Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Things!!!

Happy New Years and New Blog layout!!! Oh did you notice the new blog background?? Oh yeah don't you remember when I won it a few months back?? Well its up and running and awesome to look at. Now you have another reason to be jealous of me.... I could go on and on about all the things but I won't. So the tabs you can click on them and they will take you to all sorts of new places. They are all fun and exciting and will not take you to porn!!! PROMISE. Oh don't click on the Wax Products button yet, it will take you no where. Moving on! But a BIG Thank you to Kristina P for picking me to win her "random" giveaway. And to April Showers for designing it for me! Her link is at the bottom of my blog, forever. and well if you read me you read Kristina. Now moving on.

So today is New Years Eve! How exciting. I am making cheese fondue, in my new fondue pot. I know it will totally rock. I have been thinking about my Revolutions this year. yeah yeah yeah me and hub call them that instead of Resolutions.... It just sounds cooler and makes them sound more serious. So here are mine....

1. Stick to my budget that I made. I was doing really, really well until the Holidays... this year I should start saving now for them. And this is how rich people stay rich.... I should have not said that I am going to get beat down from the other club members. But they I mean their servants. They don't like sharing THE SECRET.

2. Go to my classes, enjoy them, and the work I will have to do in them. And Try to make B's in them unless they are really really hard then I will take a C. Like my brother in law said " C's get degrees" Ahhh our future leaders and in this cause account... I think he is well on his way. ;) But he only got one C this past semester and the rest were As and Bs.

3. Try not to have diarrhea of the mouth... I don't know how well this will work since it does make for a good blog.

4. Blog like 3 times a week or when something really awesome has happened. Or if I am faced with a life changing question. And I will update my "Whats for dinner" blog every 2 weeks because I am super excited about that! *see above link*

5. Get Pregnant. I am just so sick and tired of people asking me when we are going to have another one. So fine. I will have one in 2010 or 11. HAPPY... and you all owe me a baby shower even if its another BOY. =P ALL OF YOU. I do like making major decisions in my life based on what people want me to do.

6. Be a better wife.... Delicious, Heathy Meals are just not enough. i should really try to listen to my husband when he talks about computers and what not. But I did start riding a bike this year!!

7. Spend less time of Facebook... but I will not try that hard, and I may need it for my homework.

8. Buy a Juila Childs Cookbook and make something... Yeah Yeah I saw that movie and it inspired me to make something fancy.
And apparently she was a really good cook. I would like one of her personal cookbooks with all her handwritten notes... but that would probably cost me a fortune.

So there you have it and I will try to do those Revolutions and keep you updated on all 7 of the. 7 is my lucky number and one of my favorite numbers! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all and think of you often and thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Parade of Homes Spanish Fork Edition

So every year Utah County puts on a Parade Homes, which includes the newest, the best, and the biggest, and every year my house is some how left off the list =/ Maybe its because our house was built in 1998. Maybe its because most homes are bigger then our 1750 sq. foot home. .. any how I want to put on my own Parade and welcome you into my 2009 Holiday parade of our home. Oh and there was great demand for seeing pictures of the remodel after my "little meltdown" so here you have it. Sit back and enjoy the tour. And grab a cookie or two and some punch. OH and please remove your shoes.............

Those are some of our awesome Christmas decorations. Don't you just LOVE the Bah Humbug blocks???

A few pictures of the remodeled kitchen. Note the new BLACK stove. I love it.

Son's little table and chalk board wall. Its pretty fun.

And last the new man cave/hub's office. Its really nice to have him so close, but we can close the door. Its pretty cool.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why Santa, Why???

OH HOLY BATMAN MAN POOP. A "friend" posted a link on the facebook and I just had to pass it along to you. If we were facebook friends you would have seen it, but we are not because you know i have personal info on there and well I am just smrt like that. SO a disclaimer uh its pretty creepy and shoo the children out and you have been warned this may give you nightmares and keep you up at night for awhile... which may be good since you are like me and probably have a lot of crap to get done


I won't even post any pictures just in case you want to sleep. Hugs and kiss and have a great Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guess what I did today??

HUH can you guess??? Well besides NOT cleaning my house so I could take pictures of it for you...... I started another blog. HA Only because I got a few emails about my awesomeness of having 31 nights of dinners planned. So I decide the best way to share those with my friends is to make a blog about it!! How awesome is that??? Well go check it out, uh no dinner menu's yet, but do your thing so when I do post them you will know.

Oh Yeah about the pictures of my house, I pretty much live like a hobo even when I do have working appliances. I have been catching up on Dr. Who with the hub, got a 2ND stomach bug, and we have people/family coming over to our house on Christmas eve for a PAR-TAY.... so you will get your pictures on the 25th... what an awesome gift from me to you... yeah what did I get from you???? So here is the link to the new bloggy blog:


XOXOXOX for a great holiday

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Santa: This year I have been pretty dang good and just generally awesome. So my list of things I want should not be unreasonable. And being who you are, they can all be acquired by Friday morning.

1: A Beach front home: Nothing to fancy or big... Here is a picture to help with your search.

2. A 2010 Audi Q7

3. Le Creuset Cookware, the 11 piece set from Williams-Somoma and while you are there grab me a 14 cup Cuisinart food processor

4. Disney Cruise to Hawaii I know it does not exist, but see what you can do

5. World Peace (i can't seem like a totally witch during this time of year)

6. a pair of black Manola Blahnik shoes..... size 7

7. a Louis Vuitton Purse just the brown logo one they are classic and NEVER go out of style.

But what I really really really want this year, besides a Snuggie... Is the Chia Herb garden, only because hub said this was just to horrible to be in our home.....

I guess that is about it..... I expect all these things on Friday morning, or at least letters of intent for some of the items.....

Love Always,

PS: Just wanted to share our holiday card with you this year:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leah vs. The Angel Tree

Ugh so lets just the this out of the way I have issues with the angel tree at church...... Every year I feel like it's out to get me, but every year I take a few items off of it. Like the one year, by that I mean every year I have to go to 7 different stores just to find the items needed, No wonder they asked for them. HA. Its not like they are hard to find, socks, shoes, clothing, jackets... Crap like that, but the problem I run in to is that sometimes those items are PRICEY... like shoes or a jacket. Why did I choose such items? Well my mom goes to that church too and she and I go in on the items and by that I mean she picks them off the tree then I BUY them.... OR the fact that I don't think we should even do a tree since half the families from church are on there so what's the point, not our job we should find a rich church to sponsor us...... There is some History on my feelings....... 4 years now.......

SO This year I beat my mom to the punch!! I picked out awesome stuff off the tree!! I got their early and got TOYS this year FUN FUN FUN toys like a Nerf Gun and LEGOS! That is what Christmas is about anyways, NOT SOME CRAP SOCKS AND PAJAMAS... I did pick socks off, but poo I PICKED TOYS. But as I am looking over the tags on the tree I notice 2 items that kinda took me back a bit... NO this was nothing like the one year we almost got stuck buying the Cottenelle moist wipes... uh huh.. So glad we did not get those. But gift cards... yeah $25 gift cards to local restaurants..... I am not sure how I feel about that. So I said something to my friends that where near by and who could possibly be on the tree, I don't know its anonymous you know. But I am pretty sure it was my tone, what I said, and the fact that I pretty much say what every I want without regard to anything, " WHAT THE CRAP, WHY ARE PEOPLE ASKING FOR GIFT CARDS!?!?!?" NICE. and my friends looked at me kinda in shock, confused, thinking, all in one. Like they were trying the find the right thing to say to ME... Well Maybe our Bishop suggested it to them or maybe they want to on a date.. YEAH those things.

I don't know, I don't go on dates I am married. I would not suggest to people in need to go out on a date that will probably result in them spending money on a baby sitter or paying the difference in total vs. gift card. Money they would not have spent if they had not got said gift card. But on the other hand I can see wanting to go to the restaurants, they are good and fun... I can see wanting to go there on a date with my spouse.... But should I or someone else have to pay for that??? I don't know I am troubled and torn.... I feel bad for saying to my friends... I feel bad they are on there, I feel like to make this better I should go back and get those tags... But then I think hey I have and could be poor .... Would that be the thing I would ask for??? Should those have really been put on the church tree?? Shouldn't they save up for their date night??? I don't know I have a lot a questions and thus the reason for blogging two days in a row!!! I need your thoughts on this. NEEEEED!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So whats up? Me not much... Just getting everything back in order!! I know, I know I promised you pictures of my awesome house. I will when I get all the Christmas crap up! What have I been up too? Not much Got super sick at Thanksgiving, well sick the day of with some nasty stomach bug. I registered for 2 classes at UVU, American Civ. and Elementary Astronomy... Yeah we will see how that goes! hmmmm what else??? OH YEAH my birthday was Dec. 3rd!! GOOOOOOO ME! Hmmmm also my blog is being worked on as we speak, so look for that sometime soon! Its going to be freaking awesome!! Oh yeah been loving Dexter this season... I know most of you don't even know what that is because its on Showtime, and most of don't even have cable.... But its good I guess that is about it!! Don't watch it they says the cuss words............ OH I DO HAVE A PICTURE OF THE NEW FLOOR

So there I will post again in another week or so... haha


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

It's about dang time I was thankful for something!! So Yesterday... I noticed a smell coming from upstairs, I go to investigate because i was about to be pissed at whoever pooped up stairs and did not tell me. So guess what It was coming from Mine and Hubs room! GREAT, I go in and on OUR BED is throw up that smells BAD... REAL bad I know its not the boy because he does not throw up without me knowing all about it. And I know that our dog did not poop on our bed because he knows he would not be living with us... So i decide and I am sticking with that our dog threw up on our bed for whatever reason and he later threw up on the new floor... I am chalking it up to the fact I made him stay outside all day yesterday when the new floor was put in and the fact that it smells like new floor and glue and that our house is all messed up... I don't know if you know this or not but dogs, like small children, do not care for change and chaos .... So anyways I am in a panic because I do not have a working washer or dryer due to the floors and them wanting us to move everything and blah blah blah.... So what do I do I put it all in a laundry basket and take it over to my neighbors house, almost in tears and go "my dog barfed on my bed can i use your washer?" OH YEAH She goes OH DANG.. and says NO PROBLEM because Leah you are the best and I live to serve you.... hahahaha well kinda.. you can guess what part I did or not did make up.

To to Honor My Best Buddy Neighbor Sister Friend, I decided to devote a whole Thankful Thursday and publicly declare my love and thankfulness for her and her family. Not only for letting me use her washer AND dryer but all the other crap I make them do... And not only is this Thankful Thursday it happens to be Guest Blogger Thursday as well So here you go Meet and Love my neighbor Leanne.... She does have a blog and its a family blog and I don't know how she feels about me posting it for all to see but she can if she wants.... So here is the unedited and very true guest blogger spot! **also note happy meals and lunch was bought for her and her family today so I did kinda make it worth her wild and I made some comments which I made in italics... as not to confused like last guest blogger.... anyways.**

How long have you been our neighbor?? Too long. Just kidding. 2 1/2 yrs.

Do you think you would have bought your house if you had met me first? It wouldn't have mattered- there will always be a crazy neighbor no matter where you live. Thanks that makes me feel so much better........ But its really really true.

Do you remember the time the animal skull stared at my house for all of last winter?? yeah that freaked me out. Why did you really put it there? Because we are lazy and didn't feel like moving it. Also, we couldn't decide if we wanted to keep it, so instead of keeping it in the garage we just left it in the snow to stare you down when the snow melted enough. My favorite part was that Scott left the eyeballs in the skull so it would look like it was following you when you moved. hahaha This is very very true, and really happened, I forgot about the eyeballs. But when I had my window open and sat in my spot on the couch I could see this skull that had half its skin and tissue left on it and it would look at me.... I did not like it but I liked having the sun come in and I liked my spot on the couch.... I was a hard winter.

Are you sure you aren't scared when I say things like.... I am going to move next to you if you ever move away... OR You can put a home on a piece of our estate some day?? No, because you feed me yummy meals like Taco Soup or watch my kids when I forget to get a babysitter. Also, who else would mow your lawn and how would I get my internet for free? I say this a lot and think about it even more.

I hear you have like 12 brothers and sisters, are you going to have that many kids? As much as I love giving birth and having babies, I don't think we'll have that many. Actually- I know we won't have that many. Scott said that he isn't above castrating himself the same way he did the cows growing up... So, right now we have 3. I wouldn't mind a few more. Just don't tell that to Scott.

Are you impressed I know all their names and have met half of them? I am impressed that you know all their names. Some of the names aren't that common of names either. I think the only one you haven't met is Holly from England or Nicki from Arizona. So, 2 out of 9 isn't bad...

How do you feel about Dinosaurs? You really had to ask me that... I will admit that I have spent most of my life not believing they existed. I know- what about all the bones and fossils? I'm still not convinced they are real. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around an animal being SO big! And why did they all die? No clue...
This is a new thing I learned about Leanne a few days ago.... My husband CAN NOT and WILL NOT get over this... and made me ask her like 3 dino questions.

What were your extracurricular actives in High School? I was involved in band and choir all through HS. I was sure that I would go into music when I got older, but decided that I just really don't care why music is made the way it is or who wrote what. So, I'll just sing in church and funerals the rest of my life.

So you shoot guns for fun! Are you a good shot and is this something you have always done? I do shoot guns for fun! It is one thing that Scott and I did a ton of while dating. We never went to see movies or other things- we went camping and shooting. I would like to think I am a good shot. Let me ask Scott... He says I'm a "great shot". Thanks honey. :) My dad hunted every year and he had 2 safes full of guns, but growing up in a hoity toity, uppity town, we never went shooting with him. He'd let us shoot a gun at our cabin during the summer, but I would attribute my mad gun skillz to Scott.

Did you know you can hunt animals with a sniper rifle in Utah? Any thoughts? Explain sniper rifle... any one of my "hunting" rifles has the capabilities of being a sniper rifle due to the fact that it is high powered. Scott says you can play sniper with any gun. I think the difference is that when I look in my scope there is an animal there. Not a person. Oh I guess I don't know that much about guns ???

If you could be any Dinosaur what would it be and why? More dinosaur questions- I would say brontosaurus, but I already got the downlow from your husband about that "species". So I will a T-Rex since I love me a good medium rare steak everyonce in a while and you'd have to be a carnivour to enjoy that. Its really an Apatosaurus

I know you aren't a "famous" blogger, But do you have any favorite blogs you would like to share? I have been on a craft blog kick lately. I really like, , There are lots others, but I won't bore you. I do like but who doesn't! I can't think of any others right now... So whats up... you don't like my blog... SHAME

Do you think we spend to much time together? No Ah nice and simple no need to get all weird and tell me how you really feel. =)

Why don't you have a piece of plywood up in your master bedroom window, like the last people who lived there?? Because I am a exhibitionist who doesn't care who sees me in my bedroom... hahaha. Just kidding. I don't even like to see me naked. Why would you. I'm just cool unlike your previous neighbors. So, don't worry. I won't run over your lawn and I won't put plywood up. That is really true....

If we could hunt Dinosaurs, today what kind of gun and ammo would you use and why? Remember when dinosaurs didn't exist... :) I would use my trusty Sako 270 b/c it used to be in John Travolta's possession (long story) and a 140 grain Triple Shock bullet from Barnes Bullet. (sorry, shameless plug for Scott's work.)

So there you have it! I do have a awesome neighbor and she will probably read all your comments and go read your blog and not leave a comment. But that is OK we can still be friends, Can't we??? Happy Thursday and Let us know if you have any questions.... They may or may not get answered.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hobo life is the life for me!!!

Oh it is.... I had no idea how fun living like a hobo could be! All be it that most hobos don't live in a house... well some do but they are called squatters... and that is not as fun of a word as HOBO..... Now that I have completely confused you... LETS HAVE SOME PICS. Of the last few days of my life.

This is my kitchen last night!! Look how fun, its not even the best when all the appliances are in.

Hobo kitchen part two!!

Once we had a fridge there!! =/

But we decided that it would be better to put it in the dinning room!

Its not all bad we still have a table to eat at!!

And a place to play!!

But I am pretty sure the best part of all this, besides getting new flooring.... IS THIS:

Yes that is a fridge in our living room. Yes it's kinda fun and convenient.. If only we could hook it up to a water line, we would probably leave it there all the time.......... The whole remodel project will be done Sunday. I am excited. I may post pictures of that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween ???

Oh yes a day late and a dollar short are my middle names. I know its been awhile... like 2 weeks but I am feeling better, a lot better. Lots has happened but who wants to hear about that boring miserable stuff, of remodeling and my cousins death. NO lets relive the horror of Halloween 1989... OH YES.... when I realized that was 20 years ago... I had a mini stoke, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.... THE WORST HALLOWEEN EVER..... and why I don't like Halloween and why I will never dress up and why I will buy my children what ever they want to be at what ever the cost.

To take you back... Like most children growing up in America during that time we were poor, had to walk to school in the snow, did not have satellite TV or the internet... You know life was dang HARD. So hard that for whatever reason my mom decided to dress me up like this for Halloween. Some more back ground My older brother was so AGAINST store bought costumes he refused to let her buy me one and threw hissy fits if my mom even thought about buying me something... She was tired and old so she told him to make most of my costumes. And he did... One year I went as him........... I just wore his clothes and lettermen's jacket. No wonder I hate my brother. Anyways, I don't know who's idea this was.... his or my moms But I went out in public like this to the School Halloween Party

So there I was in 2nd grade... looking like an accident victim. OH GOODNESS. People did not know what to say or react but just ignored me. Its not the greatest costume and I did not win a prize... The girl dressed up like a present with silver wrapping paper and a big pink bow did.... I hate her. Anyways It was a bad Halloween.... I have always hated dressing up and it has resulting in many of issues in life. But oh well. What was your worse costume ever? Did you have a good Halloween? Let me know, I miss you guys and will try to be a better blogger.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OH SNAP =/ so this morning I got a death threat/email saying that If I did not post today someone will die every hour on the hour till I post..... WOAH calm down there KristinaP..... No, no, no..... But she did write and want to know how I was and If I was ok. I guess I am OK... Remember a few months ago when I wanted to have guest blogger??? Well he died, and I feel bad now. I really did want my husbands cousin to write a guest blog. Who goes through terminal cancer with a good attitude and humor? I know I would not. But we, as a whole family knew that this cancer was probably going to beat him after it has progressed so far and spread to other organs. But It was just sad when I got the call last Wednesday... Wait did I say call, no what I mean is facebook message............................................ yeah not the best move. But in this person defense they were very upset about the whole thing and we were talking on facebook chat before that happened. BUT STILL. Announcements of death are best done over the phone just FYI.... So yes, someone did die, no it was not me. I have just been bummed about that and have not had to much to say to the blog world. I just think Kristina was mad that I did not comment on the Dog Snuggie Post she wrote...... I would buy one for our dog but he already has a coat of sorts......

that says security on the back, it is hard to read... I love you guys and I will try to post more soon.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Can you believe I have wasted enough time on blog that I have written 100 posts??? I can not believe it!! To celebrate I decided to go to Wal Mart!! Oh yes, If you have the facebook I am sure you have seen the link to The People of Wal Mart page. And I am sure most of you that clicked on it wasted a good bit of time on there! I did have to go to make sure I was not on there.... To be honest, there have been times when I have had to run to the store not looking my best........... But I still look 110 times better then all of those people put together. Now I am wary to go to Wal-Mart without my A game for fear of ending up on this site. But it will never happen because I do not dress like a hooker, gansta, or cross dress...... I doubt the owners of the site will get excited about a mom in sweats with her hair in a pony tail! So If you do not want to go to the site for whatever reason... You are at work, fear of you being on there.... OR what happened to me .... I swear I saw a relative on there....... Yes I will not say anymore. I will not post that picture because this is a "family web site" But I will post a few of my favorite pictures ..... Ah what a way to spend your 100th post... some do give-aways, some do awards... i post about the people of Wal-Mart, life is good.

OH Thanks to all my fans I love you bunches and I am glad you still read and comment on my blogs. It does give me the warm fuzzies =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Monkey Business

So I have a problem with Monkey's. I really do. Son had a Beach Monkey Luau 1st birthday party....

I dress him up like this last halloween....


We watch Curious George all day long.... The show on PBS and the movie staring Will Ferrell. And then tonight I found this gem while looking at some craft blog my friend and neighbor Leanne was wasting time on....

The Sock Drawer A whole Etsy shop devoted to the love of making sock monkey's !!! Can you stand it!

I LOVE it!! I am going to buy it.... just to go along with my sock monkey slippers.... I need a sock monkey T-shirt too.....

Do any of you share my love of the Sock Monkey..... The lady also has a blog I started following... Maybe she will drop by and see how I am not THAT Crazy... (glare at Kristina P and Kerri)

Monday, October 5, 2009

3 ingredient cookies! x2

I know I know... I have been MIA... thats because I have not had anything of importance to blog about until about 2 minutes ago. After I posted a facebook status about how I had made 3 ingredient chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.... Did I get 10 likes and tons of praise? NO, I got made fun of.. WHAT THE HELL. I am sorry I use cake mix to bake. Sorry, I did not roast a pumpkin to make my own pumpkin puree... I was busy watching my son, doing never ending laundry and cleaning, and who the crap wants to roast their own pumpkin.... They can suck it. So here are 2 recipes for all the busy mom's out there that want to make tasty, easy, homemade cookies for their young ones.... Or anybody else who likes easy cookies.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies Pictures, Images and Photos
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (the recipe I got crap for)

1 spice cake mix
1 bag of chocolate chips
1 can of pumpkin... (the smaller one).

Mix all ingredient together and cook for about 12 mins at 350... SO EASY SO GOOD.

Peanut Butter Cookies Pictures, Images and Photos

Peanut Butter cookies. ( I thought everyone had this and made it... but my neighbor surprised me and said she had never heard of these....)

1 egg
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of peanut butter

Mix all together and roll into ball. Then take a fork and press the back of it into some more sugar and make press down on the peanut butter ball and then rotate 45 degrees and press again... You know like those patterns in other peanut butter cookies... Cook at 350 for about 10-12 mins.

But by all means if you feel like roasting a pumpkin or making your own peanut butter go ahead... I won't stop you or make fun of you on facebook..... I will make fun of you on my blog.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

woot bag of crap

Oh dear what did I just do??? I did nothing. but for some reason someone, probably a young male, googled that and was directed to my site... Not only did they click on my site but they stayed for 43 seconds..... This is why I do not have pictures of my family on my blog.... Yeah. I have also had one visitor from Louisiana.... YES I made the connection. People from Louisiana like bags of crap..... and they are probably on Dial-Up, because google analytical told me 12% of the people that come here are STILL using dial up... WOW There are no words. Even my mother in law has upgraded from dial up. That is all I am saying about that.

Google Analytics, is very amusing. Most of the people that come to my site know me and come by choice. The rest are forced here by google. Those people include: People with Gold Caps who like meatballs. Also I am still trying to figure out why or who is in Texas.. All I can guess is that its a default location for some ISP probably dial up or AOL..... Because I did not think I had any readers from the Lone Star state... Thank heavens.

OH did you notice that it is Thursday and that I am not thankful for anything?? Its sad but true... I am on a new medicine and its slowly taking away all of my creativity. But my social worker friend, from Alabama, said it's better to be normal and boring then have anxiety about stupid stuff all the time. Which is true... I don't freak out and over analyze when friends don't call me, or invite me out with them or about any other social stigmata going on. Its kinda nice, am I turning into a recluse? Heavens no, but it is turning into Winter and I do not want to get the H1N1 or drive in the snow. And I am going to get new tires tomorrow that I ordered on line from Costco. DO NOT WORRY, I am not installing them myself... ha, that would be a site to see huh? How many of you would pay to see me trying to put 4 new tires on my car??

So to wrap it up: Google Analytics, amusing. Me, not so paranoid anymore, and I do not install car tires, ever. And there will probably be less blogging, maybe I will try to go for more quality then quantity... I have felt my blog was more about quantity then quality... and that made me sad. And also I can't quit my blog I have a new background coming sometime.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Curious minds want to know!!!

I know everybody has been wanting to how the diabetes walk went. And It did! AHHH Saturday started out so early at 7 AM, and guess who decided that would be the perfect day to sleep in?? SON! He never does, and I got ready and still had to wake him up... But we did manage to leave the house on time, only 10 mins after we said we would! The walk venue was an hour away from house and 5 mins before we got there guess who threw up all over the back seat and in his car seat and on his clothes... YEP. Guess who is awesome and brought a change of clothes for him, ME! I got lucky on that! We decide to go ahead and go because we are almost there and if he does throw up again we would just go home....

We get there and register and there are a LOT of people there A LOT, several thousand actually... who knew?? So there was a lot of waiting. A LOT! And being so awesome I did not bring water for me and hub, because I thought we would be at the zoo and I would just refill our Zoo cups we brought there for $5 for a $1 and we did just half way through the event... good thing they had the worse water ever available to all the walkers. And it is starting to get HOT like really really hot.... But we made it and we did the walk despite all the people that came. We did have decent time and we might go back and do it again MAYBE. But I am fine donating money and not walking... I don't think me walking and being unhappy is really going to save lives... In fact it might harm some... I think the diabetics would rather have my money anyways..

The best part about the whole walk was that it was at the zoo! That is always fun but after walking in the HOT, HOT sun and sitting through the birds of prey show with a 2 year old I was ready to go.... Remind me not to show the movie "The Birds" to my son, or go feed bread or seeds to birds with him.. Can you guess he did not care for the Birds of prey show..... It was a touch scary... I do not want to be pecked to death by birds either.... So that was my first walk for Charity... I give it a C+ only because of such poor crowd control... And the heat and the throw up but the ADA had no control over that.

On a totally unrelated note.... I got caught up on Mad Men... I know I was 2 shows behind... So a lesson from the show: John Deere Lawnmower + liquor + being at work = BAD.... Like that would ever happen now a days... But I guess in the 60s it did all the time... Why aren't you watching that show!?!?!!?

Friday, September 25, 2009


OH Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. I had a BUSY, but productive week. And I am excited about the Diabetes Walk-a-thon tomorrow morning! So fun.... I was not going to blog today because I was tired and had nothing really exciting to say, then I felt bad and decided that I had not done friday recipe box in awhile. So some background on this uniquely Utahan dish... The Hawaiian Haystack can be traced back to the Pioneers who brought it across the plains and usually made it for special occasions. Where they got pineapple and chow mien noodles is beyond me, but Hey, I am glad they brought this Yummy Mormon recipe with them and have passed it down for generations. I actually remember the first time I had a Hawaiian Haystack... I was 12 and it was at church for a special occasion and was prepared by someone from Utah... go figure. I had never heard of them while growing up in Alabama this was new, exciting and wonderful!! It does make a lot so either prepare it for a group meal or freeze leftovers which freeze nicely in a gallon ziploc back!

What you will need:

12-15 boneless skinless chicken tenders (thawed diced or frozen to cut up when served Its up to you either works fine)
1 14 oz can chicken broth
2 cans cream of chicken soup -condensed
1 12 oz can evaporated milk
toppings - more on that at the bottom
a crock pot -directions for stove top at the bottom.

To Make gravy: grease inside of pot with cooking spray of your choice. Place chicken in the crock pot. Mix broth, soup, and milk together and pour over chicken cook for 6-8 hours on low! So Yummy sometimes If I don't have evaporated milk I will make it without it and its fine... OR you can use one the small blocks of cream cheese.... either way its GOOD.

Stove top dice thaw chicken into cubes and cook until no longer pink Pour broth, soup and milk and cook until heated thru.

Serve chicken gravy over hot rice and top with the toppings of your choice like you would in a taco, salad, potato bar setting.

TOPPINGS: pineapple tidbits, cheddar cheese, coconut, chow mien noodles, kidney beans, olives, green onions, ham, And any other topping you think might be good on it! I have seen raisins,carrots and tomatoes, but I won't go there.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

Happy Thankful Thursday!!

This week has flown by so quickly!!! I hope everyone has a had a good week and hope you can take sometime today and think about all the things you are thankful for!!

1. I am so Thankful that I could go on a date with my hub last night to see the Wizard of Oz. Its so important to get out and go out on dates with your spouse. I am lucky we found such an awesome baby sitter!

2. Thank you Uncle Kelson for watching our son last night, we owe you big time! You are Micah's favorite baby sitter! I am also thankful that you are an awesome brother to hub and enjoy biking and hanging out with him and for all the hair cuts you have given him! You are the best! Family is so important and I am thankful for all of mine!!

3. I am thankful for my thermometer! Its awesome! Its a temporal Artery one and you just slide it across your forehead and it takes like 2 seconds and has a very accurate reading! Its super handy with you have the small children.... If you have no idea what i am talking about you can find it HERE at the

4. Did you see I won something yesterday! I am Thankful for KristinaP... I hope see doesn't think I am a weirdo for always talking about her... Actually she probably loves it and is just building us all up so we will join her cult and give her all our money... You know we do live in Utah and are the Mormon..... Any Thoughts followers of Kristina??

5. I am thankful for fast food... There I said it... Especially the Sonic and all their Tasty treats... The one here in town is pretty special. I love them. =)

Happy Thankful Thursday


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wacky Wednesday....

So still a lot going on in my life.....

1. I finally WON something!!! A blog make over... (i almost typed blog make-out) hmmmm Any way I won a fabulous prize from a fabulous person... I think Kristina picked me on purpose for a few reason... 1. I attacked her with a baby stroller when I first met her... 2. I am a touch crazy. 3. I am awesome. 4. She did not want to read the blog I would have wrote if I had not won. Not to hate on the calendar... I really would have liked it! I was already thinking about the hand written Thank you note, I was going to send to the gal that was giving them away.. But I am very humbled and grateful for the victory. So Look for the new blog background coming soon! It was good I won, I was seriously thinking Kanye and Jon Gosselin were doing better in life then I was.............

2. Going to see the Wizard of Oz tonight... SOOOO AWESOME..... Awhile ago Hub told me about this crazy Wizard of Oz movie he use to watch when he was little and how scary and messed up it was and about the nightmares it gave him. He could never find the movie and I thought he was crazy and dismissed it... UNTIL LAST NIGHT and heard this... "Leah I found the movie and I am acquiring it as we speak... And its called 'The Return to OZ" and its all about Dorothy when she gets back and all the awful things that happen to her... I AM LIKE WHAT!?!? I DON'T WANT TO WATCH THAT!?!? AND WHY DID YOUR MOM LET YOU WATCH THAT WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE.... Because it came out in 1985 and it was made by Walt Disney... I will probably do another Wizard of Oz blog soonish.

3. Don't forget about the Diabetes Walk on Saturday..... And I am still taking sponsorship money for that. Please email if you have questions.

4. Its Autumn here now. Cold in the morning and Warm in the Afternoon ...... Its lovely.

5. I know someone that lives of the grid.... ??????? Yeah you know those people that live out in the middle of no where with No Utilities, Lots of Guns.... My BFF was telling me about how her Sister and family just did that.... WOW I am still in shock... There is more to the story... But the point is that I am shock that people live off the grid.... I like power, water, sewer systems, fast food, diet coke.... You know the basic.... I can live with out my computer and the internet, I could but I don't want to. I should probably do a no computer day but my crops and people would die in my games..... And I can't have that happen...

I was thinking about having a Life Letters Group on Facebook I am going to think about it. You know I love the Facebook... then I worried about what If people that joined wanted to be friends on their and they saw all my pictures and info and that I was on there all the time... I will toy with the idea some more and would like your input....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A is for Award!

So as all of you know I am pretty awesome, Its why you come here! And you also know that I have been given a few awards and that I have not given them out... I know I AM SUCH A LOSER!!!! But we know that. So here I will give out some of my awards because I am cool and want to share a few cool blogs with you!!

And the "I give a good blog award" goes to.......... Shanna over at Three Men and a little Lady! I love Shanna she is so stinking funny. FUNNY.... She is almost a pediatric dentist... still got a few more class or hours or something. Anybody who wants to be a Dentist let alone a pediatric one... must have some balls and she does. She does give a good blog so go check her out!!

Next we have my newest award "The Super Comment Panda Award" I know Kristina P thinks she should get it, but she probably got 5 of them today so she can say its from me too.... But I have a few winners for this because They pretty much comment on my blog all the time... And they are:

Erin at inkObessions She is pretty dang awesome.... As we all know, do I even have to go post a link to my love letter to her... NO

And Little Ms. Blogger, who does not have a "real" name.. Not only does she comment on my blog always, but responds to each of the comments left on her blog.. I love knowing that she reads and cares about what i think!!

So there you have it!!! Congratulations to all that won this time... I am sure I will do another one in a few more weeks or months.... But I do love all my readers and care what you think.

It's a good thing!

Dear People with Diabetes....

Guess what? I am doing a charity walk-a-thon for you on Saturday! Go me!! Me, Hub, son and some friends... one actually has the diabetes are going up to Salt Lake EARLY Saturday morning to do this. Aren't you proud of me?? My friend Rebecca told me all about it and got me super excited to do it! We even have a team that Rebecca's sister is the captain of! And we are in #9 place as far as which team has raised the most money!!! So I will post a link, maybe you can come or even start your own team. So some details: registrations is at 8:30 AM at This is the Place Park and you walk thru the park and over to the zoo. So what a great way to spend your day, helping the people with diabetes, trip to the zoo, food, and a gift bag... You can't beat that!! So CLICK HERE for more info about the walk-a-thon and to see if they are doing one in your area!

Have a Great Tuesday

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Super Special Sunday Post

Wow lots of stuff going on today.... So much so that it needed to be blogged about...... Not going to be funny OR IS IT.....

1. Guess who got into a University??? OH It was me! Yep, and it wasn't that crack pot, fly by night internet night school... Its a real life University!! Utah Valley University to be exact! I know some will poo-poo on this and that is fine because we have the whole school rival thing going... BUT WHATEVA .. I AM GOING TO SCHOOL IN JANUARY, and majoring in education. And that is awesome. I did for real. The whole posting on the other school worried many of my friends and family and they told me that I should go to UVU... (Thanks Kim and Kelson) I did not think I could get in for this reason and that... But then I did, it was exciting... Then I found out that they pretty much let anybody in......... But I am still excited and everyone should be happy for me.

2. Ms. JennyMac thought it would be awesome to give me another blog award. Maybe this time I will actually give it out... I am bad about that because I don't read to many blogs... and the ones I find, I think I scare them away from coming to my blog because I leave my weirdo comments, that I think are awesome and funny... So I pretty much only read blog of people that come and find me so they know what they are getting into. I would really hate it if someone thought they had to shut down their blog due to me.... So I won't go trolling.... I will wait to be trolled. I did try the whole SITS thing... notice how their button is not on my page... I just didn't get and felt it was to commercial.... So Jenny Mac I will give out this award .... That is really nice of you and I did tear up a bit... Hub was sad that the award did not include $600 and cookies... please work on that for next time.

3. So Kristina P.... you know we all love her... bless her heart. Is having a super mega give away of like 100 things... Can you believe it.... But it ends tonight at 10 PM Mountain Standard Time... And she is not posting the winners till Wednesday.... what the H kristina.... Do you know your contest has taking forever... and in the time span of it... I have gotten accepted to a University, started a business with legit plans and my supplies will be here before I know if I won...., changed a billion diapers, cleaned my house... I just thought It need to be said.... But I still LOVE you even if I don't win... And probably won't since over 300 people have entered... HELL. I need those kinds of numbers on my blog........I would never have to work again with all the money I would get from ads.....

4. If you have no patience and need a quick fix of giveaway's go to my friend's Joan web site Gifted Giveaways... Note the button on the side. Its so awesome they have found some super talented people to showcase.... Still haven't won anything but its ok... I AM NOT BITTER YET. I have to much going on in my life to complicate that......

5. Last night Hub and I went out with some good friends to celebrate Owen's birthday.... Things I learned: cardboard straws not good, I can only be so "green" and I learned a lot about my husband. I still love him but its so fresh in my mind and Target bags really do hold a lot of puke... so keep them in your cars!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogger Buddy Friday!!!

So Happy Friday....

I would like to introduce to you to a blogger friend of mine! Guess what her name is Leah.... So that makes her AWESOME!!! So would you like me to tell you a little bit about her?? I sure will!! I remember her first appearance up in here was when I wrote my most popular post about the meatballs... It was the most viewed and commented on.... Then I looked at her blog and was like why the crap is some writer with awards doing looking at MY blog..... I think its because people name Leah have to stick together. Leah says she is old enough to be my mom... She could be, but who cares. She is funny and writes a good blog!! So sit back and enjoy the Life Letter's Inquisition of Ms. Leah

1. So we are both named Leah.... how do you feel about that?
I’m delighted to be meeting people named Leah. We should start an All-Leah Club, and only people named Leah could belong. Let’s call it “All Leah, All The Time.” I hated the name as a kid, because my best friends had such cute names like Suzy and Linda, and the only time I ever heard the name Leah was when some kid would say, “Leah??? That’s my grandmother’s name.” I guess it could have been worse—it could have been their grandfather’s… Now I like the name. I suppose I’ve grown into it. And to be fair, it’s better than my sister Elphaba. Kidding.

2. Do you watch Man Men??? If you don't why not????
Hmm, yeah, I know I should be watching Mad Men, because I hear it’s great, but we don’t have cable (I know, shock, gasp, cringe) so I haven’t seen it. I do watch Damages, however, but only via Netflix (God I love Netflix), so I guess I could order Mad Men, too… In other words, I have no excuse but inertia.

3. What have you learned from blogging that is the most shocking to you??
I’m sorta shocked at how many people with little kids are taking the time to blog! I’m totally in awe of that, because when my kids were that age I couldn’t get organized enough to do something that time-consuming. These days (geez, I’m making myself sound like I’m a hundred years old, and I’m only 97, which is the new 90, so…) young women are doing SO much more than my peers (well, some of us) and I did. I think they are fantastic.

4. Favorite Store to blow mega bucks at??
I’m actually a discredit to my gender in the shopping department. Like it takes an act of Congress to make me go shopping. This year for my birthday my husband gave me some money and said I should go out and buy all new clothes. Does that tell you how bad I am about shopping? And my birthday was in June and I only started the shopping ordeal very recently. Oh yes—and he had to remind me that he did something similar two years ago when he told me that I should take the $$ from our tax refund and buy new clothes. I never did it. Are you getting the picture? So I can’t even answer you properly, except to say that I did some major damage recently at one of the outlet malls.

5. If you won 10 Million Dollars wout you give some to me or spend it on something nice like a charity??
Well, after you and I split it 50/50, then I have a list of pet charities (not the dog and cat kind—just meaning ‘favorites’) that would get a big wad of it. Then I’d want to help my kids of course, and I think there would be lots of travel and relaxation to spend it on. Did I mention booze? I should mention booze. Booze.

6. Who are you most like Oprah or Jesus?
Well, my hair is closer to Jesus than Oprah, but my reading tends more to the Oprah than the Jesus… Also, I’m a people person, and love to talk, but I can’t tell for sure if that’s more one than the other. Hmm… missing the shopping gene—that’s probably more Jesus than Oprah. But I’m also rather cynical and sarcastic at times, and we know that’s not going to put me into the Jesus column… Okay—Oprah. Except for the skin color thing.

7. Any advice on me being a parent to a 2 year old?
Try to relax about your 2-year olds tantrums and streaks of independence. It’s part of his job description, and it is definitely how he makes a living. (You call this living?) It really will all taper off when he is three, and you will have achieved nirvana. Deep cleansing breath innnnnnnnnnn, and ouuuuuuuuuut. Ahhh. All better now.

8. Favorite Joke or Prank:
Dates all the way back to college when friends and I crumpled up enough newspaper to totally and completely fill our neighbor’s dorm room, floor to ceiling. Then a bunch of us sat out in the hall (having taken forever to clean the black ink off our guilty little hands) yakking, trying to look totally casual waiting for the girl to come home. When she finally did, and unlocked her door she nearly fainted. That was followed by lots of hysterical shrieking. I think every other door on our wing and two others opened up, and girls poured out toward our end of the hall to see what had happened. It was totally worth the effort! It was the talk of the dorm for weeks. Other (cheap) imitators tried to follow, but our prank was legend!

9. You are on death row for whatever reason...... what is your final meal???
Oh, I know why I’m on death row—but let’s not go there right now. Let’s do talk about my last meal. Light, crispy crab cakes, medium-rare filet mignon, sautéed scallops, and fettucine alfredo. (Hey, if it’s my last meal, who’s going to worry about calories, saturated fat, or overdoing? Finally!) And chocolate layer cake coated in chocolate hazelnut ganache for dessert. Yes, I can at least fantasize big!

10. Do you use coupons when grocery shopping.... please explain your answer
I cut coupons out and put them into an envelope and sometimes even manage to take them to the store with me. Mostly I mean to use them and don’t quite put that into practice. But maybe I should make more of an effort to do that. It’s always to cool to see them actually subtract from your grocery bill! I mean $117.41 sounds SO much better than $118.99. Woo-hoo! I saved a buck fifty-eight, and it only took me forty-six minutes of coupon cutting and organizing to pull off this coup! (Coupon coup?? Har, har!)

11. How do you feel about Vest? Do you own or wear them???
I have a whole bunch of vests that I wear all through the cool- and cold-weather months. If you read my blog post about being a weather wimp, you’ll know that I’m talking about a good nine months. Sometimes I give up the vest for a full heavy sweater, but then there are times when I wear a sweater over my vest. I think I am a reptile. Cooooooold blood. You wouldn’t believe the number of blankets I sleep under.

12. Do you feel like I have wasted your time??? Which of my blogs is your favorite??
You have never wasted my time! I’m a big fan, and I like reading about what’s happening with you, and your view of things. I especially like Thankful Thursday's, because they remind me to take a little mental inventory of what I am thankful for, too. We all have so much, and some days it’s hard to keep that in mind. If we can do it, though, it really makes us happier, and isn’t that the whole idea? I’m just sayin’… And today, by the by, I’m thankful for YOU letting ME be your guest! It’s been a blast!

Her Blog: Funny Is The New Young Its pretty funny actually. So go by and say Hi today!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

Dear Thursday

Thanks for coming around again... I will be brief!

1. Vaccines and Shots... I love em... that's all I am going to say, don't hate. Immunize by 2 or my kid won't play with you.... Yeah I ripped that off of an AD campaign... That was "Immunize by 2 its up to you" .... Ugh I could write a blog about this everyday... I should probably go find one where I can....... bbl

2. Nap Time. I am ready for mine now thank you

3. The Crock Pot. There is a good chance that If I did not put anything in it for dinner we won't eat that night... HAHAH we will eat but it just won't be awesome.

4. Guest Bloggers.... OOOO I have one coming around tomorrow. Not so much a guest blogger as it was Me emailing her some questions and her sending it back... OOOO can you stand it. Hey don't spill the beans feature blogger!!! It will be awesome so come back tomorrow.

5. And I am thankful things are falling into Place I will totally be blogging about that more ... AND NO I am not pregnant!! NO NO NO. Don't even ask.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just some random

I am baby sitting.... Can you believe Kerri from Messes and Mudpie's let me baby sit her youngest for a few hours.... and here I am blogging.... It's ok.... 1. she is bring me a salad from the Baijo's SO YUMMY. and 2 her son is probably going to give my son a cold, he is coughing and sneezing all over my son......... Its a good thing we are friends. I swear Micah was a popular name and I think Kerri and my friend Stef wanted to name there son Micah but I won because I had my baby first and that is hub's name, how weird would that have been if they both named their son's after my husband...... *raised eyebrow*

So son is allergic to the wheat and after researching how to make the Gymboree bubbles... I found out that all kinds of crap contains wheat like bubble mixtures and dish soap..... WHAT...... yeah well come to find out if you don't ingest these things nobody really cares or bothers to research and test said products and they can't guarantee that that products are gluten free.... Good thing son is not deathly allergic to wheat.... Its something to think about. Also most toothpaste are gluten free.

Got the website registered! And got my graphic buddy slaving away for me. Joan is so great to work with... I crack the whip and tell her what to do and she does it...... Don't Pumpkin Snickerdoodles sound heavenly.... Yep they do. thats a hint. Have a good day.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

feeling good finally

Dear Feeling good feeling....

Don't go away I love you... I did so much today, mentally not physically... I got my self out of my rut.. I was feeling sorry for myself, uh surprise that never happens to anybody. But I was feeling sorry for myself because I don't do anything. I don't have a craft or skill that I can earn extra money with.... I don't have a Esty shop that I can sell my sundries..... I don't have a degree in anything or work... So combine all that I feel pretty crappy about my ability to do anything..... I am just funny and can write a blog that makes 2 cents a day... how ironic that my two cents makes me 2 cents... anyways....

Education.... I found this place called Western Governors University... Its mostly on line and I would have to go take test around the Salt Lake Area... And its not to bad cost wise, around $2800 every six months. And I could get a degree teaching the elementary school kids how to farm on facebook and manage a blog.. hahaha NO but I could get a teaching degree.. AWESOME. I would love to do that. This place was even on the NBC nightly news... So why am I so hesitant to fork them over all my husband's hard earned money. HE EVEN SAID I COULD DO IT...... I don't know I just have reservations I am going to think about it. It could be the few negative reviews about the school work and accreditation. Who knows, I haven't even answered the phone when the school called me twice. But to be honest they did call when I was doing things and I wouldn't have not answered the phone anyways... So bloggy readers any thoughts on this school... I know you all want me to get a degree but I want it from a respectable institution.

My Skillz to pay my billz..... I thought of doing something well someone told me I should do this. I even ordered the supplies. Talked to some people about helping me achieve my business dreams. And sorta came up with a list of things to do... So maybe someday will you see my own little shop selling crap to people. One can only hope. I will probably blog about it later.

So that is what I did to feel better. By thinking of things to do that could better myself and family. Go me. I would love your thoughts and input. Thank you to all my lovely friends for your kind words and support I really cherish all of you.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Must go Monday!

UGH I don't think I do enough ranting in my life...... Since I do a Thankful Thursday I decided it was only fair to do "A list of things that must go Monday"!!!!! Oh you know you are sooooo there! Here is my list

1. Not winning contest for awesome free things.... I NEVER WIN... it sucks

2. Poopie diapers.... I am so over it... In fact I am pretty much done with changing diapers.... Are we ready for potty training yet? Nope.

3. Car Maintenance ... I am so tired of this and that with the car.... oil changes... car washing... every-time I turn around something needs to be done on the car... Since I am the primary care giver to it.... I am responsible not my husband.... Why would he care its not like he drives it...........................

4. Entertaining my child.... What the crap... you have a 42 inch TV a shit load of toys that I step on .... Why aren't you happy? Also we read like 50 Million books a day, play outside with the neighbors for 2 hours almost every day. Why do you have to bother me when I am blogging....

5. Not having 25 comments per post.... I have the google analytics I see how many people come here.....

6. Not being able to give son a PB & J for lunch.... Oh you mothers that can slap a sandwich together throw some grapes and cheese on a plate for lunch... I pretty much hate you and all you stand for.

Oh thanks for reading my list and I feel a touch better and now I have to go clean up a poopie diaper... SUCK!!!!! Oh you have a list of things that must go... I don't care, don't post it here.... Leave me a comment about how awesome My blog and I are. Maybe write your own list and I will go comment on it.

La La La Leah

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

Dear Son,

Two years ago today at 2:09 AM you were ripped out of my belly by a Doctor! I just thought you should know. I wanted to tell you that I love you TONS and so very happy that I am your mom! Every day I get to spend with you is like a gift or a present! I think that is why they call the current day the present... because its a gift we get to live each day with each other or something like that. It sounded better in my head. But anyways I do enjoy watching you grow and learn new things. I never know what each new day will bring. Its FUN to be your mom.

I always wonder what you are going to grow up and be like. Are you going to be nice or mean, popular or a loner, cool or a nerd. Whatever you grow up to be, I LOVE YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL. Thank you for picking me to be your mother. I know it will go by fast and before I know it you will be getting ready for school... then soon asking for keys to the car so you can drive to school... That makes me sad. But for now I will still wipe your bum and get up at 7 AM and watch Blues Clues with you because I love you and thats what mom's do! But do your best in everything you do. Be kind and loving and a friend to all. Because it's nice to be important but its more important to be nice!

So enjoy your big day, I can't believe you are 2!!! I can't wait to see what this next year brings... But for now I will highlight some of our best and not so best memories of this past year! We took 2 plane rides to see family. Had a wonderful Christmas! Got to go to Alabama for your Great Grandma's 75th birthday! We both took our first ambulance ride when you fell and bit your tongue. We went to many zoos, parks, and museums. Dealt with your allergies. Threw up on Mommy in public. Got your 1st hair cut, you did so good!. Went to the library and dentist for the 1st time! Learned to deal with water and try to swim. Wow thats a lot I am sure I am missing something but thats all I can remember! I love you tons and look forward to this next year.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!


A little tidbit to get you to the weekend. I know you guys always die for this post! DIE I TELL YOU, DIE!

1. I am thankful I am not Jon and Kate... do I even need to start, I will not. I am also thankful that I have stopped watching their "show" and reading articles about them. GAG. sorry your 15 minutes of fame are OVER. Here is your gift bag PLEASE LEAVE.

2. Little Ms. Blogger! I really am glad she found me and adopted me as one of her own. I email her she responds promptly. Its great. She is the best! I also wish her best of luck in everything new she is doing. ;) I wish her sister read my blog THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

3. Son will be 2 on Sunday. Ok this week has been VERY emotional for me. Friend blogged about her baby turning ONE, I went to look at son's baby pictures. Ugh I need to stop before I cry. OK HE IS TURN 2 THANK YOU JESUS. I have pretty much cried at least once everyday this week.

4. Cousin Aaron. Oh it was really nice to have him stay at our house before he went to do his missionary work. I have mixed emotions but still I was emotional. He will be gone for 2 years and we won't get to see or call him just email. I think this would be harder if son was older because you know him and Aaron are BFF now. He can say Aaron now. Ok I need my hanky.

Only 4 this week I am to stressed over the partieS, son growing up, blogging and If I am good enough to blog, time to blog... you know just all those womanly things we think and worry about. BUT we did do some scripture study with Aaron.... GASP. And we studied about how Christ is happy and will be with if we are doing what we wants us to do. Right now I know he wants me to be a mom. And that if he wants me to be a mom then he will be with me and help me know the things I need to do and say to be the best mom. What a comfort those scriptures are.

So pfft #5 scripture study.


Lions, Tigers, and Bears. OH MY!

wizard of oz Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear Wizard of Oz,

I love you. I love that you are coming to the movie Theater for one night only... OH YEAH.. I hope you heard about that and got your tickets.. Because guess what I did and I am going, ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME. What, what, what?? You did not hear? Oh suck its September 23rd at 7 pm at about 400 theaters across the USA. Just FYI.

So I LOVE the Wizard of Oz, who doesn't?? If you don't you're either a guy, then its just OK or a good movie. If you are female and don't... Well that is up there with the S'mores and you just need to leave . So before you pee your pants... HERE IS THE WEB PAGE. OK now that is out of the way lets talk Wizard of Oz.

I love the original Judy Garland movie. I am sure that is what most people like... Most of the other movies are weird.... and the books are long and kinda like movie. So the Judy Garland is the most known well that and the high school plays... You know what I was in the Wizard of Oz when I was a Sophomore... GASP I was a munchkin with a speaking part! and an Emerald City person... which everyone had to be if you did not have a speaking part in those scenes...... Any way it so fun... expect the Emerald City part... I HATED THE COSTUMES... So the high school drama club had NO BUDGET... thats fine... but having us wear camouflage pants and our black cast T-shirt... NOT COOL NOT COOL AT ALL. Guess who did not have a say in that part...... If it was me.. we would have all been in something green from our own personal clothes... Like most normal high school drama departments with money. Ugh that was Spring 1998 and I still have issues.

Wizard_oz Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry for the high school flash back, but it happens when you blog IT REALLY DOES! But my munchkin part in the play really was what pushed me more in love with the movie. I am all about it and Oz trivia.... Like the ruby slippers are in the Smithsonian, and they were sliver in the book. But because Techna Color was all new the movie makers wanted to use RED so they would show up better and be awesome... Its cool it worked. And all the urban legends about the movie are kinda weird. Like the one about how you can see a man that hung himself during the scene when they meet the Cowardly Lion ... or Tin Man I can't remember... which is probably why I have never seen it OR because its not true. Or that cast members had a really hard time getting work after that movie. Well anyways you can spend all day looking that crap up the web to see if its true... I don't want to. But the best one... Wizard of Oz with Led Zeppelins Dark Side of the Moon... Uh Leah please stop smoking crack.... UH No here is a web site of some guy who has done it... HERE

SO YEAH have fun and wasting your day looking up random Wizard of Oz facts and don't forget to get your tickets.


Oz Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


OH GOSH! So guess what!?! I have been SOOOO busy the last few days.... So Busy. Busy with what you ask.... Well during Saturday's celebrity funfest... I met up with my friend Amy. She use to live next door to me but moved for reason's I am not sure of... No no no I know and It was not me.... It was her. Meeting a Celebrity -check hanging with friend -check and being beat down tired -check.... Also I am tried of my friends thinking I am ugly what is up with that..... =( I think I need to be on one of those make over shows... OH well. I know they are kidding, I am going to start joking back that I am tired of them being poor. (you can see a better picture of US HERE.) Ok I guess I still luck dumb. =(

Sunday I am not sure what I did. HONESTLY.... I do not remember.

Monday Hub's family Potluck dinner of fried chicken, deserts, a potato dish, deserts, water, and bag salad, and desert, and OUR chick-fil-a nugget tray... I got ONE nugget. Pot Lucks are starting to get up there on my list of things I hate. But they are a part of life so I will try to deal with it better and always bring a main dish so I don't leave hungry and keep my feelings to myself and blog. It was better then getting NO chick-fil-a nugget... Sorry Em... Poor Cousin Emily she got the raw end of the stick yesterday... driving one hour -check, son peeing pants and floor -check, baby throwing up twice on her -check no chicken nuggets -check.... She needs an award or a hug or a shout to know that I care about her and love her. =) Comment to her here because I don't know if she wants a bunch of weirdos going over and checking out her family blog. She reads mine so its all good baby.

Maybe I should have taking her to IKEA with us after the dinner. I SCORED BIG TIME. Children's chair and table set $25 and awesome art easel for son's 2nd birthday $15. We are lucky to have the IKEA near us. Actually we use to live in the apartment complex right next to it. CRAZY. I love me some IKEA. Also it was the first time trip for hub's cousin Aaron, who is spending a few days for us before he starts his Mormon church mission to Chihuahua Mexico. (a state in northern Mexico. • its capital, the principal city of northern central Mexico; pop. 530,490.) Ok that is a suck description... who wrote that?? NOT I. And why he wanted to stay with us is beyond me... well it must be the computers, TV, the fact that I will drive him places and feed him YUMMY food. Also I am an awesome host. Not only did he get to sleep on the couch and go to bed at 1 AM he was awaken at 7:30 by young son and myself, he was so excited! We were up till 1 AM fixing our friends computer. We are SO awesome and by we I mean Hub. LUCKY.

Tuesday: we had a fun trip to the Pediatric Dentist! for son, not Aaron... Aaron's teeth are fine. Son did really well he did not care for his teeth being cleaned, and the Dentist said his teeth are good no cavities and to keep brushing 2 times a day... UH have you ever tried to brush a 2 year olds teeth... IMPOSSIBLE. But I am his mom not his BFF... So I will do these things so he does not get the cavities of DOOM. In 6 months we will try to get X-rays, Son freaked I am not sure why that is the easiest part... But I am glad he sat still for the dentist, for the most part... He did better when he got his hair cut for the first time a week ago... That was hard to I almost cried my son will be 2 on Sunday.... so sad. =(

Peace out


PS... Did you notice the new button to the side... GO CHECK IT G. More on that later after I win.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

celebrity blogger meeting!!

Dear Celebrities....

I have always wonder why you were also so obnoxious when it came to your fans wanting their pictures taking with you. Now I know. Today I met someone famous... They didn't even deny that they were famous but they let me take a picture with them. LUCKY...... Afterwards I was like what the douce this picture sucks!! And I thought I would share it with you.

So there is it... Celebrities don't like taking pictures with us common folk because most of the time they look awesome and the person looks all weird and crazy. And who wants that upload to photobucket or facebook??? NOOOOOO ONE

I bet you are all like what the heck who are those people Weirdo = ME Normal looking person Kristina P better know as Pulsipher Predilections !!! LUCKY me.... She did not know I was going to show my ugly mug up at the Provo Farmers Market today... But she was SO EXCITED TO SEE ME THERE!!! So much so that I rammed her with my son's stroller! I know I am awesome. But as one should act around a celebrity I was on my best awesome funny behavior!!! For REALS. And Kristina was super nice and fun! I hope we can hang out again and that she did not give me an STD or the parasite that is living her in large intestine. Also there is a better picture of Kristina, Me and Kerri you know Kerri my Messes and Mudpie friend.... That was the whole reason for me going to the farmers market again.

Well have a great Labor Day weekend and it undecided If I will blog on the Monday.

Friday, September 4, 2009

camping food!

Dear Readers....

Are you going camping this weekend?? I know a lot of my friends are because its the end of summer =/ So here are a few recipes to help all you folks not going camping feel like you are there. So I am not one to stand up and shout for JOY when the word camping is mentioned. HOWEVER. I do enjoy me some camp food. So here are some easy simple ones you can do at home If you feel like it. Not sure where they originated so I can't take credit for them...

Breakfast: Omelets in a baggie.... Sounds gross but it is not!! It is good, easy and fun for all!!!

You will need:

smallish gallon size "ziploc" baggies of some kind 1 or 2 for each person
omelet toppins such as:
you know whatever you want

To Make:
Get the BIGGEST pot you have and get some water boiling in it. Then hopefully you have prepped all your toppings..... Have each person put 2 or 3 eggs in their bag along with their toppings of choice. Seal bag and squeeze, mush, mix up whatever. Place each bag, It helps if you write your name on your bag, in the pot of BOILING water. Cooking time takes around 15 mins depending on how many bags and toppings and such but you don't want it runny. You want it cooked like an omelet. This is really fun for kids and you could even do this when you go camping buy making the baggies at home and taking them with you......

Lunch/Dinner Hobo Style

Well some call them Tin Foil Dinner I call them Hobo because its just fun!!

What you will need
carrots - baby carrots or small chunks
onion peeled and cut
potato =peeled and cut
hamburger patty
olive oil
tin foil

Preheat oven to 400

Prep all your veggies and give each person a large piece of foil.... Have each person take a patty place on foil and top with onions, carrots, and potato. drizzle with olive oil and Salt and Pepper or any seasoning of your choice. Wrap and Bake for 60-90 mins or until the veggies are done. I have had a problem with this and seem to have to cook mine closer to 75 mins. So check after an hour. Every now and then I do put zucchini or squash with this but they cook WAY fast so you can add this just cook them in their own packet. Very good to mix up the veggies with what you have.

And last but not least MY Favorite S'mores.... I know there is nothing like making one over a fire...So if you are lucky enough to have a fire pit at your house fire that baby up!!! So we all know how to make a S'more... If you don't please do not ever come back to my blog......... If you just don't like them.... well I think you are crazy. For this reason I am not even going to bother with all the steps and ingredients BUT will make a suggestion of mixing up the chocolate.... I did this one time because I did not want to buy a bag of plain chocolate but a bag with other stuff and plain chocolate bars.... While making them I was like HEY I want a peanut butter cup on my S'more and it snowballed into all the candy bars that work and DO NOT work on the
S more

YES: Plain chocolate, chocolate bar with almonds or peanuts, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cups, Kit-kat
No: Twix, Mounds, Almond Joy, Snickers, just candy bars that aren't flat Whoopers do not work either. White chocolate is hit or miss..... So just try it with whatever candy bar you want.

Have fun faux-camping


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stupid Thankful Thursday....

Dear Thursday .....

I am not even feeling this and I am writing this on Wednesday night... SUCK. So maybe to get in a "bettar" mode I will list a few things I am thankful for. go me.

1. my dishwasher... yep I love it and thankful for it every darn day.

2. nap time and bed time.

3. walking the track with my friend Kerri... It does our souls good even though I take my son he doesn't talk BUT still.........

4. snacks and junk food

5. HD Directv and the DVR

6. that my husband has a job. Yes thank you. I love it and yet I am humbled by it ever day and know that we are lucky but I still live in the fear....

7. KristinaP .... Thank you for always leaving a comment and validating my life. It does mean a lot to me that sometimes you are the only that comments on some of my post. For that I am forever grateful and that means I will pretty much do anything you ask me to do, but only once. ...... us crazy folks have to stick together!! You should check out her blog, Its WAY better than mine.

8. my husband again. and sometimes son... No I love them both dearly and glad I am in both of their lives everyday!

9. Mad Men LOOOOOOVE it..... don't watch?? Well you suck.

10. Thankful for this post it made me 25% better.... I blame my dentist appointment today... I am NEVER going to be done with all this crap. NEVER.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Duggar Family Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear Dugger Family!!!

Congratulations on finding out that you are expecting your 19th child!!! What a feat that is!!! Um no I do not know these people personally, wish I did, but every week they invite us into their home on TLC.... That is so nice of them. Can you believe that they let camera crews into their home to film everything... I can because they have to have someway to pay for all those kids. No No No... They are no Jim Bob and Michelle +19...... Actually they are WAY better then those "other" families on the TLC.... Do I need to even go into my hatred for those two people??? NO. But I do like them and their show. Jim Bob and Michelle could totally live and provide for themselves if the camera stopped rolling but its not now, because #19 is on the way. HOW DID THEY KNOW I WAS GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THEM!?!? They must have know this and decided to announce it the day I was going to write my blog. For real it has been on my mind for a week now since I saw their episode LAST Tuesday when they went to Amish Country.... that is big living right there folks. On to my recap of "The Duggers are really Amish...."

Ok I am not one to judge home school kids, but a lot of them did not really know what Amish people were...... Um not good. Did we all not learn about them like in 4th or 5th grade or something?? ok maybe like 6th or 7th... Come on Michelle what the crap are you teaching your children... you obviously knew you were going on this trip maybe you could have snuck it OR at least practiced with your kids before they did their solo interviews..... And because sometimes people think the Dugger are Amish when they go out in public..... Last time I check the Amish really did not care for being followed around with cameras... I don't know please correct me if I am wrong. But the Duggers really like the Amish folks they met because you know who doesn't like The Amish?????? Yes and The Duggers feel like they have a lot in common with this Amish family they met well because they have 16 kids, like reading the bible, don't watch TV.. I mean the list can go on and on.... Hey wait a minute are the Duggers sure they are not Amish???? I bet they are starting to think about it because apparently they visited with a group called "The New Amish" and they are different from "The Old Amish" BECAUSE.....they think this whole electricity and indoor plumbing thing aren't really that evil of sins.......WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!?!?!?! I am glad some of them worked this out. So now that is over... I mean really they got 10 mins of good footage out of a couple hour visit.

Now I have been to an Amish country/village/tour whatever you want to call it. It was pretty horrible.... I was in 7th grade and went on a trip with my mom, her mom (my grandma) and my Cousin Kay. Yes, so this trip takes us to visit our friends in Indiana and they decide it would be AWESOME to visit the Amish but we can only take one car why? I don't know now 4 out of the 6 people that went are on the rather large size.... and so I get to sit on my mom's lap the whole time... LUCKY but it wont be bad because its just down the road.... 3 hours later we get there.... just down the road my butt.... It's an Amish town with the modest white wood homes, wind mills, horse and buggy, you know Amish country. We take a tour of a REAL Amish home that happens to be available because its former owner had been shunned due to buying a Ford Pinto... true because it was sitting outside and at the young age of 13 I remember going what the hell, that was pretty dumb.... Did I mention our tour guide was a 19 year oldish very tan female that was wearing cut off daisy dukes and drank a big gulp the whole time.... It was lovely. I am pretty sure I could have been a better tour guide at 13 then she ever could have ever been. I knew you were not suppose to wear Daisy dukes and drink big gulps on the job... DUH. So the tour gets over we are STARVING so we go to the Amish restaurant for lunch and pretty much have a school cafeteria lunch complete with carbonated water.... because the tap water would kill us... And after all that we got to drive home the way we came. LOVELY. I did not see any of that on "The Duggers turn Amish" episode. So very sad. but they did fill up the last half of the show going to DC and all that crap and they were all excited because they got to sleep in a hotel and not on their tour bus.... yeah. So Congratulations Duggers !!! And all my peeps out there you can watch that show if you have the cable I give it my stamp of approval.

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