Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dear Husband,

Thanks for taking me on a date last Saturday!! I had a lot of fun going out to eat and seeing an awesome movie(star trek) I really did have a fun time, we had two sisters baby sit our son, and they looked really tired when we got home, but they did a good job. I am glad we got two, because he is a ball of non stop energy so much so that I encourage him to watch TV, so he not getting into things or running me ragged. I know its sad but I really do need some quite time. Anyhoo more on that later.

Date night was fun we went to Iggy's in Orem, it was bland food for a big price. My Beef Dip Sub was so much better, but the fries were good. I don't know its getting to the point where I don't like to go out and eat at expensive places expect the Melting Pot and The Cheesecake Factory. Those two places are my all time favorite places to eat. If you do go don't be surprised if you drop big money $$$ Micah and I spent $120 at the Melting Pot last time we went and about $50 at The Cheesecake Factory. But they are so good and worth the trip a couple of times a year. Ah so Iggy's was ok, not my favorite and I probably would not pick it again.

Star Trek was soooooo good! I went with very very little expectations, and left without even getting up to go pee. Holding my pee for 2.5 is a miracle, you can ask my husband. So you should take your husband if he likes Star Trek he would be really excited, and you don't even have to know all about Star Trek because if your husband likes it he will tell you everything you need to know............................ It was a good date night, we hope to start doing this once month if things go right. But kinda pricy after 2 baby sitters, dinner and movie = $75... so I had to put out.... maybe we will do it every other month.

Then on Sunday we watched our Netflix movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (PG-13) That was an excellent movie too. Oh I love that movie a lot maybe I will buy it when it comes out. Brad Pitt was awesome like always, I think he is a really talented actor and I enjoy most things he is in. This movie was so different from anything that I have ever seen and that was really refreshing, I loved not knowing what was going to happen. Its a must see, not really for kids or teens but more for couples as it is a love story and how people go through stages of love and the things we do for our true love. It was really tender and I cried at the end for a bit, I am even tearing up now...

On an end note I am beyond tired as I woken up at 5 AM by a crying little boy... I did get a nap for an hour, then I had to get up and do crap..... and now I have to go and change a poopie diaper =(

Love always,


Kristina P. said...

I wasn't able to hold my pee during Star Trek, but it's a very good movie! And the Cheesecake Factory is delicious.

Kerri said...

I want to see the benjamin Button movie. Now that you said you like it I'll definitely go rent it. I'm glad you got a date night!

Jordan said...

Didn't you think Benjamin Button was a little similar to Forest Gump??? The feel of it...
Am I not hot or sexy?

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