Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Dear Dugger Family!!!

Congratulations on finding out that you are expecting your 19th child!!! What a feat that is!!! Um no I do not know these people personally, wish I did, but every week they invite us into their home on TLC.... That is so nice of them. Can you believe that they let camera crews into their home to film everything... I can because they have to have someway to pay for all those kids. No No No... They are no Jim Bob and Michelle +19...... Actually they are WAY better then those "other" families on the TLC.... Do I need to even go into my hatred for those two people??? NO. But I do like them and their show. Jim Bob and Michelle could totally live and provide for themselves if the camera stopped rolling but its not now, because #19 is on the way. HOW DID THEY KNOW I WAS GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THEM!?!? They must have know this and decided to announce it the day I was going to write my blog. For real it has been on my mind for a week now since I saw their episode LAST Tuesday when they went to Amish Country.... that is big living right there folks. On to my recap of "The Duggers are really Amish...."

Ok I am not one to judge home school kids, but a lot of them did not really know what Amish people were...... Um not good. Did we all not learn about them like in 4th or 5th grade or something?? ok maybe like 6th or 7th... Come on Michelle what the crap are you teaching your children... you obviously knew you were going on this trip maybe you could have snuck it OR at least practiced with your kids before they did their solo interviews..... And because sometimes people think the Dugger are Amish when they go out in public..... Last time I check the Amish really did not care for being followed around with cameras... I don't know please correct me if I am wrong. But the Duggers really like the Amish folks they met because you know who doesn't like The Amish?????? Yes and The Duggers feel like they have a lot in common with this Amish family they met well because they have 16 kids, like reading the bible, don't watch TV.. I mean the list can go on and on.... Hey wait a minute are the Duggers sure they are not Amish???? I bet they are starting to think about it because apparently they visited with a group called "The New Amish" and they are different from "The Old Amish" BECAUSE.....they think this whole electricity and indoor plumbing thing aren't really that evil of sins.......WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!?!?!?! I am glad some of them worked this out. So now that is over... I mean really they got 10 mins of good footage out of a couple hour visit.

Now I have been to an Amish country/village/tour whatever you want to call it. It was pretty horrible.... I was in 7th grade and went on a trip with my mom, her mom (my grandma) and my Cousin Kay. Yes, so this trip takes us to visit our friends in Indiana and they decide it would be AWESOME to visit the Amish but we can only take one car why? I don't know now 4 out of the 6 people that went are on the rather large size.... and so I get to sit on my mom's lap the whole time... LUCKY but it wont be bad because its just down the road.... 3 hours later we get there.... just down the road my butt.... It's an Amish town with the modest white wood homes, wind mills, horse and buggy, you know Amish country. We take a tour of a REAL Amish home that happens to be available because its former owner had been shunned due to buying a Ford Pinto... true because it was sitting outside and at the young age of 13 I remember going what the hell, that was pretty dumb.... Did I mention our tour guide was a 19 year oldish very tan female that was wearing cut off daisy dukes and drank a big gulp the whole time.... It was lovely. I am pretty sure I could have been a better tour guide at 13 then she ever could have ever been. I knew you were not suppose to wear Daisy dukes and drink big gulps on the job... DUH. So the tour gets over we are STARVING so we go to the Amish restaurant for lunch and pretty much have a school cafeteria lunch complete with carbonated water.... because the tap water would kill us... And after all that we got to drive home the way we came. LOVELY. I did not see any of that on "The Duggers turn Amish" episode. So very sad. but they did fill up the last half of the show going to DC and all that crap and they were all excited because they got to sleep in a hotel and not on their tour bus.... yeah. So Congratulations Duggers !!! And all my peeps out there you can watch that show if you have the cable I give it my stamp of approval.



Rebecca said...

So TLC goes around filming different families around the US? Interesting. I have never visited the Amish but at least I know who they are;)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Do you realize she has enough kids to have 2 volleyball teams? Talk about a fun family picnic.

Seriously, this can't be healthy. At some point, a doctor should step in or her husband should get snipped. What's the point of 19 kids if you keep putting yourself in danger by producing another child.

It's also weird that her grandchild will be older than hers.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

I love how you didn't name that "other" TLC family! :)

Kristina P. said...

Does anyone else wish that just one of these kids grows up to be a crackhead?

Nate and Emily said...

I think Jessa seems like shes likely to go off the deep end given the chance (sorry if I named the wrong Duggar, but the older girl who seems a little more into "worldy" stuff!!) Thanks for this funny and enlightening post, and I will now have to go find "Duggars go Amish on the DVR!!

Beth Dunn said...

That is one crazy family. I can barely handle the 2 I have. xoxo

Kerri said...

I think it would be fun to visit an Amish town. I wish I had cable so I could watch this!

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