Friday, June 12, 2009

grocery shopping

Dear Patrons and Employees of Local Grocery store.... 

UGH... I want to talk about some things that would make mine and possibly others shopping trips more enjoyable... As someone who chooses to work in the home, it part of my job to plan dinners and buy the products  I need to make them DUH.  Any who just a little back ground for you..   Now I would like to share some things that annoy me about going to the grocery store:

1.  People who don't watch their 11 kids while shopping....This is sooooo annoying I don't want your child in my face nor do I want to run them over with my cart... Please leave most of them at home. Expect the 2 or 3 you have pushing your carts... Which leads me into why you are not watching them...

2. The coupon people... Yes you know who are the people who have the box/folder full of coupons.. Yes its great you get a weeks worth of groceries for $2 However is this stuff you are really going to eat?? Do you plan your menus around these items.. YUCK.   Wanna know how I roll? I plan what I want to eat in advance because I like to know what I am having and pretty much I want things cooked in a crock pot or made SUPER easy... so thats how I plan my shopping trip.. When I get there and have to pick something I pick the cheapest one, the only kind or the one that I know is the best tasting.   I don't know this is a touchy subject and I pad my budget to reflex the need to buy food at the normal cost.   SORRY (also I don't want to spend hours searching for deals on things I do not eat or beg my neighbors for the coupons from the newspapers they do not get.) 

3.  I guess what bugs me more then those 2 things Is the way my groceries are bagged. That bothers me more because that directly effects me, AND I AM STANDING RIGHT THERE. I try to unload my cart to make it easier on the bagger by putting everything in groups.. boxes, cans, frozen, fresh foods, fragile, and non food items... and probably in that order  because I had no trouble spatting off that list... I must do it with out even thinking about it.  =/   Those last two are tricky and please DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE SAME BAG... like today one of my bags contained : eggs, shampoo and conditioner, and spray lysol in a can... GREAT!!   GOOD JOB HIGH SCHOOL KID.   I know I know I probably threw them off by handing her my reusable bags but for real I have 6 of them and I am not going to throw a fit if you put a few things in a plastic bag...  UGH... because now I have to fix it all while I am putting things in my car. 

4.  Nothing to do with the store but something kinda food related... As you may know my fridge is a MESS... and nothing bugs me more then the sell by date VS. use by date.   WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?  Yes I know what used by date means; don't eat after this date or you get sick and could die in your bathroom.   But the sale by date is only good for stores... It does not help me in the fact that I do not keep a chart by my fridge saying that eggs are good for 5 days after this day... If there is such a chart please forward it to me so I can take it to Kinko's and do my thang to it.  Also on this note... One more then on occasion I have purchased expired food at a National chain near my house.  THIS IS HORRIBLE. I HATE THEM FOR THIS.  they suck.  boo on you "Palbertson's"  Don't you employee people that do this?   

That is all have a good weekend,


Rebecca said...

I am with you on the separation of food items, I try to put frozen/fridge, boxed, etc. but sometimes it gets all mixed up. Thanks for the re-usable bag tips. I will put them in my car. I will have to check out your compost thing.

Kristina P. said...

I just buy squeezy cheese, so it makes the bagging process easy.

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