Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

Dear Thursday

Thanks for coming around again... I will be brief!

1. Vaccines and Shots... I love em... that's all I am going to say, don't hate. Immunize by 2 or my kid won't play with you.... Yeah I ripped that off of an AD campaign... That was "Immunize by 2 its up to you" .... Ugh I could write a blog about this everyday... I should probably go find one where I can....... bbl

2. Nap Time. I am ready for mine now thank you

3. The Crock Pot. There is a good chance that If I did not put anything in it for dinner we won't eat that night... HAHAH we will eat but it just won't be awesome.

4. Guest Bloggers.... OOOO I have one coming around tomorrow. Not so much a guest blogger as it was Me emailing her some questions and her sending it back... OOOO can you stand it. Hey don't spill the beans feature blogger!!! It will be awesome so come back tomorrow.

5. And I am thankful things are falling into Place I will totally be blogging about that more ... AND NO I am not pregnant!! NO NO NO. Don't even ask.




Kristina P. said...

I'm excited to hear about your news!

Beth Dunn said...

Can't wait to hear your guest blogger post! xo

*Ashleigh* said...

I like that "immunize by 2 or I won't play with you" Hahaha! Fun Thankful Thursday today. BTW you have me hooked on meatballs now. I made swedish meatballs lastnight. YUM-O!

Joan said...

So my hubby is a biologist. He works for the National Cancer Institute, but really wants to go back to vaccine work. We are crazies about vaccines, so I won't hate. Promise! :)
And if you ever make something great in the crockpot, send me a recipe, will you? I'm SO not a recipe person, but it seems like you HAVE to have one for crock pots or it turns out really... really bad. Crunchy rice with a side of overdone veggies anyone? :)

becky said...

You are awesome at your blog. I love to come and read it to see how you are. I am glad that everything is falling into place. I actually fill like I am okay this month so that is good.

Leah Rubin said...

Poor baby-- immunization trauma! But it's sooooo important! Good momma doing what's right for her little guy!

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