Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disclaimer: Because I spent so much time writing this for my other blog, I thought I would post it here so you could see what I am doing/learning.... CAUTION: you may learn somethings from reading it.. so don't read if you are easily bored and don't like the panets or NASA. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I wanted you to know I AM ALIVE.

Due to the fact of the inversion and new moon I could not see any stars or the moon, so I decided to do a internet project. I really did try to go out a few times and even looked up on the internet to see what phase the moon was in.... It will be hard to see until next week! The project I chose was to look up different space missions to each of the planets, our sun, and an asteroid. After looking at the assignment paper again, I wonder why our moon was not included, I know there have been a few mission there.

I was surprised to learn about how many space crafts we have sent up and for whatever reason they were unsuccessful. How frustrating is it to spend millions of dollars and years working on something only to have it break and be destroyed within seconds of taking orbit?? Never the less NASA has continued to build and have successful missions. All of my info can be found at a NASA web site detailing all of past, present and future missions. On a side note NASA takes advantage of using different missions to visit multiple planets, moons, and whatever they can that is why some have the same info.

The Sun: I was surprised to learn how many missions included gathering info about the sun. We can not obviously send anything to the sun with out it getting destroyed, so when ever they can get close to it they try to collect data. Thats is what they did on the Genesis Mission (2001-08) It collected solar winds from the sun to study. After collecting everything it returned to earth and landed in the Utah desert. Which I thought was cool because I live in Utah. Now the solar winds are being studied and learning tons from it.

Pretty much all the other missions to other planets have been to collect different samples of the atomosphere, dirt, air, and this and that. Or to map out as much of the landscape as possible. That is cool in all but I don't really want to blog about each mission to each planet... and study for my test and this. I will share my favorite mission of the whole project.

Voyager 2: It was lunched in 1977, before I was born CRAZY. I has been traveling all those years and is still going collecting data! WOW that is pretty dang awesome to have a machine built in 1977 that is still going strong..... But it did find some cool things about Neptune, like 3 new rings and 6 new moons. I hope any of you reading click on the links on the page to learn more about this and the other missions. I could not write everything about all the missions, so I just wrote about some highlights and things I thought were cool!

Next Project: I am leaning towards writing about a sunset or sunrise... I have beef with both of those things. And because I have YET to see the moon in like a month.....

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Kristina P. said...

This reminded me of my astronomy class at UVSC, otherwise known as "Nap Time."

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