Tuesday, June 30, 2009

32 Nights of dinner.....

Last night I was feeling pretty optimistic.... So much so that I did something I have never done before... plan an entire months of meals for my family, with no repeats. I did it with the exception of having a leftover night each week. I was feeling so good about it that I posted about it on Facebook and 6 emails letter I was tired of sending so I decided to post it the blog!

All the recipes I have made before and like, they are also easy and tasty. So If you need help or a recipe let me know. I have a lot of them on my computer all ready so don't feel like you are putting me out. I make cookbooks as wedding presents so I have a collection on my computer and don't mind adding to it.

Not all of the recipes are my own creation, I did not invent tacos or the flag fruit pizza(inside joke). This is really what we are having for dinner in July, and maybe in that order, and I just wanted to give you ideas, I do not expect your children to eat Pork Curry.... =) but they should its really good. Also I try to plan as many gluten free meals as possible by using 3 that help me a ton. I buy can tomato and cream of chicken soup at Sunflower Market/Trader Joe's and I buy Farm Rich Meatballs from Walmart. they are not that crazy of food items and they taste fine. So here it the list and I am already thinking about meals for August.

BBQ Chicken- Crock-pot
Hamburger/Pasta skillet (hamburger helper with corn, tomatoes and other veggies of your choice.)
Leftovers/Pot Luck
Hamburgers/brats/dogs (4th of July)
Beef Dip Subs (from my blog)
Chicken Fajitas (crock pot)
Chicken Pot Pie (use chicken from Fajitas if you want)
Meatball Lasagna
Fried Chicken Salad (ooo fancy restaurant dish )
Hobo Dinners (tin foil dinner hamburger patty, carrots, onion, potatoes)
Cranberry Chicken - Crock-Pot
Pasta Salad
Tater Tot Casserole (use leftover Cranberry chicken, and make in crock pot)
Pork Curry or pork chops
Sweet Sour Meat Balls (make a lot so you have a freezer dinner)
Cheesy Chicken and Rice
Shepherds Pie
BBQ Pulled Pork -Crock-Pot
Spanish Rice ( I make mine in the crock pot or use rice a roni)
London Broil -grill
Chicken Spaghetti
Chili Dogs
Mexican Pizza
Orange Chicken and Rice


Dear Husband,

Thanks for taking me on a date last Saturday!! I had a lot of fun going out to eat and seeing an awesome movie(star trek) I really did have a fun time, we had two sisters baby sit our son, and they looked really tired when we got home, but they did a good job. I am glad we got two, because he is a ball of non stop energy so much so that I encourage him to watch TV, so he not getting into things or running me ragged. I know its sad but I really do need some quite time. Anyhoo more on that later.

Date night was fun we went to Iggy's in Orem, it was bland food for a big price. My Beef Dip Sub was so much better, but the fries were good. I don't know its getting to the point where I don't like to go out and eat at expensive places expect the Melting Pot and The Cheesecake Factory. Those two places are my all time favorite places to eat. If you do go don't be surprised if you drop big money $$$ Micah and I spent $120 at the Melting Pot last time we went and about $50 at The Cheesecake Factory. But they are so good and worth the trip a couple of times a year. Ah so Iggy's was ok, not my favorite and I probably would not pick it again.

Star Trek was soooooo good! I went with very very little expectations, and left without even getting up to go pee. Holding my pee for 2.5 is a miracle, you can ask my husband. So you should take your husband if he likes Star Trek he would be really excited, and you don't even have to know all about Star Trek because if your husband likes it he will tell you everything you need to know............................ It was a good date night, we hope to start doing this once month if things go right. But kinda pricy after 2 baby sitters, dinner and movie = $75... so I had to put out.... maybe we will do it every other month.

Then on Sunday we watched our Netflix movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (PG-13) That was an excellent movie too. Oh I love that movie a lot maybe I will buy it when it comes out. Brad Pitt was awesome like always, I think he is a really talented actor and I enjoy most things he is in. This movie was so different from anything that I have ever seen and that was really refreshing, I loved not knowing what was going to happen. Its a must see, not really for kids or teens but more for couples as it is a love story and how people go through stages of love and the things we do for our true love. It was really tender and I cried at the end for a bit, I am even tearing up now...

On an end note I am beyond tired as I woken up at 5 AM by a crying little boy... I did get a nap for an hour, then I had to get up and do crap..... and now I have to go and change a poopie diaper =(

Love always,

Monday, June 29, 2009

End of the world???

Dear Celebrities that have passed recently.....

Whats up?? Do you know something I don't?? Is it the end of the world or did you some how void your contract with the devil?? These are questions I need the answers too..... Now I am not saying that all celebrities sign their life away to the devil but come on.... Some of these people are pretty questionable. I don't know, we may never know the answers. But here are my thoughts are those that have passed....

First, Michael Jackson... WHAT IS UP WITH THAT... CRAZY. The guy was on enough pain killers to make a regular person comatose and unable to function. When I had a C-Section I was given percocets and told to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I pretty much was a zombie for 2 weeks, I could not image living my life like that. But their are only 2 really sad things about this... 1) His kids... they are going to be messed up FOREVER... for real how could you rebound from him being your father then having him die. and 2) A week ago if I asked 10 people if they liked "MJ" 9 out of 10 of those people would have said "God no, I don't like that perv's music." Now he is a "GOD" and the best performer EVER. Um no. Yes some of his music isn't bad and he did help with the race card but that is all. No God, just a man that made some good music and some bad choices. He probably voided his contract....

Farrah Faucet... Cancer is BAD I am not going to lie... My grandpa had colon cancer and towards the end of it he did not know who he was or anybody else. It was pretty sad, I can only guess what what it was like for her friends and family... its rough. But she is cool, I have no beef with her she was pretty and had great hair. She is probably in a better place now. She probably did not have a contract.

Ed McMahon.... Where we all surprised... Not really he was pretty old 86, that is a long time to live. My favorite memory of him is all the work he did with Publishers Clearing House.... I always hoped he would bring me 10 Million Dollars. He never did. But after reading his Wiki article, it did not say thing about that... But I swore he did. In his old age he got sue happy and sued everyone that crossed his path wrong.... Old men....Can't live with them, and still can't live with them... And he owed a lot of money on his million dollar house... SUCK. Broke it big time.

And lastly Billy Mays that is a true lost.. =( Who will sell us things we don't need?? I am going to go buy a Big City Slider Grill on Pay Day so I can make little hamburgers, because those are delicious. I don't use Oxyclean because I am not sure if it works but it probably does since its been around FOREVER. And if something does not work it usually fades away. Its pretty sad he died he always looked so happy and trusting and stayed out of the tabloids. He probably did not sign a contract with the devil because he talked his way out it.

Oh, I really did think the world was coming to end last weekend because all the people died and the weather was pretty crappy. I am glad it did not because I have lots of things to do this week and I am not ready for the 2nd coming. Also I have been to Adam-ondi-Ahma... Uh I am not walking there and its a big field with ONE bathroom... YIKES. Non-mormons just google that mkay.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Me helping people can sometimes hurt =(

Dear Sherry,

Sorry I made your family e-coli cookies =( Had I know that Nestle was going to recall them, 2 days later I would not have made them for you. I am glad that you and your family did not get sick and we can all laugh about it. (Also this is a TRUE story and I am not making it up.) I wanted to make you and your family a nice dinner because I know things are crazy right now... 5 kids WOW, having your mom and dad live with you WOW, taking care of your dad WOW, being pregnant WOW, and having the best positive attitude WOW. You really are amazing! Not only does she do all these things she belly dances, take water aerobics, and has a vinyl letter business. It was only fair I make her family dinner, I should do it more often. So I make her my wonderful HOMEMADE lasagna bought some bread, salad, you know the works. Make everything and go they really need a desert! All I have are break and bake Nestle chocolate chip cookies... and I go its not fancy but heck i just make them a homemade lasagna, they can deal. So I bring over my BOX of food WITH a HANDWRITTEN note from me. And I pretty much make Sherry cry tears of joy... I KNOW I AM PRETTY AWESOME. All is well her and the kids love the food everything is wonderful and I am perfect.

THEN on Friday afternoon I go and check the news sites like a do a few times a day, just to see what's UP and the big story of the hour is how Nestle cookies have been recalled because people have been sicken with E-coli... My heart sank, I was pretty much devastated. I know things get recalled all the time, but it has never effected us. So I start reading and reading everything I could to find out if we could get sick... Because you know Sherry did not get all 24 of those cookies I did not eat raw cookie dough and that what was making people sick. But I figured if this is when they are breaking the news those people probably ate cookies like say on Wednesday when I made mine. GREAT so I keep reading and nothing is said about eating baked cookies. I call their customer service number... "Your call with be answered in 2 mins" Yeah right 2 mins my @$$... I think I waited like 8 mins before I hung up... So I wrote an email on the 19th and on the 21st I got this back....

Dear Ms. Gorrell,

Thank you for contacting NestlĂ©® Toll House® Bars.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause but we do not recommend that you consume the product. Instead, we are asking that you return the product to your local grocer for a full refund.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.


Tara Williams
Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N1680623

Here are some thoughts on this..... Nobody got sick, that is great.... Why they could not put this information about baked cookies in the recall notice that went out, I don't know, they should have. Why did it take 3 days to get back to me, I COULD HAVE DIED!! or gotten sick. I just don't understand... But a few days later while reading my news sites I did find out that 50 or so people had been "fried" from a Nestle Plant in North Carolina because of this... I did not want to read the whole article I was scared of what might have been in it and what they did to my cookies!! Also I don't keep food recipes or packaging so I was unable to get a refund on the 21 cookies that were eaten... the other 3 I had left I threw away.

Thanks for not dying,

So I am pretty much sick of crap being recalled It seems like everyday something is being recalled for this or that. This has got to stop!! People die and get sick because BIG CHINESE/AMERICAN companies don't care about the people that buy their products. They should because we won't buy their products when WE ARE ALL DEAD FROM THEM.... And it only seems like this has gotten HUGE in the last few years... Why because we are laying off American workers who care about the products they make and outsourcing them to kids who work for 3 cents an hour. Its a horrible cycle that I don't have the answer for. Well what about not buying things made in China... Good luck with that, someone wrote a book about it and I am pretty sure she went crazy from trying not to buy things made in China... She tried that for a YEAR. And I think she said they only bought one thing made in china because it was pretty important and i don't remember the details or the title of the book... So thats my rant for the week hope you enjoy it and try to make some cookies this weekend ... I even posted a cookie recipe for you!!

Also I want to clarify that I don't hate those children that work for pennies a day. We actually donate $20 a month to Unicef (for the rest of our lives) ... I just think its sad they have to so they can survive. I am sure they got the very best training they could get form their company... Like the ride on the plane to the companies HQ for a week of training should have prepared them for their work they do. Who knows, maybe their yearly reviews will shed light on this subject...

Friday Recipe Box!


2 cups sugar
3 tablespoons cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups quick cooking oatmeal

Combine sugar, cocoa, milk, and butter into a big saucepan on medium heat, bring to a boil and boil for at least a min. Remove from heat, stir in peanut butter, vanilla and oatmeal mix well. Drop by teaspoon onto wax-paper and let cool

MY HINTS: Measure out ingredients first and keep them by the stove so you don't have to run around while you have to stand by the stove and watch them... Why do you have stand by the stove..... so your sugar doesn't burn! And lay out your wax paper before you start cooking so you aren't running around like a crazy person! Preparation is key in this recipe

Super Easy Super Fun!!! One of my favorites. This recipe is found in EVERY Southern's cookbook, its a staple in the summer when its to hot to turn the stove on, yet to hot for the cookies to set right so you have to put them in the fridge!! I have made these while living in Utah and they set up FAST and are a little dry.... But I still love them. I was talking to my friend Susan today who makes something similar and I was surprised there was a different recipe for these. Let me know if you have another recipe for No Bake / Stovetop cookies!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yogurt Bliss! Spanish Fork

Dear Guy that works at Yogurt Bliss! (and the people that own it)

I had such a good time at your store yesterday, so much fun that I will be back sometime AND wanted to blog about it. Why blog??? 2 reasons 1) It was good and fun 2) You don't have a web site..... The fact that you don't have a web site kinda bothers me but Its OK, you are a new business and I will still frequent your store. I should make my husband do one for you and in return we would like FREE Yogurt for LIFE.... Even if you aren't in business and we are like 75 I still want FREE yogurt or ice cream.... But you should get a Web Site... I really don't trust places that don't have one or a GOOD one that has been updated in the last year or two.

All joking aside I did tell the gentlemen behind the counter I would blog about this.... He is so silly he has no idea the power of my 10 readers... hehehe I did have good time and now I will tell you about it!!

About a week a go I saw signs for a new place here in Spanish Fork called Yogurt Bliss, I thought cool in this down economy its great that we have new business coming into our town... Its pretty obvious Home Depot, Target, Costco, Sams Club, Lowes, IHC, Chilis, A Mall, Best Buy, Applebees, and so on and so on... are not coming..... Instead we are getting a park... Anyhooo I thought I am going to go check this place out and yesterday I did!!

We ( me, my sister-in-law and our children) went and were amazed!!! Its so clean, modern, and new, just what you would expect from a new business that opened a week ago. =) Its pretty much Ikea and white... But now to the good stuff there are 8 flavors of soft serve yogurt to choose from... or you can twist the 2 flavors that are in the same machine together... OR you can make a soft serve yogurt suicide !!! LOL This would be awesome since the flavors are Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, cheesecake, rootbeer float, blueberry and some kind of sour thing I was scared to look at.... it was fun to mix and match them up... I just got cheesecake, I am so adventurous. Then after you get your yogurt you can put toppings on them!! ALL THE STINKING TOPPINGS YOU WANT! That great because Coldstone charges you like a $1 for a tablespoon of topping.... But before you get carried away and make a huge yogurt sundae of DOOM... you pay 38 cents an ounce (I think, I am almost pretty sure) So you really don't want to make a 5 lb sundae when you take all 7 of your children with you. Because you really don't want like 8 5 lb sundaes of doom... that would be $48.64 PLUS TAX.... So over $50 of soft serve yogurt.. so be careful go with a plan....

Now on to the employees! He was pretty awesome, so friendly and kind. Just what you would want in a Yogurt shop employee! He even went to find out what ingredients some of the yogurt had in them, so my son could try them. My son is allergic to eggs, nuts, and wheat. The Vanilla has egg in it, so beware! Most of them are Gluten free If not all of them and there are nuts around so be cautious of that. That was pretty awesome in my book. So many times we go to food places and the employees are CLUELESS as to what is in the products they are selling me ... Its pretty sad because that is their JOB. And then don't know what to do when I ask them to check it out.... Sometimes they get their act together and sometimes they are still looking at me with the deer in headlights look. But not this guy He pretty much went above and beyond his call of duty and he was happy about it! I don't know his name because I don't think he was wearing a name tag and if he was I was to engrossed in my yogurt bliss!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dear People that read my blog! 

What's up?  Sorry  I have not writing in a few days, I just haven't known what to write about.  I had some ideas floating around and I still may do that some time.  But I did want to tie up some loose ends that I have floating out there in cyber land.  

I am riding a bike FOR REAL! last night my husband went on a 2 mile bike ride and I did not complain once... Well that is not true we did go over a part of the trail that was all jacked up and has not been taking care of in years, but he complained too.  If he complains and I complain about the same thing that equals 0 and everybody is happy!!!  Bike riding is good and its going to make me a super HOT babe, who is to busy to blog... hahah

My blood work came back yesterday and I am fine and healthy.  This upset Kerri over at messes and mudpies because she was sure I had a Thyroid problem.  I called her before my husband and she thinks my doctor and the blood test are wrong, and she is right.   Thats fine she can think that way, I will still make fun of her being smarter then my doctor and blood work.  She thinks all this because I have a moon face.  I am still not sure what that means, the only thing I came up with is that she thinks my face is ugly... =(  Some best friend I have.  I am such a good friend that I am going over there in a few hours to help her package 200 soaps and talk about my moon face! 

OMG did you see the big Jon and Kate show??  I did   They are pretty much getting a divorce.  I am going to give props for TLC not airing them actually going to the court house to file papers and for not showing them telling their kids.   It was pretty heart breaking.  I even cried when they did a "re-cap of family moments"  I just feel so bad for those children, because they don't care if they live in a million dollar house or go on fancy trips.   They just want a normal life with 2 parents that love them.  I don't think they will ever have that, and that makes me sad for them.   Now to BASH Jon and Kate because they are pretty much idiots... Someone somewhere has made this comment many times, and I find some truth and humor in it.   "God knew what he was doing when he made these two people not be able to have children." GASP !!!  Now my disclaimer/apology : Talk to God and see why you can't have kids, don't yell at me I don't have sex with you. But on that same note... why do some people get to be parents when clearly it is not in best interest for any of the involved parties.  I don't know don't ask me.... its messed up.  OH Back to Jon and Kate:  You suck and your children are going to suffer because of what you thought were a good ideas... BOOOOOO to you go back to school!   On a side bar I read lots of web sites/blogs about them.  It seems that Kate is super crazy and mean TRUE.  And that they have had problems since they got married 10 years ago.   =(    I think I am done with them. 

Anyhoo have a good Tuesday and hope you enjoy the new layout that my husband fixed again he is so smart! 


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Update 1: As you can tell my blog back ground has changed !!  Thanks to my wonderful husband, he is so smart.  I should have come to him in the first place, when I was having issues with it, because that is basically what he does, he is a super programmer and can do anything!  I am so proud of him.  He is now just working on making the back ground red, but I like the green I just like red better.  Our whole house is red, white, and black, expect our kitchen which is a hodge-podge of crap and I want to re do it... some day.    Our house is a work in progress and will be complete when we move in 5 years.    So go HUB for fixing my blog you are best! 

Update 2:  I got a new seat for my bike on Friday and then was able to go on a family bike ride with the hub, son and our neighbors!  It was so much fun, and can't wait to do it again! I guess I saved Fathers Day by riding the bike that we bought for me as hubs gift.  As soon as summer begins we will go on more family bike rides....  It looks like the weather is clearing up so I  might be able to go the store soon!  

Update 3:  Yesterday I was able to go get my compost machine!  Its pretty cool I can't wait to get it all set up and have some of my peeps come over and check it out.  If you live near me and want one let me know and I will let you come and see it in action!  I feel so green, I compost, recycle and use my reusable grocery bags.   I could be better but I just can't get into cloth diapers, If there was a diaper service I might think about it.   I don't use green cleaning products either because I just don't think I have found any that I like or work well.  I tried some dishwasher soap and it left a white film on everything!  Other green-cleaning products I used I was never sure if they disinfect I could never find out, and thats important to me.   And lastly someday I will try to talk the Hub into getting us a VW TDI vehicle...  someday.   Have a great rest of the weekend and have a good Fathers Day! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's new with you??

What's new with me? Not much  I lost 10 pounds in 30 days !! GO ME  I had my monthly update with my doctor about this he is happy.  Not so much about the fact that I am soooo tired all the dang time... I am.  So he order a complete blood work up!  GO HIM!  I will let you know how that is on Monday and if I have any STDs I could have possibly given you.... ;)  

Also something new I am not getting a divorce like Jon and Kate plus 8... apparently there is a spacial one hour episode Monday because they have an announcement that effects the whole family.  I hope its the one where she says she is sorry for being a hoe and she will act better. We will all know soon enough ...... Everyone is invited to my house to watch on the big screen. please RSVP by Monday afternoon at 4 PM =)  Also we have a family member that is getting divorced... Its awkward  and I don't like to talk about it.  BUT I do not judge in real life but I must say Its not a good idea to get a divorce then live together... its just a bad idea.  I don't care what the reasons are they are not good enough it will make things worse.     

You know I will say this and it may ruffle some feathers but whateva Its how I feel and in the end I am  only responsible for my actions.  Gay marriage doesn't hurt my marriage.... Friends/Family getting a divorce does.  Why because when I hear this I go WOW if they can't make it work I have no hope.  =(  I really do feel that way because I am friends with these people for a reason because they are awesome. I don't know it just makes me and the hub talk about our marriage and then we recommit to make it work.  I love do my hub very much and we hardly ever fight and if we do its about 2 things... Me spending to much money and me not wanting to have sex every night ............. TMI I know.  Then I say but babe if those are really aren't that big of problems...  Its fine cause he knows I try not to spend to much money on food and household products... Sorry if a case of TP is $15 at Costco... HHAHAHA 

OH the other thing I want to talk about is babies... Why is everyone having one??  All those people that have kids the same age or younger then my son.... It makes me look bad like I can't have kids... That is not the case I cost my insurance company like $900 to get my Mirena... LOVE IT....  so I gotta get some more miles out that.  I can't get prego because of that and because I am taking a diet pill from the doctor I talked about earlier apparently its not a good idea if you take speed when you are pregnant.. Thats my PSA for day don't do drugs while you are prego...  Also he was SHOCKED when I told him I was tired all time... apparently people taking speed  should not be tired.... I think I am going to die.... hence the blood work...  But back to the babies I have a theory... these people got pregnant so I would be forced to make them  a diaper cake.... Because the ones I make are AWESOME.   Just FYI they cost like $40-50 to make did any of you spend that much money on a present for my baby???? If you did let me know.. =) 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have been called out =(

Dear Kristina P.

Thanks for calling me out on my blog... YOU SUCK.   She is mad at me because I did not want to go to her bloggers lunch... and now I am organizing a bloggers play date...  I am pretty sure she hates me now.    I feel bad, but I just started blogging and I only had like a weeks notice.  I did not want to be that girl that just started blogging and people don't know me or care. =(  I have low self esteem.    The Bloggers play date, may not even happen nobody had replied, its to soon to tell.  I hope we can still be pals!  I think you are so funny and wonderful, you are such a special soul.. 

I bet you guys are like who the crap is Kristina and why should I care??  Well She is pretty awesome she always reads your blog and makes some witty comment. She will make you feel like someone cares and you aren't just blogging for yourself.    I would link her blog here but I don't know how, but she will be the first one to comment on this and then you can go from there. 


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maybe I have gone off the deep end.....

Dear Readers:

Some evening thoughts for you, because my house is clean, the boys in bed and I can't get my thoughts out of my head.  And we all know the best way to do that is to BLOG. hahahaha   

So me and the hub have been watching a lot of Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bordain on the Travel Channel.    Some of the more interesting things that I will never forget from the show I will now share will you so we can all bond.   Anthony Bordain was in the middle east maybe Iraq I can't remember and he was invited to a BBQ where they roasted a camel, a whole one, in the ground for many many hours... WOW I don't know if I could ever eat camel meat, even if it had Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on it and cooked in a pit for hours... What do you think could you eat camel meat?  I think he said it tasted like chicken.... gamey red meat chicken... YUM.   Which brings me to my next food thought.... Andrew Zimmerman was in Minnesota and ended up buying tickets for a meat raffle...  now that sounds different... But I thought it was such a good idea that I went to google it to see if there was one near me... there is not...   I was like hey If I can buy a $1 raffle to win some meat sign me up!!!  without going into much detail there is a wiki article about it...   Would anybody want to do this with me??  Do I need a license if I do this?? HMMM there are to many questions and I am feeling to lazy to organize a Meat Raffle...   

Also on a note of me organizing ... my dear friend Rebecca stepped up to the plate and helped me clean out my fridge... IT WAS SO FREAKIN AWESOME.    IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. for real.   It was something I been struggling with and felt that if this one thing was done it would make my life better in so many ways... SO FAR IT HAS.   I will keep you updated.... Then I was left thinking what else can get/con my blog readers to do for me.....   Well we do need to finishing painting in our new office and get the flooring fixed...  That maybe something you can do together as a family and then in return my family will cook you a meat dinner on the grill... ( I will buy this meat not win it)  =( So talk to your husbands and see if they want to come over to our house and do things they don't want to do in their own homes let alone a strangers home and in return we will grill him the meat of his choice on our grill... HA =) for realsies   

Something else totally from the other end of the spectrum... A Blogger play date?? Anybody game??  Probably at the SF library Park around the beginning of July any thought anybody want to organize a Pot Luck lunch ?? let me know..


my friend, my VT

Dear Rebecca! 

Yes, you can come clean my fridge!  I have all kinds of goodies in there for you!  No I will have to pay you and hold up my end of the deal... Because I still want us to be on speaking terms after this.   You can come anytime  expect Wednesday and Friday morning before 12.  I have things going on...   And probably not while my husband is home so I don't have to hear him complain.  Which by the way we are better terms now... What a difference and day and blog make!!   Anyhoo I have southwest egg-rolls, cookies and cheetos we can eat and probably some other stuff too!  Bring your mask and gloves...heheheh no I am serious and I will be writing up the confidentially agreement shortly... and bring diet coke with lime I am out =(  for real how come I don't have your email address and have to air all my dirty laundry out for my bloggers?? HMMMM  I am glad you like my blog and it makes you laugh... Sometimes I fear the context of my blog could damage eyes and make Baby Jesus cry, But we have all been warned, and I will be responsible for my letters.  Anyhoo call me my little ray of sunshine that turned my gray skies clear!  OH hey while you are here and you are my VT can you help me make my blog cute? I dislike the one i have now and had issues when i tried to fix it myself. =( BOOOO ME. 


Monday, June 15, 2009


Dear Readers:

I am in kinda a blah mood today... For many reason which I will now share, because I am cool like that.   Sorry I don't want to "bum" anybody out for my negative blog, but hey we are all entitled  to one blah/negative blog a month.  So here it goes.....

I guess it could all be traced back to last Saturday the 6th when we got the mail and found out that there was a lien on house for supplies that were used to do some remodeling on our house. Great we paid this guy for labor and supplies and now this... and there are still a few things that need to be finished...  To make it better he lives in our neighborhood and goes to church with us, if we went...  Those mormons they like us all to be together... live, church and school all together.... ITS GREAT!    Like last Thanksgiving when the people across the street got in a fight and she threw him out, IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER... he is back btw...  OMG FOCUS.... The lien on our house is only $540 but we will probably have to pay for that GOOOO US!  I love people.    So that kinda sucks.  

Then we have the BIKE incident  which some of you are aware of since we are facebook friends. But I will go into more detail here... My husband bikes to work because he likes to and it helps keeps his girlish figure... its 10 miles both ways.  GOOOO HIM.   So a few weeks ago I begged my friend that moved to give us her bike stroller .... I had no idea these existed  till like this summer.  OK people don't bike in Alabama for real... my husband does not get this hence why I have not rode a bike since the 4th grade... So now we have a bike trailer for our son its great all we need now is a bike for me, so we can go on family bike rides.  Ok who ever said "Its just like riding a bike, you never forget!" Is pretty much a moron and an @$$.    I am guessing this person rode a bike often and was not over weight.   So we buy the bike at a store..... I kinda tried riding it around but i felt silly and i was wearing flip flops.. I figure it will be better when i am wearing shoes and I am not in a store.  WRONG  I pretty much got ganged raped by a bike.  It hurt bad, that was Wednesday and I only rode for like 2 blocks.   It was horrible, cold and rainy... Everybody had fun on our family bike ride but me. 

 So Yesterday my husband really, really wants to go on another family bike ride since we did get this bike for me for Fathers Day....................... I was like fine, I checked the weather and said maybe we should not go because the weather shows this big HUGE red and yellow dot coming towards our city...  Ah whatever the weather man IS NEVER RIGHT.    So we set out on our family bike ride... I get to end of our road and have to turn around because I am in pain in my butt and I am out shape, and the wind is blowing really hard.   I stop my husband keeps going for a bit then notices I am not there and turns around, to come get me... he is like what's wrong I tell him every thing... but he already  knows so he bikes back to the house in "anger" because I ruin everything....  I am not sure if that is what happened but that is what it felt like to me....  Go me for ruining our family bike ride and Father's Day..... He is still upset at me because all I do is play on the computer, feel bad, or am out doing something...   Thats how I feel about him... But his playing on the computer is work.  And it did rain pretty bad like 25 mins after we got home.....  but nothing like Hey Leah you were right about the weather. 

So there you have my negative post for the month... Lien on house, don't feel good, bike ride from Hell, and angry husband, and a child who loves to get up at 6 AM....  I have so much to be grateful for!!! 

Your sister in Zion,

Friday, June 12, 2009

a recipe for you!

Dear People that eat and/or cook food...  

This is by popular demand... my friends like this recipe as do my family.  I think you might enjoy this tasty, simple and different meal, that I make at least twice a month. 

Rootbeer Dip Subs 

A 3-5 roast of your choosing

2 cans BARQ'S root-beer.  (Do not use other brands or diet you will be sorry)

1 envelope dry onion soup mix or  Aus Ju sauce mix.. maybe both if you are feeling lucky.. But at least one of them. I like onion soup mix better.

Some Hoggie Buns 

Put your roast in the the greased crock of your choice.  Cook the Heck out of it for like 8-10 hours so that it is almost falling a part.   Shred put on buns,  Put liquid from crock in a little bowl and to dip your sandwich in.    

One of my friends put Swiss cheese and onions on it.. she liked it.  I have never put anything on mine.. thought about it but haven't.   Maybe someday.   

I did find the original recipe from 101 MORE things to do with a Slow Cooker... When I went to look at it for this post I noticed 2 things that I do differently.. I add another can of root beer. And they add 1.5 cups of BBQ sauce....  I have never made this recipe that way.   So I guess this is kinda my own recipe maybe that is inspired by them??  

Let me know if you have questions,

grocery shopping

Dear Patrons and Employees of Local Grocery store.... 

UGH... I want to talk about some things that would make mine and possibly others shopping trips more enjoyable... As someone who chooses to work in the home, it part of my job to plan dinners and buy the products  I need to make them DUH.  Any who just a little back ground for you..   Now I would like to share some things that annoy me about going to the grocery store:

1.  People who don't watch their 11 kids while shopping....This is sooooo annoying I don't want your child in my face nor do I want to run them over with my cart... Please leave most of them at home. Expect the 2 or 3 you have pushing your carts... Which leads me into why you are not watching them...

2. The coupon people... Yes you know who are the people who have the box/folder full of coupons.. Yes its great you get a weeks worth of groceries for $2 However is this stuff you are really going to eat?? Do you plan your menus around these items.. YUCK.   Wanna know how I roll? I plan what I want to eat in advance because I like to know what I am having and pretty much I want things cooked in a crock pot or made SUPER easy... so thats how I plan my shopping trip.. When I get there and have to pick something I pick the cheapest one, the only kind or the one that I know is the best tasting.   I don't know this is a touchy subject and I pad my budget to reflex the need to buy food at the normal cost.   SORRY (also I don't want to spend hours searching for deals on things I do not eat or beg my neighbors for the coupons from the newspapers they do not get.) 

3.  I guess what bugs me more then those 2 things Is the way my groceries are bagged. That bothers me more because that directly effects me, AND I AM STANDING RIGHT THERE. I try to unload my cart to make it easier on the bagger by putting everything in groups.. boxes, cans, frozen, fresh foods, fragile, and non food items... and probably in that order  because I had no trouble spatting off that list... I must do it with out even thinking about it.  =/   Those last two are tricky and please DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE SAME BAG... like today one of my bags contained : eggs, shampoo and conditioner, and spray lysol in a can... GREAT!!   GOOD JOB HIGH SCHOOL KID.   I know I know I probably threw them off by handing her my reusable bags but for real I have 6 of them and I am not going to throw a fit if you put a few things in a plastic bag...  UGH... because now I have to fix it all while I am putting things in my car. 

4.  Nothing to do with the store but something kinda food related... As you may know my fridge is a MESS... and nothing bugs me more then the sell by date VS. use by date.   WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?  Yes I know what used by date means; don't eat after this date or you get sick and could die in your bathroom.   But the sale by date is only good for stores... It does not help me in the fact that I do not keep a chart by my fridge saying that eggs are good for 5 days after this day... If there is such a chart please forward it to me so I can take it to Kinko's and do my thang to it.  Also on this note... One more then on occasion I have purchased expired food at a National chain near my house.  THIS IS HORRIBLE. I HATE THEM FOR THIS.  they suck.  boo on you "Palbertson's"  Don't you employee people that do this?   

That is all have a good weekend,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh My!

Dear "Wonder Woman"  

Thanks for reading my blog!  Sorry I did not answer all 5 of your letters/comments sooner.   I actually left the house for once.  I know can you believe it.  Everybody sit down now... I DID SOMETHING WITH PEOPLE FROM CHURCH.  I will call 911 if some one has a stroke.  It gets better I was outside for 2.5 hours.  WHAT THE HECK.. I did have my iPhone so I did kinda have a computer/internet with me.  And I took the little one, he had a blast making me run around..  But I did have a good time.  Our Church does Moms in the Park and each Thursday we go to a different park.  Its fun, your organization may steal this idea, but let me talk to Nancy first it was her idea and she may not be ok with it and the name my be trademarked or something.     

OH back to Wonder Woman...  Yes, I do live in Spanish Fork and I actually live near the high school track. I will probably not walk the track in the morning because I go to water aerobics from 7-8 AM M-W-F.  And go to Yoga T and T.  Then my husband makes me ride a bike. ( I will blog about that SOON.)  There are other people in Spanish Fork that blog one is my good friend Kerri from Messes and Mudpies, but she is busy to do things.     She is how Krisitna P became Obsessed with me...    I probably won't go the Bloggers lunch on Saturday for many many reasons.  Which I will now list.

1.  I do not want to get rapped or kidnapped
2. I am not this cool or funny in real life. 
3. It is to far for me to travel.
4. I need to crack the whip and make my husband finish his
office remodel/project. 
5. I will only go when I am paid a $25k speaking fee. 
6. That includes a free lunch and limo transportation.
7.  Kerri is not going.
8. I do not have a Snuggie to wear.
9.  I may go to the Farmers Market to see Kerri
10. I am washing my hair.

I hope everyone has a good time there.  Sorry I can't/don't want to go.    Thanks for reading my blog I will read yours during my little ones nap time. Or I may go to Macey's  and make my mom watch him.   I have not decided.  


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Dear Readers: 

I need some help doing something in my house.  FOR REAL.  There is something that I have put off for some time now... A REAL LONG TIME.  And it needs to be done.  What is it?? I need someone to clean out my fridge...  It has gotten to the point that I have worked myself up against it and fear I will never ever do it.   My mom keeps HARASSING me,  to do it and I say "No I might need that expired yogurt from December" ... Then I yell "IF IT BOTHERS YOU SO MUCH YOU DO IT." Then we give each other looks and nothing happens.  So I am putting it out there, If you are up to it I have CASH like $25 for your time and any food you find that you want you can have it.  I mean I want you to come to my house clean out all the "food"  then clean the fridge and freezer then organize any food that you have not taking... I want my fridge to look like the ones on MTV Cribs.   You will get to hang out with me, get some $$$ and FREE food.   So think about it and let me know.   


Monday, June 8, 2009


A Disclaimer:  Jon and Kate have a TV show on  TLC that share their adventures with us.  We are so lucky to see this train wreck of burning toxic garbage.   I watch the show, and read the blogs I am pretty much a loser.  ENJOY!! 

Dear Jon and Kate:

Man this letter has been a long time coming, but I thought it would be a good time to give you a 100 episode gift.     So here it goes...  You both have lost sight of the prize!    Your actions will have consequences that you can not even image that will effect your children and if they have children, but they probably won't... it will effect them.  But I am sure you have not thought about that because all you care about is MONEY.  I don't think you even care about yourselves, well maybe a little bit only when it comes to how you can spend money on yourselves... But anyways  money does not solve problems.... A great artist/rapper/mogul Once Said Mo' Money Mo' Problems.  P Diddy is wise beyond his years.   We could all learn a thing or two from him.. HEY I HAVE AN IDEA!! You should have him on your show!!! YES you have had every other dog and pony show on there its time for some diversity....   Yes Emeril was a good, and Kate I am glad you only hit him twice BIG IMPROVEMENT.   

But seriously I am getting kinda tired of your show... I am tired of seeing you go on stupid trips too.  I think TLC caught on to that and thought it would be GREAT idea to have people come to you... so lucky so stupid.. I wonder how much TLC had to pay them to be degraded and hit by you Kate... whatever it was it was not enough. I think the point is that you have peeked and that makes you MAD...   So you have to create your own drama so you feel important and loved thats kinda sad...  I do believe all the "problems" you have are ones you have brought on yourself and now you have to deal with them.  Sorry so sad its real life get over it.     BOOOOO 

Kate: Stop being mean to people especially your husband  FOR REAL!  You wonder why he is so unhappy and nothing you do is working... Have you tried being nice to him and doing what he really wants to be happy ... And that is stop the show. SHOCKING!!  I have read that he really doesn't want to stop the cash cow...  but who knows what to believe I don't believe you or him even when you are "telling the truth" how can I? How can any of us.   But you do need to be nice to him or he will cut you bad... he is a time bomb, and you are just mean.  Think about that!   Oh yeah be nice to your kids or they will find some crappy old run down nursing home to put you in when that time comes... JUST A THOUGHT, its something I threaten my mom with, when she acts up.....  And they will make you wear a bib when you eat.... and probably post pics of you when you crap all over yourself.... think about it. Jon you will probably be dead before this could happen to you so don't worry live life to the fullest!   

Wow you guys have a lot to think about .... even though I am pretty sure you will never read this.  Hey I know I am not perfect  Heck I judge people on a daily basis based on the actions I see.  But its ok I will be watching till the end.  Probably because one of your kids has the same name as me... Any hoo have a good one! 

Love Always,

right back atcha !

Dear Kerri, 

Your letter embarrassed me to the point that I cried... hahaha NO I LOVED IT,  I think all the readers of this blog should post a letter to me... WHAT A GREAT IDEA.   I am off topic... I am really glad we have become great friends. I REMEMBER when we first spoke/met!  It was at Recipe Club and it was Feb/March 07 and we were both pregnant..  So there I am the better friend.    I even remember that you were 6 weeks along. or something like that.    I bet if we both were not pregnant we would have become friends then, but preggos make horrible NEW friends and I read this thing on line or at IHC that you should not make new friends when you are pregnant because they might only want to be your friend to steal your baby!  I KNOW RIGHT.  So that is probably why we did not become BFF right away, I was scared you would steal my baby.  

SKIP ahead 22 months or so... I was ask (TOLD)  to do a craft night with the ladies of the our church, so I started to go a few months before I did mine, so it my would not suck....... So I went to the Soap class Kerri did and had such a good time and was able to relax and be myself, because its hard to do that when you are around like 15 people you kinda know...  And then there were talks of play-dates and what not, because Kerri did not steal my baby, but birthed her very own.  I felt good about that so,  I thought it would be a good idea to have our sons play together And they ended up being BFF so I was like now I have to be friends with this kids parent... And I was like GOOD.   Side note her son calls my son... KA-KA... because he can not say Micah... its really cute.  

 I am glad this all worked out because now I have a great friend that I trust and like to hang out with.  Its really hard to find that in a person so when you do you have to make sure that you don't screw it up!!  But that is easy with Kerri because we just hang out and have a good time we don't gossip or say mean things about others.  We just talk about things going on in our lives like soap, exercise, kids, food, growing up, and just things that we like.   I hope you all could read her post she wrote about me.  http://www.messesandmudpies.blogspot.com/  You better bring your tissues. Also I think I am going to print it out and take it to Kinkos and have them blow it up to the biggest poster I can buy for $100...   YES    

OMG I forgot to say things about KERRI that are fun and true.  I really like her because we can hang out and be ourselves, she has no hidden agenda for being my friend, she is not after me for all my husbands riches or to get me to go to church. Even though she wants me to be the next YM prez... I say NO!  Maybe I am a touch crazy but I think some/a lot of the time, people have another reason for being my friend.  This is turning into a crazy post... So here it goes.

Things I like about Kerri

1. She is a great mother, I want to be more laid back like her.
2. She is funny and we have the same sense of humor
4. I love her kindness towards others. I need more of that in my life.
5. Kerri is not flakey! I love that in people
6. I love how she gets so excited about stuff she is doing or going to do.  
7. She has goals and plans for her life and her soap business.  She is pretty smart! 
8. She is so Talented I mean WHO makes soaps from scratch! like 1o people in the world.
9. I love how she the best YW president and loves those girls... its not a job for everyone.
10.  I Like that she is my friend!   And that she wants to do stuff with me. not to many people do. 

Kerri, I am sorry that mine was just a list and not a well written letter.  But I think you will enjoy reading it.   I hope I don't do something stupid or lame and that we can be friends after you move into your big fancy house in the "rich neighborhood" and I think we can.  And I am glad you did not steal my baby, that can be 11 if you would like. 

Your BFF,

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Dear Max the dog:

Please DO NOT EAT USED DIAPERS! Its gross and I am pretty sure its not good for you.   I do not like cleaning them up either, its pretty annoying.   I know I should be better about throwing them away and I do 98% of the time.   But you should not eat used diapers 100% of the time... see how that works??    I will try to work on that 2%  and you work on not eating things you should not... It could kill you. then I would be sad .. and slightly annoyed.   But you are a good dog and I love having you in our family.    Also I need to get you groomed. I tried to make you an appointment but the place went out of business the same day I made the online appointment.   So now I have to find a new place.  I am working on it.  Have a good day napping and barking at things outside.  


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The phone call..

Dear Readers:

I am amazed at how a 1 min phone call changed the mood of my day...    I was having a very productive day, and I even had gotten up at 6:30 AM...  I called my husband because we had been invited to go somewhere this evening and need to confirm it with him... He was in a meeting and he would call me back.. Thats fine it happens all the time.   then he calls me back and I told him what my deal was and then he told me what his deal was .. That his company had their lay off day and the person he suggested to be laid off had been let go....  I feel SICK..  Yes micah has his job and he is in a position that hopefully we would see major sign before he was let go...  But It still makes me feel horrible because I know this person, its a smaller company and I know many of the co workers and their families. I just feel horrible as does micah, But the company had to re do the budget during these tough times so they can keep going.  I am sure many people are doing this in their lives.    I am probably going to be upset about this for awhile because its hard now, I don't know what we would if Micah lost his job... well I do and I don't want to max out the credit cards we have just paid off.... And lose what little savings we have...   I had felt pretty lucky for the last few months because we did not know anybody that had lost their job or house... But that changed today, and it just makes the bad economy a little more real for me.  And it makes me sad/sick that Micah had a part in it.  I love micah a lot and to know he had to do this kinda work is surreal.  Not that micah is mean and found pleasure in this and I am sure he feels worse then I do ...  

After the shock, I made a realization... pray for this family and I did.   Then I thought of my favorite scripture and I prayed for Heavenly Father to help share it with them... and its DC 100: 12 Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end. That scripture is the one that keeps me going.  The one I cling to and say a few times a day.  I don't know what I would do with out.  It brings me peace, joy, strength, comfort, love, and happiness and probably a lot of other feelings, but I LOVE that scripture.    Its a pretty good chapter in the DC about early church missionary work and how the Lord and Holy Ghost will be with you if you keep the commandments and do the things he asks of you.   And its SO EASY to replace those names with my own it makes it more personal and I feel like the Lord is talking to me... Just a thought.. Its something I do..  It just brings it home to me...  

Sorry for the 3 serious Post in a row... I know most of you come here for comic relief .. but I hope I can provide some spiritually relief some times too.  I promise a fun one soon.. I am working/thinking about one for Jon and Kate + 8.  I have some words for them... 

Yours always, 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Jordan,

So today was the big day huh ???  You think you are so special.. MOVING.. pfft    I did not want to write this blog for a few days, but it just kept nagging at me and I could not get it out of my head.  I even had to stop my farmtown and myzoo games on facebook to do this..  I am sure you will get to know these really well when you move into your fancy house in the middle of no where...  Just get a facebook account those Wyoming winters are HARD and LONG....  Back on track, I can't believe you moved.  I was really upset when you told me this, I cried then and I cried twice today. JUST FYI.  BUT I UNDERSTAND.  If my husband got offered a great job and we decided it was best for our family, we would move as soon as our house sold too!    

Its cool, I get it.  Not to say I am not sad to lose such a great friend.  I don't know if you know this or not, Its really hard for me to make friends I don't like to. I have always had a hard time with all the up keep most friends require... and people don't get me so I have not had to many. BUT YOU made me be your friend by being all nice to me and inviting me to do things and meet people SHAME ON YOU. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY!!  Its ok just so you know you will never be replaced by that I mean I will not like anybody that lives in that house or is named Jordan, expect micah's cousin who is already named Jordan.. BUT NO NEW JORDAN'S...  Its a good thing you made me meet all those other people...  I don't know I guess people liked me more because I was your friend and if you liked me then I must be ok...  I hope they will still be my friend now.. =(  

 I just feel like things aren't going to be the same without you here and that makes sad.  You are such an important part of our circle of friends that I just don't know what to do.  I  want you to know what an impact you made on my life and how every time I was around you I wanted to be a better person and maybe someday I will be..  But thanks for everything the stroller, helping me with my house, and always being there for me!   You will be missed and I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to have known you and be your friend! 


Thank you!

Dear Stef !  

Thanks for FINALLY reading my blog and inviting me to read yours!   I guess all I had to do was be in a bathing suit in front of you!   GAH !$@$#%@   No for real I LOVED water aerobics!! I will probably sign up for the July and August classes even if none of my "friends" join me.   I am not doing it for me I am doing it so I don't weigh 200 lbs!!  YUCK did i just say that!?!?   Don't get me wrong I was TIRED today but I think I am always tired, even if I work out most days... I am going to talk to my doctor about that next week...    But to all the PEEPS out there  Water aerobics M-W-F 7 AM its awesome!!  $3.5o for a drop in class $35 a month.  DO NOT WORRY:  1) water is 90 degrees 2) you are not fat 3) NO you are not ugly or old....  (thats not to you Stef thats to all my "friends" who can't come....)  Granted I know its early and husbands have to get to work I understand that, but he will think its sexy you lose weight and feel good! 

Love Always,
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