Tuesday, September 8, 2009


OH GOSH! So guess what!?! I have been SOOOO busy the last few days.... So Busy. Busy with what you ask.... Well during Saturday's celebrity funfest... I met up with my friend Amy. She use to live next door to me but moved for reason's I am not sure of... No no no I know and It was not me.... It was her. Meeting a Celebrity -check hanging with friend -check and being beat down tired -check.... Also I am tried of my friends thinking I am ugly what is up with that..... =( I think I need to be on one of those make over shows... OH well. I know they are kidding, I am going to start joking back that I am tired of them being poor. (you can see a better picture of US HERE.) Ok I guess I still luck dumb. =(

Sunday I am not sure what I did. HONESTLY.... I do not remember.

Monday Hub's family Potluck dinner of fried chicken, deserts, a potato dish, deserts, water, and bag salad, and desert, and OUR chick-fil-a nugget tray... I got ONE nugget. Pot Lucks are starting to get up there on my list of things I hate. But they are a part of life so I will try to deal with it better and always bring a main dish so I don't leave hungry and keep my feelings to myself and blog. It was better then getting NO chick-fil-a nugget... Sorry Em... Poor Cousin Emily she got the raw end of the stick yesterday... driving one hour -check, son peeing pants and floor -check, baby throwing up twice on her -check no chicken nuggets -check.... She needs an award or a hug or a shout to know that I care about her and love her. =) Comment to her here because I don't know if she wants a bunch of weirdos going over and checking out her family blog. She reads mine so its all good baby.

Maybe I should have taking her to IKEA with us after the dinner. I SCORED BIG TIME. Children's chair and table set $25 and awesome art easel for son's 2nd birthday $15. We are lucky to have the IKEA near us. Actually we use to live in the apartment complex right next to it. CRAZY. I love me some IKEA. Also it was the first time trip for hub's cousin Aaron, who is spending a few days for us before he starts his Mormon church mission to Chihuahua Mexico. (a state in northern Mexico. • its capital, the principal city of northern central Mexico; pop. 530,490.) Ok that is a suck description... who wrote that?? NOT I. And why he wanted to stay with us is beyond me... well it must be the computers, TV, the fact that I will drive him places and feed him YUMMY food. Also I am an awesome host. Not only did he get to sleep on the couch and go to bed at 1 AM he was awaken at 7:30 by young son and myself, he was so excited! We were up till 1 AM fixing our friends computer. We are SO awesome and by we I mean Hub. LUCKY.

Tuesday: we had a fun trip to the Pediatric Dentist! for son, not Aaron... Aaron's teeth are fine. Son did really well he did not care for his teeth being cleaned, and the Dentist said his teeth are good no cavities and to keep brushing 2 times a day... UH have you ever tried to brush a 2 year olds teeth... IMPOSSIBLE. But I am his mom not his BFF... So I will do these things so he does not get the cavities of DOOM. In 6 months we will try to get X-rays, Son freaked I am not sure why that is the easiest part... But I am glad he sat still for the dentist, for the most part... He did better when he got his hair cut for the first time a week ago... That was hard to I almost cried my son will be 2 on Sunday.... so sad. =(

Peace out


PS... Did you notice the new button to the side... GO CHECK IT G. More on that later after I win.


Kristina P. said...

IKEA is 5 minutes away from my work, and I was obssessed with it. And I haven't been there in probably 9 months. I have failed Sweden.

Nate and Emily said...

Thanks for reminding me why I was so exausted when I got home last night! I am starting to think about bagging the extended-family potlucks. Denise always brings something good, but the bagged salad and stale chips, and nasty Albertsons chicken- too much for me! Maybe we need to be in charge of the food assignments next time! And Thanksgiving... people generally pull through there, luckily! Today was much better, no pee to clean up, and no more puking- yes, it was a great day!

Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I wish there was an IKEA close to me. xoxo

Little Ms Blogger said...

Okay, you hate pot lucks - I've never met a person that hates them...and...what's up with your friends saying you're ugly???

My mom would tell you they say that because they're just jealous of your beauty and can't compete.

Btw, love the verbiage above the button.

Also, one day, I'm going to beat Kristina P in posting...

Kerri said...

Which button are you talking about?

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