Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yogurt Bliss! Spanish Fork

Dear Guy that works at Yogurt Bliss! (and the people that own it)

I had such a good time at your store yesterday, so much fun that I will be back sometime AND wanted to blog about it. Why blog??? 2 reasons 1) It was good and fun 2) You don't have a web site..... The fact that you don't have a web site kinda bothers me but Its OK, you are a new business and I will still frequent your store. I should make my husband do one for you and in return we would like FREE Yogurt for LIFE.... Even if you aren't in business and we are like 75 I still want FREE yogurt or ice cream.... But you should get a Web Site... I really don't trust places that don't have one or a GOOD one that has been updated in the last year or two.

All joking aside I did tell the gentlemen behind the counter I would blog about this.... He is so silly he has no idea the power of my 10 readers... hehehe I did have good time and now I will tell you about it!!

About a week a go I saw signs for a new place here in Spanish Fork called Yogurt Bliss, I thought cool in this down economy its great that we have new business coming into our town... Its pretty obvious Home Depot, Target, Costco, Sams Club, Lowes, IHC, Chilis, A Mall, Best Buy, Applebees, and so on and so on... are not coming..... Instead we are getting a park... Anyhooo I thought I am going to go check this place out and yesterday I did!!

We ( me, my sister-in-law and our children) went and were amazed!!! Its so clean, modern, and new, just what you would expect from a new business that opened a week ago. =) Its pretty much Ikea and white... But now to the good stuff there are 8 flavors of soft serve yogurt to choose from... or you can twist the 2 flavors that are in the same machine together... OR you can make a soft serve yogurt suicide !!! LOL This would be awesome since the flavors are Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, cheesecake, rootbeer float, blueberry and some kind of sour thing I was scared to look at.... it was fun to mix and match them up... I just got cheesecake, I am so adventurous. Then after you get your yogurt you can put toppings on them!! ALL THE STINKING TOPPINGS YOU WANT! That great because Coldstone charges you like a $1 for a tablespoon of topping.... But before you get carried away and make a huge yogurt sundae of DOOM... you pay 38 cents an ounce (I think, I am almost pretty sure) So you really don't want to make a 5 lb sundae when you take all 7 of your children with you. Because you really don't want like 8 5 lb sundaes of doom... that would be $48.64 PLUS TAX.... So over $50 of soft serve yogurt.. so be careful go with a plan....

Now on to the employees! He was pretty awesome, so friendly and kind. Just what you would want in a Yogurt shop employee! He even went to find out what ingredients some of the yogurt had in them, so my son could try them. My son is allergic to eggs, nuts, and wheat. The Vanilla has egg in it, so beware! Most of them are Gluten free If not all of them and there are nuts around so be cautious of that. That was pretty awesome in my book. So many times we go to food places and the employees are CLUELESS as to what is in the products they are selling me ... Its pretty sad because that is their JOB. And then don't know what to do when I ask them to check it out.... Sometimes they get their act together and sometimes they are still looking at me with the deer in headlights look. But not this guy He pretty much went above and beyond his call of duty and he was happy about it! I don't know his name because I don't think he was wearing a name tag and if he was I was to engrossed in my yogurt bliss!


Kristina P. said...

This sounds good! It's not one of those fancy healthy yogurt stores. Blech.

Rebecca said...

sweet, i will have to check it out. I saw the sign when I was getting on the freeway...yum.

Kerri said...

I didn't even know about this store! I will have to go sometime soon.

Single Girl said...

i just googled yogurt bliss and found you. I LOVE that place


Camille said...

Same here - you are one of Google's top finds! Probably because yogurt bliss doesn't have a website :) I've taken my girls there before and it really is a fun place - self-serve, friendly staff, bright colored walls. They need to expand! :)

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