Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I am not sure, how I pulled it off. But I got a celebrity to agree to be interviewed by ME!!! Not only did she agree but she returned the interview in a timely matter and with pictures!! Score one for me!! If you can guess it is KRISTINA P!! now you may remember when I met her if not you can read and see a picture HERE.

A little bit about our guest: She is a very funny chick that blends the best and worse of pop culture together, which often leads me to wonder if she is serious and did she really just say that!?!?!? She also picked me out of 330 people to win her grand prize on her last give away. I was shocked! I probably should have asked her a little bit more about her....... But uh she is really nice, funny, and is a social worker. I will have to say that my favorite thing about Kristina, is that she always leaves me a comment no matter how crazy my post or how late or early it was posted.... thank you. HOLY CRAP... i hope this interview is not the down fall of her... what did Kristina just do!?!? So check out her awesome BLOG HERE and enjoy her interview of questions I slapped together because I was sure she would not say YES to little old me and I have been really busy with school work. *complete with REAL pictures from her collection*

1. Do you remember that time we met and I mauled you with my baby stroller?

With the help of intensive weekly therapy, and Valium, I have been able to move past that incident. And by “move past that incident”, I mean have daily night terrors about it, where images of Dr. Phil and Mario Lopez flash before my eyes. You can’t even imagine the horror.

2. Yeah, that was an awesome day huh?

Yes, awesome. Like having to watch puppies and rainbows be tortured, awesome.

3. You work with at risk youth.... that kinda makes you almost like Oprah huh??

Are you saying I’m fat? Yes, I am just like Oprah. If Oprah punched kids in the face and called them derogatory names. I am very good at my job.

4. Have any of these "youth" tried to stab, stock, hurt you? I am kinda worried for your safety....

I don’t know what “stock” means, but for the sake of this interview, I am going to assume you mean “stalk.” Sadly, no. I really wish I had a great story to tell where I was shanked by a kid. However, my coworker drives a van that we call “The Kidnapper Van”, and that is honestly more frightening than anything a kid could ever do to me.

5. Am I the weirdest person you have ever met through blogging?

I would say you’re the third weirdest person I have met through blogging. I once met a person who likes to eat pennies and whose role model is OJ Simspon, and I met another person who was institutionalized in a State hospital for a while, so I would say you come in a close third.

6. Do you talk to me on Facebook, because you are scared of what I might do if you don't??

Yes. Please don’t Poke me or send me a pink sheep.

7. Wanna do some homework for me?

If your homework entails laying around on your sofa, watching “The Bachelor” and making puns about how he’s a pilot and he can land his plane in my airport of love, then yes, I will do your homework for you.

8. What was your Favorite Subject in School?

HYPERLINK "" Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability

9. What did you want to be when you grow up?

As feminine as Clay Aiken. Fail.

10. Did you ever take pic of your in your snuggie for ??

Sadly, no. This would mean I would have to spend some time in a Walmart, and I only shop at classy, high brow places like The Dollar Tree and The Salvation Army.

11. Your love of the snuggie has gotten kinda out of hand huh?? A joke gone horribly horribly wrong

I think it really depends on your perspective. Some people might say horribly wrong, others might say horribly awesome. Honestly, as you know, The Snuggie is life changing. Just like Moses parting the Red Sea, Noah building an ark, and other miracles of yore, The Snuggie is our modern day miracle.

12. Wouldn't it be cool if we were neighbors??

Well, sadly, my Naked Neighbors apparently received the gift of modesty for Christmas, as well as curtains, so their exploits have been lacking lately. But, we do need someone to fill their rather well endowed shoes, so if you are willing to be naked in front of your well-lit bedroom window, or have sex on your balcony, in plain view of your neighbors, you are in.

13. You can say no to that....

14. Does my grammer and spelling bother you??

Oh, no! Not at all! Just like Jon Gosselin being a complete jackass, who steals money from his children and cheats on his wife, with their babysitter, doesn’t bother me at all.


Kristina P. said...

Well, thank you. I do have a therapist I can recommend for this little obsession you have with me. Although, I do sort of like having a stalker.

Rebecca said...

I love the clay aiken answer! Ha ha. You two are two peas in a pod.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Wait isn't this a recycled interview?

I swear I remember Kristina P posing in the road in her beautiful snuggy for you.

wonder woman said...

And hilarity ensues. You two are like peas in a pod.......

Kerri said...

I knew you and Kristina would hit it off when I introduced you.

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