Friday, June 26, 2009

Me helping people can sometimes hurt =(

Dear Sherry,

Sorry I made your family e-coli cookies =( Had I know that Nestle was going to recall them, 2 days later I would not have made them for you. I am glad that you and your family did not get sick and we can all laugh about it. (Also this is a TRUE story and I am not making it up.) I wanted to make you and your family a nice dinner because I know things are crazy right now... 5 kids WOW, having your mom and dad live with you WOW, taking care of your dad WOW, being pregnant WOW, and having the best positive attitude WOW. You really are amazing! Not only does she do all these things she belly dances, take water aerobics, and has a vinyl letter business. It was only fair I make her family dinner, I should do it more often. So I make her my wonderful HOMEMADE lasagna bought some bread, salad, you know the works. Make everything and go they really need a desert! All I have are break and bake Nestle chocolate chip cookies... and I go its not fancy but heck i just make them a homemade lasagna, they can deal. So I bring over my BOX of food WITH a HANDWRITTEN note from me. And I pretty much make Sherry cry tears of joy... I KNOW I AM PRETTY AWESOME. All is well her and the kids love the food everything is wonderful and I am perfect.

THEN on Friday afternoon I go and check the news sites like a do a few times a day, just to see what's UP and the big story of the hour is how Nestle cookies have been recalled because people have been sicken with E-coli... My heart sank, I was pretty much devastated. I know things get recalled all the time, but it has never effected us. So I start reading and reading everything I could to find out if we could get sick... Because you know Sherry did not get all 24 of those cookies I did not eat raw cookie dough and that what was making people sick. But I figured if this is when they are breaking the news those people probably ate cookies like say on Wednesday when I made mine. GREAT so I keep reading and nothing is said about eating baked cookies. I call their customer service number... "Your call with be answered in 2 mins" Yeah right 2 mins my @$$... I think I waited like 8 mins before I hung up... So I wrote an email on the 19th and on the 21st I got this back....

Dear Ms. Gorrell,

Thank you for contacting NestlĂ©® Toll House® Bars.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause but we do not recommend that you consume the product. Instead, we are asking that you return the product to your local grocer for a full refund.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.


Tara Williams
Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N1680623

Here are some thoughts on this..... Nobody got sick, that is great.... Why they could not put this information about baked cookies in the recall notice that went out, I don't know, they should have. Why did it take 3 days to get back to me, I COULD HAVE DIED!! or gotten sick. I just don't understand... But a few days later while reading my news sites I did find out that 50 or so people had been "fried" from a Nestle Plant in North Carolina because of this... I did not want to read the whole article I was scared of what might have been in it and what they did to my cookies!! Also I don't keep food recipes or packaging so I was unable to get a refund on the 21 cookies that were eaten... the other 3 I had left I threw away.

Thanks for not dying,

So I am pretty much sick of crap being recalled It seems like everyday something is being recalled for this or that. This has got to stop!! People die and get sick because BIG CHINESE/AMERICAN companies don't care about the people that buy their products. They should because we won't buy their products when WE ARE ALL DEAD FROM THEM.... And it only seems like this has gotten HUGE in the last few years... Why because we are laying off American workers who care about the products they make and outsourcing them to kids who work for 3 cents an hour. Its a horrible cycle that I don't have the answer for. Well what about not buying things made in China... Good luck with that, someone wrote a book about it and I am pretty sure she went crazy from trying not to buy things made in China... She tried that for a YEAR. And I think she said they only bought one thing made in china because it was pretty important and i don't remember the details or the title of the book... So thats my rant for the week hope you enjoy it and try to make some cookies this weekend ... I even posted a cookie recipe for you!!

Also I want to clarify that I don't hate those children that work for pennies a day. We actually donate $20 a month to Unicef (for the rest of our lives) ... I just think its sad they have to so they can survive. I am sure they got the very best training they could get form their company... Like the ride on the plane to the companies HQ for a week of training should have prepared them for their work they do. Who knows, maybe their yearly reviews will shed light on this subject...


Kristina P. said...

Hey cookies are cookies! I wouldn't turn down e-coli cookies.

The Garden of Egan said...

Stumbled onto your blog. Pretty dang funny. I'm not sure I would want to be your awesome neighbor or anything, cause of the e.coli cookie thing.
You are funny!

Marla said...

I would be lost in this world without you.

<3 you

sherbugs said...

I never knew I was I'm embarrassed! You came in my house and saw all the craziness, so please know that I am FAR from coolness :) Our family really LOVED the meal, it was really yummy, and we ate like pigs (I may have eaten all 24 cookies). You are fabulous and I will bring you freezer jam as a small token of our appreciation.
ps I'm glad none of us died either ;)

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