Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visiting Teaching!

Dear Rebecca Madsen!   (and others) 

Thanks for being a great Visiting Teacher!   I really enjoy our visits, getting to know each other and growing spiritually together!  She gave the one of the best lessons ever and at the end we both said how much we both  needed to hear this wonderful message!  I loved it so much that I want to share it with my bloggers!      

The Lesson was taking from the April GC talk of President Uchtdorf!  Many sisters probably didn't here it because it was  from the Priesthood session.   I hope that you can all take some time and read it.  The main thing Rebecca wanted to point out from the talk was about how easily distracted we get from things that matter most to us.  And how easily we can get distracted from our sacred duties as mothers, wives, friends, sisters, and what ever other title you may hold.  I found that to be so true in my life in many many ways.  And I am glad I got to talk to Rebecca about it because we had a lot of the same distractions.  One being the time we spend on the internet... BLOGGING... how funny that I am blogging about the distractions of blogging.  But I felt this was a good way to share a bit of my testimony with you.    

I do have a testimony of a few things and two of those are the love Heavenly Father has for each of us, and Visiting Teaching and I am always amazed how well those both go together.  I feel that one of the ways Heavenly Father shows his love for us, is by giving us VT that can come in to our homes and share a wonderful message that 10 times out 10 we need to hear in our busy lives.   I am always grateful for those messages and so lucky that I can be in tune with the spirit to be able to learn and grow from them and implement them in my families daily routine.  I do feel like a lot of my problems in life would go away if I focused more on the little important things like prayer, scripture study, and things like that instead of being negative or petty.  Wow what would this world be like if we took all the time we felt negative or petty and read our scriptures or  prayed about it...  Its something to think about.       I could go on and on, but I am distracting most of you so get off the computer and go do whatever you were putting off doing. I do want to say that I know Heavenly Father loves YOU and wants the best for YOU and I hope I helped you feel uplifted and not like you wasted 5 mins of your life. 

Love Always, 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Blue has come!

Dear Big, Blue, Recycling Can!

Thanks for coming to our house!   For $6 a month you are a bargain for saving the planet, which is priceless.   In the following years we have BIG plans for you, including filling you up often with our recyclables  and bringing you down to the curb every other Monday.   In return we ask you keep clean and don't get hit by cars.   

I have never had a Recycling Can before.  Do I need to give you a name or  anything special??   I think I will just call you Big Blue, if thats OK.   I do hope more of your friends/relatives come to live near us, because I only saw 2 other ones in the neighborhood, which I think is kinda sad. 

I am thinking of adding another member to our "green" family a compost container. Everybody keeps asking me why I want to do that, I just do OK. I want to reduce our family's waste on the Environment and make this a better place for all of us to live. And I think it would be fun to make compost!  I am still learning about it so it won't be for a few more weeks.  Well here is to the next few years, may we grow old together and have a great time doing so! 

Love always,


PS:  I have been pretty excited about you coming for the last several months. =) 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Luna Bar,

Caramel Nut Brownie, who are you fooling?? I have had better tasting brownies, but yours is not that bad actually I liked it a lot, I think its my favorite bar you make!! Its WAY better then that S'more one you make that DOES NOT like taste like a yummy warm gooey marshmallow goodness. *Drool* But I doubt my S'mores or REAL brownies have as much nutrition and vitamins as your bars do... Oh well thanks for trying, I will continue to eat your bars. 

Sincerely yours,
Dear maker of stupid facebook quizzes,

I pretty much hate you and your inaccurate "quizzes" 

Leah completed the quiz "Which M*A*S*H Character Are You?" with the resultMajor Frank Burns.
You are Frank Burns. You do not relate well to others and often get into arguments because of your views. You will stick to your guns, no matter how unpopular it makes you. You are a by-the-book conservative and you extremely dislike when others break the rules and get away with it. You want to be a leader, but you lack respect from others. You are knowledgable but not very skilled at your job..

I am pretty mad about this since Frank is just a horrible person.   I hope people don't secretly think this about me



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear House,

Please learn to clean up after yourself or at least get a self clean mode like the oven.  It would help me out a lot.   While you are add it learn how to landscape and paint/decorate.  I would appreciate that tons. 

Still your friend,

Dear Stefanie Wetzel,

Thanks for reading my blog.  I went to your blog and its PRIVATE... what is up with that?  

Thanks for nothing,

Friday, May 15, 2009

a love letter

Dear Apple Computers,

I love you!  Thank you for fixing my computer in a day and sending it back to me overnight.  I also appreciate you honoring your warranty and not trying to get out of it. Thanks for not asking what happen to the screen and why it was broken.  I have no idea It could be you or it could have been my son.  I honestly don't know.   I will always love you and think of you often.   

Love Always,

Dear Micah,

Please don't get up at 6 AM, then take a nap from 10:30- 11:10 AM.  I am tired and this new diet medicine is making me crazy. 

Love Always, 

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