Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh My!

Dear "Wonder Woman"  

Thanks for reading my blog!  Sorry I did not answer all 5 of your letters/comments sooner.   I actually left the house for once.  I know can you believe it.  Everybody sit down now... I DID SOMETHING WITH PEOPLE FROM CHURCH.  I will call 911 if some one has a stroke.  It gets better I was outside for 2.5 hours.  WHAT THE HECK.. I did have my iPhone so I did kinda have a computer/internet with me.  And I took the little one, he had a blast making me run around..  But I did have a good time.  Our Church does Moms in the Park and each Thursday we go to a different park.  Its fun, your organization may steal this idea, but let me talk to Nancy first it was her idea and she may not be ok with it and the name my be trademarked or something.     

OH back to Wonder Woman...  Yes, I do live in Spanish Fork and I actually live near the high school track. I will probably not walk the track in the morning because I go to water aerobics from 7-8 AM M-W-F.  And go to Yoga T and T.  Then my husband makes me ride a bike. ( I will blog about that SOON.)  There are other people in Spanish Fork that blog one is my good friend Kerri from Messes and Mudpies, but she is busy to do things.     She is how Krisitna P became Obsessed with me...    I probably won't go the Bloggers lunch on Saturday for many many reasons.  Which I will now list.

1.  I do not want to get rapped or kidnapped
2. I am not this cool or funny in real life. 
3. It is to far for me to travel.
4. I need to crack the whip and make my husband finish his
office remodel/project. 
5. I will only go when I am paid a $25k speaking fee. 
6. That includes a free lunch and limo transportation.
7.  Kerri is not going.
8. I do not have a Snuggie to wear.
9.  I may go to the Farmers Market to see Kerri
10. I am washing my hair.

I hope everyone has a good time there.  Sorry I can't/don't want to go.    Thanks for reading my blog I will read yours during my little ones nap time. Or I may go to Macey's  and make my mom watch him.   I have not decided.  



wonder woman said...

Guess I did get a little carried away with the comments, there. And I took a look at Messes and Mudpies.....I'm still a bit floored that there are bloggers in SF that have ventured into the MMB world! All the bloggers in my ward stay in the own blogging world, and it's kinda sad.

Don't worry about the lunch on Saturday. I just couldn't contain my excitement finding out someone lived within a mile or two of me.

I promise not to stalk you. High five for doing water aerobics. I'd be tempted to join the class if husband didn't leave for work at 7:30. And joining the class might be seen as stalking.

But I will come back here!

Kristina P. said...

Getting rapped does sound scary. Getting RAPED sounds even worse.

And you don't even need your own Snuggie to wear. See that picture on the right of my comment? We can wear a Snuggie together!!

Hey and someone sent me a hate email and it made me so happy. I don't know who this ANONYMOUS is, but if you do, since you're cool like that, tell her thanks.

La La La Leah said...

Wonder Woman! Its cool there are bloggers everywhere but most of my friends blogs are about their families which is cool. But my family does not do anything. You can go to water aerobics.. 2 of my friends come we would beat you up if there was trouble......

La La La Leah said...

Kristina: One did you NOT read the part of my blog about correcting my spelling or grammer?? GUESS NOT. BUT they are both bad and I do not want either to happen to me. EVER.

Are you going to blog about your Hate mail... I think some more may be coming SOON.

Kerri said...

These comments are pretty funny! I need to find out more about Wonder Woman since she lives here!

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