Wednesday, September 30, 2009

woot bag of crap

Oh dear what did I just do??? I did nothing. but for some reason someone, probably a young male, googled that and was directed to my site... Not only did they click on my site but they stayed for 43 seconds..... This is why I do not have pictures of my family on my blog.... Yeah. I have also had one visitor from Louisiana.... YES I made the connection. People from Louisiana like bags of crap..... and they are probably on Dial-Up, because google analytical told me 12% of the people that come here are STILL using dial up... WOW There are no words. Even my mother in law has upgraded from dial up. That is all I am saying about that.

Google Analytics, is very amusing. Most of the people that come to my site know me and come by choice. The rest are forced here by google. Those people include: People with Gold Caps who like meatballs. Also I am still trying to figure out why or who is in Texas.. All I can guess is that its a default location for some ISP probably dial up or AOL..... Because I did not think I had any readers from the Lone Star state... Thank heavens.

OH did you notice that it is Thursday and that I am not thankful for anything?? Its sad but true... I am on a new medicine and its slowly taking away all of my creativity. But my social worker friend, from Alabama, said it's better to be normal and boring then have anxiety about stupid stuff all the time. Which is true... I don't freak out and over analyze when friends don't call me, or invite me out with them or about any other social stigmata going on. Its kinda nice, am I turning into a recluse? Heavens no, but it is turning into Winter and I do not want to get the H1N1 or drive in the snow. And I am going to get new tires tomorrow that I ordered on line from Costco. DO NOT WORRY, I am not installing them myself... ha, that would be a site to see huh? How many of you would pay to see me trying to put 4 new tires on my car??

So to wrap it up: Google Analytics, amusing. Me, not so paranoid anymore, and I do not install car tires, ever. And there will probably be less blogging, maybe I will try to go for more quality then quantity... I have felt my blog was more about quantity then quality... and that made me sad. And also I can't quit my blog I have a new background coming sometime.




Shanana said...

My Dear, it's Wednesday. You don't have to have a Thankful Thursday yet. It can just be a plain ol' wiped out Wednesday. Sounds good to me!

Kristina P. said...

Hey, I get anxiety too. Boo for anxiety.

I'm so excited for your new bloggy background!

wonder woman said...

I need to take a look at google analytics. I tried once and was too stupid to figure it out, but maybe I should try again.

So we should get together. I honestly do want to. But now my boys are getting sniffly and coughy and I really don't want to get others sick. Maybe we should just watch some trashy TV together once kids are in bed and husbands are home.

S3XinthePantry said...

Okay, now I need to have a nice long talk with google to find out what they just told you about ME!

Kerri said...

I get a lotof peopel from other countries and remember all the people that came over googling about people in diapers? I erased that post so it would stop. People are wired.
I would say just keep up with the medicine. Give it some time and the creativity thing could be because it's been gloomy.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Whether you know it or not, you did post something you're grateful about -- your new medication and how your anxiety is decreasing.

If you notice, I don't blog every day, it became a bit much and I wanted to enjoy blogging. Some days I just have nothing to say...and others, I blog about giant inflatable rats. Go figure.

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