Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just some random

I am baby sitting.... Can you believe Kerri from Messes and Mudpie's let me baby sit her youngest for a few hours.... and here I am blogging.... It's ok.... 1. she is bring me a salad from the Baijo's SO YUMMY. and 2 her son is probably going to give my son a cold, he is coughing and sneezing all over my son......... Its a good thing we are friends. I swear Micah was a popular name and I think Kerri and my friend Stef wanted to name there son Micah but I won because I had my baby first and that is hub's name, how weird would that have been if they both named their son's after my husband...... *raised eyebrow*

So son is allergic to the wheat and after researching how to make the Gymboree bubbles... I found out that all kinds of crap contains wheat like bubble mixtures and dish soap..... WHAT...... yeah well come to find out if you don't ingest these things nobody really cares or bothers to research and test said products and they can't guarantee that that products are gluten free.... Good thing son is not deathly allergic to wheat.... Its something to think about. Also most toothpaste are gluten free.

Got the website registered! And got my graphic buddy slaving away for me. Joan is so great to work with... I crack the whip and tell her what to do and she does it...... Don't Pumpkin Snickerdoodles sound heavenly.... Yep they do. thats a hint. Have a good day.



Ink Obsession Designs said...

If we lived closer I would totally let you watch my dogs!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, did Kerri put crack in her soaps?

Oh, and something the GI specialist mentioned to me was that if my stomach problems don't go away, that he will test me for Celiac's. Boo.

Leah Rubin said...

Ooh- food allergies are so scary! My daughter has an egg-chicken allergy, and has had to carry Epi-pens (injectible epinephrine) with her since she was a kid. It's life-threatening, and awful. And just to be clear: the egg came first.

Kerri said...

He wasn't coughing That bad around me today. I think you're exagerating. Thanks for watching him! I really appreciate it and Snickerdoodle and pumpkin sounds soooo good.

Devri said...

Wow, remind me to call you when I need a babysitter! lol

came from Kerri's blog.

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