Friday, September 4, 2009

camping food!

Dear Readers....

Are you going camping this weekend?? I know a lot of my friends are because its the end of summer =/ So here are a few recipes to help all you folks not going camping feel like you are there. So I am not one to stand up and shout for JOY when the word camping is mentioned. HOWEVER. I do enjoy me some camp food. So here are some easy simple ones you can do at home If you feel like it. Not sure where they originated so I can't take credit for them...

Breakfast: Omelets in a baggie.... Sounds gross but it is not!! It is good, easy and fun for all!!!

You will need:

smallish gallon size "ziploc" baggies of some kind 1 or 2 for each person
omelet toppins such as:
you know whatever you want

To Make:
Get the BIGGEST pot you have and get some water boiling in it. Then hopefully you have prepped all your toppings..... Have each person put 2 or 3 eggs in their bag along with their toppings of choice. Seal bag and squeeze, mush, mix up whatever. Place each bag, It helps if you write your name on your bag, in the pot of BOILING water. Cooking time takes around 15 mins depending on how many bags and toppings and such but you don't want it runny. You want it cooked like an omelet. This is really fun for kids and you could even do this when you go camping buy making the baggies at home and taking them with you......

Lunch/Dinner Hobo Style

Well some call them Tin Foil Dinner I call them Hobo because its just fun!!

What you will need
carrots - baby carrots or small chunks
onion peeled and cut
potato =peeled and cut
hamburger patty
olive oil
tin foil

Preheat oven to 400

Prep all your veggies and give each person a large piece of foil.... Have each person take a patty place on foil and top with onions, carrots, and potato. drizzle with olive oil and Salt and Pepper or any seasoning of your choice. Wrap and Bake for 60-90 mins or until the veggies are done. I have had a problem with this and seem to have to cook mine closer to 75 mins. So check after an hour. Every now and then I do put zucchini or squash with this but they cook WAY fast so you can add this just cook them in their own packet. Very good to mix up the veggies with what you have.

And last but not least MY Favorite S'mores.... I know there is nothing like making one over a fire...So if you are lucky enough to have a fire pit at your house fire that baby up!!! So we all know how to make a S'more... If you don't please do not ever come back to my blog......... If you just don't like them.... well I think you are crazy. For this reason I am not even going to bother with all the steps and ingredients BUT will make a suggestion of mixing up the chocolate.... I did this one time because I did not want to buy a bag of plain chocolate but a bag with other stuff and plain chocolate bars.... While making them I was like HEY I want a peanut butter cup on my S'more and it snowballed into all the candy bars that work and DO NOT work on the
S more

YES: Plain chocolate, chocolate bar with almonds or peanuts, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cups, Kit-kat
No: Twix, Mounds, Almond Joy, Snickers, just candy bars that aren't flat Whoopers do not work either. White chocolate is hit or miss..... So just try it with whatever candy bar you want.

Have fun faux-camping



Ink Obsession Designs said...

I won't be going camping but these are great recipes!! :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I love the egg recipe and openly admit I never had a S'more. I'm not sure why, but will be.

Kristina P. said...

I haven't been camping at all this year. Which makes me kind of happy. I once got a UTI while camping. That was all kinds of fun.

Beth Dunn said...

LOL eggs in a baggie. Sounds like fun. I've been wanting to go camping but no one believes me. xoxo

Nate and Emily said...

I am so making the omlettes in a bag- the kiddos would love them! And if you are really melting your smore marshmallows on a stick, try melting the marshmallow, then putting the chucky square mini candy bars at the end of your stick and pull the marshmallow off, covering the candy bar- it gets all melty inside the marshallow and is so so yummy!

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