refuse to be bitter. Good for you. Encourage it all you can!

p.s. I see Mad Men everywhere now and always think of you

JennyMac said...

Haha...and I am with your Hub..NO on naming the baby Camera. LOL.

I have an award for you Madam.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Would hubby have gone with Kodak? That's a bit better than camera....

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