Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New blog

Ok... here is the deal I have a new blog.


If you go there you will know why. That is all.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey remember....

Hey remember when I use to blog?? It was a year ago! Well somethings happened.

1) I got pregnant and lost the baby when I was 14 weeks ago. It sucked.

2) I got pregnant like 8 weeks after that. Sweet

3) Found out I had gallstones... painful.

4) Had a baby 3 months early and spent those months live in the NICU.

5) Got my gallbladder removed

6) Met some awesome people in the NICU.

7) Got sweet baby #2 home

8) Quarantined at home so #2 does not get sick.

WOW... during the time #7 was going on... I thought WHY DID I NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY... I really wished I had. So I will pick up blogging again... because dang it is FUN. And it will be fun to relive the past 3 months and share awesome things with people... more so than FB or Pintrest witch are both fun in there own ways.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

I really did fall off the earth!

Yeah but i found my way back.


still alive -check
still in utah - check
still in school -check
made all As last semester -check
read other peoples blog -half a check
biology homework - half a check
watching tv -check
doing fun things with my family -check
writing blog - no check
making wax - no check
facebook -check

It is funny how things change. I have pretty much lost interest in blogging and all the glitter that comes with it. I don't know, it just doesn't appeal to me. =( I am still alive and did not die or been hurt in a terrible accident.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My shopping trip! A good time.

I just wanted to share a little story about my weekly shopping trip. This week it happen on Monday right after I took young son to his Dentist appointment. He did SO GOOD and I guess he did not have any cavities, because nobody told me. But he did not cry and scream. He did much better then I do at the Dentist. The Dentist appointment was at 9:30 and we were done by 10!! Wow you can be impressed.

So we head to Albertsons... which was bought out by some company is now called The Fresh Market. I think its a stupid name and it will always be Albertsons to me. It is pretty much just like the other grocery store here and town and they have the same things on sale each week, So I am kinda bummed by that and sometimes forced to shop at Wal-Mart. But back to the shopping trip! All is going well I get most everything I need and some I don't. Diet Coke was on sale 5 cases for $14 and I was Happy because this is a BIG score so i buy 5 cases!! Now this is key because I have a cart of groceries, toilet paper, I mean my cart is loaded down with food and 2.5 year old and most importantly coke. So I check out and not to bad I did not have a heart attack. I head out the door... now my 5 cases of coke are on the bottom of the cart and one slips out and falls off the cart and I run over it and bust it open, and the cans go EVERYWHERE. I freak out a bit and run to catch them... because 1- I don't want to loose my coke and B) I don't want to cause an accident or damage to a car... I did not think much of this UNTIL I told the story to one of my classmates and we are both just busting a gut laughing... Can you image me running around the parking lot trying to collect rolling cans of coke?? haha I am glad I can about it after the fact... also I am a little embarrassed that I left my son in the cart in the middle of the parking lot while I was getting my coke.... but not to much. Hope you had a good laugh! And don't call Social Services on me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I LOVE!!

If you know me, you know I have a big screen TV. well two, and HD Directv. Yes, we are a little nuts for TV. HOWEVER my husband and I are TV snobs! We just won't watch any crap movie on Lifetime. NO, but we will watch anything on BBC once or TWICE.. I am proud to say I have never seen ONE second of American Idol. Nor have we seen Lost or 24..... not sure why. I thought I would share some of our FAVORITE shows with you!! BECAUSE I care!

1. Top Gear This show is so freaking funny, and can be found on BBC America or BBC2 if you live in London. 3 male host that test drive all kinds of cars and do all sorts of Crazy challenges! Some of my favorite challenges: The 3 host, from London, drive cars they buy for $1500 in Miami up to Alabama than to Louisiana.. IT WAS CRAZY, I laughed, cried, I did not wet my pants. So you may not be into cars, some I have never heard of most I have never heard of. OH and they do have segment on their show where they put "A star in a reasonably price car" Where they take a British star who most of the time I have not heard of and they basically race a Chevy Colbot around their race track. Its a good time, I hope you and your family can find time to watch it.

2. MadMen. You know it is on AMC and I have blog about it before. 1960s Advertising men running a muck in NYC. Also on Netflix. You should also watch this show. It has won many, many, many awards for everything.

3. Dr. Who and Torchwood. I love them you probably won't. So I won't go into to much detail, because you can't handle them. Torchwood should probably not be viewed by anybody that has or wants morals. They are both Sci-fi and can be found on BBC America.

5. The Office!! Can you believe Jim and Pam had a baby!?!?! I am so happy for them. I love that show. I fear that show may not be on much longer because of the Baby Effect. It is a well know fact that producers, writers, whoever often feel that when a show is not doing well the best way to spice it up is to have someone have a baby... This only worked once on the show Friends. But back to The Office, I am one who loves the show, and I don't care about how you hate it because it reminds you of your office... Why do you hate it?? It looks like a lot of fun working at Dunder Mifflin Paper. I don't get it !?!?! I won't even go into how i hate The British Office....

So what are you favorite shows?? I hope it is one of those or else I don't care... well no I am always looking for new awesome shows.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Long time, no blog

First I would like to say I am sorry. I have let you, my reader and friend down =( Well crap you let me down by not coming to do my homework and house work.... or at least email me and offer. But I thought I would blog about crap because I just bought a ticket to my first blogger conference! So I figured I need to blog and keep it semi updated so i don't look a fool when I show up there..... SO you want to come ?? You probably won't for 2 reasons 1) you can't write it off like I did... it's $150 and 2) you don't live in utah and all that comes with that. But if you want to here is the link: 1st Annual Causal Bloggers Conference and 3) someone threaten to beat the crap out of me if I did not go and support her.... her and her snuggie will remain anonymous

I also signed up to be a sponsor and give away 100 of my waxes to put in swag bags.... I would have been announced sooner but my husband has not finished my web site. =( So if anybody wants to finish it let me know and I guess we can work out some kind of payment.

School is going well I bet I have like A's in my two classes. or maybe not but at least B's I am pretty sure I am going to only take one class this summer. OH and we got new couches on Friday they are PIMP!!!

Oh yeah speaking of snuggies and people Kristina P is doing a snuggie drive for the old and afflicted. You should go check out her bloggy blog!! You and snuggies can make a difference!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sunny Rant!!

The follow was posted on my Astronomy blog for my weekly assignment... I thought it was funny and had to share!

On another note off topic.... my wax business has taking off... and by that I am several hundreds of dollars into it so I need sales people!!! please visit me here: BUY WAX FROM ME HERE. It is still the test/beta web site so go test it out and see how it works! I promise I have google check out so how can you go wrong with that!?!?!

here is your funny ha ha Astronomy post!!

This weeks assignment is to write our feelings and observations about a sunrise or a sunset. Oh do I have some feelings about them!! We could do one or the other and since I am NEVER up to watch a sunrise, I quickly crossed that off. For the past 5 years I have seen the sunset every day. Ok not everyday but most days. I am pretty sure our family room window is perfectly aligned with the sun's setting path, because most days that is how I see it and all its "splendor". What surprises me most about this, is that I see even when the sky is cloudy and gray and have not seen the sun most of the day. That is because when the sun sets it gets lower and lower out of the atmosphere and shines/blinds me for a good 2 hours as it sets. So I pretty much hate sunsets and refuse to look at one for fun or for school. I see the effects of it every day EVEN when I close the blinds it still comes in. IT IS COMING IN RIGHT NOW as I type..... Another thing I hate about the sunset and when it rises for that matter. Is the fact that it blinds you when you drive!! How dangerous is that!?!?!?! I am convinced the sun is out to get us... If it dies we die... It annoys us sometimes. But we need it, so how can something we need so much cause us so much annoyances ??? To sum it up... I hate the sun but we all need it and it is forced upon me even when I don't care for it... I did not even get into sunburns, yet another reason to hate the sun......
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