Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disclaimer: Because I spent so much time writing this for my other blog, I thought I would post it here so you could see what I am doing/learning.... CAUTION: you may learn somethings from reading it.. so don't read if you are easily bored and don't like the panets or NASA. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I wanted you to know I AM ALIVE.

Due to the fact of the inversion and new moon I could not see any stars or the moon, so I decided to do a internet project. I really did try to go out a few times and even looked up on the internet to see what phase the moon was in.... It will be hard to see until next week! The project I chose was to look up different space missions to each of the planets, our sun, and an asteroid. After looking at the assignment paper again, I wonder why our moon was not included, I know there have been a few mission there.

I was surprised to learn about how many space crafts we have sent up and for whatever reason they were unsuccessful. How frustrating is it to spend millions of dollars and years working on something only to have it break and be destroyed within seconds of taking orbit?? Never the less NASA has continued to build and have successful missions. All of my info can be found at a NASA web site detailing all of past, present and future missions. On a side note NASA takes advantage of using different missions to visit multiple planets, moons, and whatever they can that is why some have the same info.

The Sun: I was surprised to learn how many missions included gathering info about the sun. We can not obviously send anything to the sun with out it getting destroyed, so when ever they can get close to it they try to collect data. Thats is what they did on the Genesis Mission (2001-08) It collected solar winds from the sun to study. After collecting everything it returned to earth and landed in the Utah desert. Which I thought was cool because I live in Utah. Now the solar winds are being studied and learning tons from it.

Pretty much all the other missions to other planets have been to collect different samples of the atomosphere, dirt, air, and this and that. Or to map out as much of the landscape as possible. That is cool in all but I don't really want to blog about each mission to each planet... and study for my test and this. I will share my favorite mission of the whole project.

Voyager 2: It was lunched in 1977, before I was born CRAZY. I has been traveling all those years and is still going collecting data! WOW that is pretty dang awesome to have a machine built in 1977 that is still going strong..... But it did find some cool things about Neptune, like 3 new rings and 6 new moons. I hope any of you reading click on the links on the page to learn more about this and the other missions. I could not write everything about all the missions, so I just wrote about some highlights and things I thought were cool!

Next Project: I am leaning towards writing about a sunset or sunrise... I have beef with both of those things. And because I have YET to see the moon in like a month.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So I have pretty much self imploded.... and its not to HOT =/ At least I had LONG weekend and the hub went back to work after his month long paid vacation. I am really really trying to find my groove for doing school work, house work, son work, husband work, cooking, laundry, and blogging. I have pretty much given up any sort of social life or friends..... *sorry* Unless you call me or stop by.. OR EVEN better email me or be facebook friends with me!!! yeah So If I don't blog much and you miss me something awful you can look me up on the facebook!! Please leave a msg letting me know who you are so that I can either reject or accept you! And I will probably still have to up date my Astronomy blog because it is my final project and I want an A in that class.... Also I have never wanted to get As in my classes before how old and responsible am I getting??? Oh my History class is going well lots of work and material to cover in not a lot of time... Its really hard to cram 3 chapters into 2.5 hours of talking.........

Also on some humbling notes: I read a news story about Haitian Orphans, It pretty much sucked and made me cry ... It does make me feel a touch better that I prayed for them and that I give my husbands money to Unicef monthly.

#2 I started reading Nie Nie.... For those of you not in the know she lives here in the Provo Area and was in a HORRIBLE plane wreck and almost DIED. And her blog talks about all the things she has been going through and her positive attitude about things and life. I like that her blog is real and she talks about the the good and bad of everything. And that sometimes things are very painful and it sucks bad, but she knows she will get through it and she tries to have a positive attitude. She is my hero. Maybe someday I can have an awesome attitude like her ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Astronomy recap!!

Because there was some interest in my class work in this class I decided to share my other blog with you! And because I am doing one for my final project!!

My Astronomy blog!!!

I am off to do more homework instead of reading everyones blog =/

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I am not sure, how I pulled it off. But I got a celebrity to agree to be interviewed by ME!!! Not only did she agree but she returned the interview in a timely matter and with pictures!! Score one for me!! If you can guess it is KRISTINA P!! now you may remember when I met her if not you can read and see a picture HERE.

A little bit about our guest: She is a very funny chick that blends the best and worse of pop culture together, which often leads me to wonder if she is serious and did she really just say that!?!?!? She also picked me out of 330 people to win her grand prize on her last give away. I was shocked! I probably should have asked her a little bit more about her....... But uh she is really nice, funny, and is a social worker. I will have to say that my favorite thing about Kristina, is that she always leaves me a comment no matter how crazy my post or how late or early it was posted.... thank you. HOLY CRAP... i hope this interview is not the down fall of her... what did Kristina just do!?!? So check out her awesome BLOG HERE and enjoy her interview of questions I slapped together because I was sure she would not say YES to little old me and I have been really busy with school work. *complete with REAL pictures from her collection*

1. Do you remember that time we met and I mauled you with my baby stroller?

With the help of intensive weekly therapy, and Valium, I have been able to move past that incident. And by “move past that incident”, I mean have daily night terrors about it, where images of Dr. Phil and Mario Lopez flash before my eyes. You can’t even imagine the horror.

2. Yeah, that was an awesome day huh?

Yes, awesome. Like having to watch puppies and rainbows be tortured, awesome.

3. You work with at risk youth.... that kinda makes you almost like Oprah huh??

Are you saying I’m fat? Yes, I am just like Oprah. If Oprah punched kids in the face and called them derogatory names. I am very good at my job.

4. Have any of these "youth" tried to stab, stock, hurt you? I am kinda worried for your safety....

I don’t know what “stock” means, but for the sake of this interview, I am going to assume you mean “stalk.” Sadly, no. I really wish I had a great story to tell where I was shanked by a kid. However, my coworker drives a van that we call “The Kidnapper Van”, and that is honestly more frightening than anything a kid could ever do to me.

5. Am I the weirdest person you have ever met through blogging?

I would say you’re the third weirdest person I have met through blogging. I once met a person who likes to eat pennies and whose role model is OJ Simspon, and I met another person who was institutionalized in a State hospital for a while, so I would say you come in a close third.

6. Do you talk to me on Facebook, because you are scared of what I might do if you don't??

Yes. Please don’t Poke me or send me a pink sheep.

7. Wanna do some homework for me?

If your homework entails laying around on your sofa, watching “The Bachelor” and making puns about how he’s a pilot and he can land his plane in my airport of love, then yes, I will do your homework for you.

8. What was your Favorite Subject in School?

HYPERLINK "" Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability

9. What did you want to be when you grow up?

As feminine as Clay Aiken. Fail.

10. Did you ever take pic of your in your snuggie for ??

Sadly, no. This would mean I would have to spend some time in a Walmart, and I only shop at classy, high brow places like The Dollar Tree and The Salvation Army.

11. Your love of the snuggie has gotten kinda out of hand huh?? A joke gone horribly horribly wrong

I think it really depends on your perspective. Some people might say horribly wrong, others might say horribly awesome. Honestly, as you know, The Snuggie is life changing. Just like Moses parting the Red Sea, Noah building an ark, and other miracles of yore, The Snuggie is our modern day miracle.

12. Wouldn't it be cool if we were neighbors??

Well, sadly, my Naked Neighbors apparently received the gift of modesty for Christmas, as well as curtains, so their exploits have been lacking lately. But, we do need someone to fill their rather well endowed shoes, so if you are willing to be naked in front of your well-lit bedroom window, or have sex on your balcony, in plain view of your neighbors, you are in.

13. You can say no to that....

14. Does my grammer and spelling bother you??

Oh, no! Not at all! Just like Jon Gosselin being a complete jackass, who steals money from his children and cheats on his wife, with their babysitter, doesn’t bother me at all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Different Panic Mode....

So after going to my two classes, I am in a different panic mode... One about my books and two about the amount of work that is required of me to get an A in each class. I don't remember this much work given to me when I went to college 8 years ago. I would show up to class take my notes, write a paper or read a book here or there and take some test. HOLY CRAP times have changed. I will now discuss the work I am doing for my two classes and a little bit about each class and the book drama.

ELEMENTARY astronomy. Every week I have to read the assigned chapters, do the home work and observation assignment for each week. I am not sure what those are since we had a SUBSTITUTE. Yes our regular professor is off at a conference presenting research. Which was probably why I was confused when I walked in to class and man was standing in the front talking to the students about computers. I thought I was in the wrong class or that the pervious class was getting over. Because I want the Astronomy class taught by a lady. So I sit, I am 10 mins early then more people trickle in and come to find out I was in the RIGHT class and the other people were shooting the shit and did not care what I thought or who I was.
They did not know that I write a semi-famous blog.

Moving on I still don't have my book yet, i will probably go buy one this weekend because I need to start reading up on the cosmos, so I don't fail so far behind that i have to drop out and have my husband divorce me for wasting his money. I may start a Astronomy blog because I need a "BIG PROJECT" demonstrating what I have learned and the suggestions where music, art, or dance and I don't do that in front of people especially if it is about stars and planets.

American Civ: This is kinda of exciting because I LOVE history, political sciences and all that. The teacher seems pretty cool and knows a lot of stuff and he really really likes to talk. The class only meets once a week so that is not like the Astronomy class that meet 2 times a week. So I am looking forward to that.... NOT all the work I have to do, like read the entire book, write a summary on each chapter, attend a City Council meeting of my choice, read this book called 1776. and study for test and write essays... I also have book drama in this class being that the book I purchased is 2 editions behind and stops at President Clinton. Compared to the book I am suppose to have that is twice as big and talks about the Iraq war.... So I think I will be purchasing another book, because I would like those last 2 or 3 chapters.... and the 50 % more info........ Don't ask me how I did it... I swear when I ordered my book I checked the editions..... UGH.

Don't these people know I have a son who has demands that do not include me doing homework?? Don't they also know that I a have to keep my house sparkling clean, entertain all my friends, diet, budget, get out of debt, be perfect and pretty, and on and on and on.... and blog!?!?! I will admit that I did not do half those things, but I wanted to reiterate the demand that I feel people EXPECT from me 24/7. Oh and run my new business, make dinner, and make sure my husband has clean clothes....

Now, Now, I know you all feel that way to sometimes, and I read those blogs... so now read my pity party blog. Also I don't remember that much work back when I was at Community College... I guess work on a University level is hard... Maybe there was that much and I was just 19 and did not care......

An another note I wrote this on Thursday evening and just post dated it for Friday morning I don't get up that early.... I think I did in the summer but not know I am dead. xoxox

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I am pretty much having the mother of all mothers of a panic attack!! Why ?? tonight is my first class since May 2001 when I dropped out of college last time... drop out sounds horrible, I will just say back packing through Utah from now on... Oh yeas I have been on a 8 year back packing trip =/ I should figure something else out. But back on track... YES i am super nervous Did I tell you that the Class was PHYS 1040 and PHYS stands for Physics.... what the crap was I thinking?!?! It is called Elementary Astronomy, we will see about that!! Also my textbook I ordered Dec. 21 for that class is not here yet..... I am pretty sure I can get by the first class with out the book but we will see. If it is not here Monday I will be looking for another....AHHHHHH tomorrow is American Civ and I just love History and I have that book so I hope that is a class I will enjoy and maybe learn or remember stuff I already knew. I will blog Friday and let you know how both classes went. Ugh so nervous and talks for listening to me ramble... I just posted so I would get some comments to make me feel better.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy Twenty Ten!!! How futuristic of me! I think I will say Twenty Ten instead of Two-thousand and ten... how lame and old fashion is that???? Also where is my flying car and robot maid, while we are at it???

So to update you on my revolutions.... I think most of them are broken within 10 days so that is why I did not say exercise and loose weight. Also that is on going and does not even deserve to be up there with my other IMPORTANT ones.

1: Stick to my budget!! Why yes I have for 3 days.

2: Classes start Wednesday so I will update you later in the week. I have not received my Astronomy book in the mail... It started in Connecticut and was last seen leaving Denver... So here is hoping that it gets here Wednesday.

3. I have not had any diarrhea this year. *FIST PUMP*

4. Wrote my dinner blog and now I am writing this blog *DOUBLE FIST PUMP* I should be on that crap show on MTV or something I hear/read that is all those kids do, throw their fist up in the air and wave them like they just don't care...... LAME

5. Not pregnant.... I still have my IUD up in my hoo-ha... for all those concerned about me having another baby... i will take a picture of when the Physicians Assistant at the OB/GYN takes it out because you all wanted to know when I am having another baby and this is the beginning of it.. =) I am thinking like March-ish

6. So I have broken this resolution, It probably did not even last 24 hours.... It is hard to be nice to your husband 24/7.

7. I am on Facebook 24/7(probably the reason for the failure of #6) I do have a cafe to run..... My farm bit the dust and was ruined. And I got kicked out of my Sorority. AND I need to see all the crap my rich "friends" from high school got and got their "awesome" kids.......

8. I ordered my cookbook!! AWESOME. I was told by JennyMac that I should cook from Giada. I don't know about this 1) Giada is HOT and SKINNY.... how can I trust a skinny cook? 2. I like Italian and I know how to cook Italian. But I am keeping her as my back up. Can I just say how humbling and awesome it to have someone like JennyMac write you an email?? Holy Cow. Thanks !

So did you notice that I have 8 resolutions and then the next paragraph I talked about how the number 7 is awesome and this and that blah blah blah.... I went back and added the cooking one after the fact.... YES i am the future teacher of your children... I am starting to rethink all this. HOWEVER, I took a test on the facebook and I did say I was a way smarter then a 5th grader so I am safe teaching K-6th.
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