Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Bears. OH MY!

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Dear Wizard of Oz,

I love you. I love that you are coming to the movie Theater for one night only... OH YEAH.. I hope you heard about that and got your tickets.. Because guess what I did and I am going, ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME. What, what, what?? You did not hear? Oh suck its September 23rd at 7 pm at about 400 theaters across the USA. Just FYI.

So I LOVE the Wizard of Oz, who doesn't?? If you don't you're either a guy, then its just OK or a good movie. If you are female and don't... Well that is up there with the S'mores and you just need to leave . So before you pee your pants... HERE IS THE WEB PAGE. OK now that is out of the way lets talk Wizard of Oz.

I love the original Judy Garland movie. I am sure that is what most people like... Most of the other movies are weird.... and the books are long and kinda like movie. So the Judy Garland is the most known well that and the high school plays... You know what I was in the Wizard of Oz when I was a Sophomore... GASP I was a munchkin with a speaking part! and an Emerald City person... which everyone had to be if you did not have a speaking part in those scenes...... Any way it so fun... expect the Emerald City part... I HATED THE COSTUMES... So the high school drama club had NO BUDGET... thats fine... but having us wear camouflage pants and our black cast T-shirt... NOT COOL NOT COOL AT ALL. Guess who did not have a say in that part...... If it was me.. we would have all been in something green from our own personal clothes... Like most normal high school drama departments with money. Ugh that was Spring 1998 and I still have issues.

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Sorry for the high school flash back, but it happens when you blog IT REALLY DOES! But my munchkin part in the play really was what pushed me more in love with the movie. I am all about it and Oz trivia.... Like the ruby slippers are in the Smithsonian, and they were sliver in the book. But because Techna Color was all new the movie makers wanted to use RED so they would show up better and be awesome... Its cool it worked. And all the urban legends about the movie are kinda weird. Like the one about how you can see a man that hung himself during the scene when they meet the Cowardly Lion ... or Tin Man I can't remember... which is probably why I have never seen it OR because its not true. Or that cast members had a really hard time getting work after that movie. Well anyways you can spend all day looking that crap up the web to see if its true... I don't want to. But the best one... Wizard of Oz with Led Zeppelins Dark Side of the Moon... Uh Leah please stop smoking crack.... UH No here is a web site of some guy who has done it... HERE

SO YEAH have fun and wasting your day looking up random Wizard of Oz facts and don't forget to get your tickets.


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Kristina P. said...

Uh, oh. Will you break up with me if I tell you I don't like The Wizard of Oz. I've never loved it, but I have seen it a million times.

I even played the Cowardly Lion in a school play, in 5th grade. I was awesome.

wonder woman said...

La la la Leah, I've missed your blog! Computer's been on the fritz for the past weeks. Now I'm back and I missed you!

I think that the Payson theater is doing a production of Wizard of Oz right now. And I've heard it's pretty good. I honestly that was what your post was going to be about.

As a native Kansas, I OF COURSE love the show. All of it.

Kerri said...

I'm still trying to decide if I should go or not. Don't worry about what Kristina thinks...the wizard of oz is good.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

OMG! I have to see if this will be playing by me!!

Beth Dunn said...

We love The Wizard of Oz!!! So cute. xoxo

Little Ms Blogger said...

Thanks for posting. I never would have known and I think hubby and I are going to trying to catch while away (oddly enough, it is no where close to where I live, but very close to where we are going to)

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