Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I am pretty much having the mother of all mothers of a panic attack!! Why ?? tonight is my first class since May 2001 when I dropped out of college last time... drop out sounds horrible, I will just say back packing through Utah from now on... Oh yeas I have been on a 8 year back packing trip =/ I should figure something else out. But back on track... YES i am super nervous Did I tell you that the Class was PHYS 1040 and PHYS stands for Physics.... what the crap was I thinking?!?! It is called Elementary Astronomy, we will see about that!! Also my textbook I ordered Dec. 21 for that class is not here yet..... I am pretty sure I can get by the first class with out the book but we will see. If it is not here Monday I will be looking for another....AHHHHHH tomorrow is American Civ and I just love History and I have that book so I hope that is a class I will enjoy and maybe learn or remember stuff I already knew. I will blog Friday and let you know how both classes went. Ugh so nervous and talks for listening to me ramble... I just posted so I would get some comments to make me feel better.


RachelP said...

You will be okay. Don't forget to breath, but I do understand the anxiety of it all. For 2 years after I graduated college, I had dreams that I was taking an online classes and forgot to do the assignments, and I was failing. I remember waking up so exhausted from worry. School is stressful! That's why I haven't started my Masters.

Kristina P. said...

You will be OK! Breathe!

Little Ms Blogger said...

You'll do fine. I think being so nervous will make you be super attentive and take great notes.

Going to class and taking great notes is really the key. It worked for me when I DID it.

The Chappell Family said...

I didn't know you were going back to school, Leah?! I'm so proud and wish I could go back with you. Would'nt that be great to be able to have a buddy system...haha! Anyway, I'm sure you'll do great. To add to what everyone else said....BREATHE!

Ron said...

Hey listen, this actually a great sign that the class is going to go well and that the book will arrive on time.

When I use to be an actor in the theater, I was ALWAYS in a panic before opening night. But once the night got there...EVERYTHING came together and my performance went well.

So..."Break a Leg" Leah!

You're going to be a FLAWLESS!


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