Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maybe I have gone off the deep end.....

Dear Readers:

Some evening thoughts for you, because my house is clean, the boys in bed and I can't get my thoughts out of my head.  And we all know the best way to do that is to BLOG. hahahaha   

So me and the hub have been watching a lot of Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bordain on the Travel Channel.    Some of the more interesting things that I will never forget from the show I will now share will you so we can all bond.   Anthony Bordain was in the middle east maybe Iraq I can't remember and he was invited to a BBQ where they roasted a camel, a whole one, in the ground for many many hours... WOW I don't know if I could ever eat camel meat, even if it had Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on it and cooked in a pit for hours... What do you think could you eat camel meat?  I think he said it tasted like chicken.... gamey red meat chicken... YUM.   Which brings me to my next food thought.... Andrew Zimmerman was in Minnesota and ended up buying tickets for a meat raffle...  now that sounds different... But I thought it was such a good idea that I went to google it to see if there was one near me... there is not...   I was like hey If I can buy a $1 raffle to win some meat sign me up!!!  without going into much detail there is a wiki article about it...   Would anybody want to do this with me??  Do I need a license if I do this?? HMMM there are to many questions and I am feeling to lazy to organize a Meat Raffle...   

Also on a note of me organizing ... my dear friend Rebecca stepped up to the plate and helped me clean out my fridge... IT WAS SO FREAKIN AWESOME.    IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. for real.   It was something I been struggling with and felt that if this one thing was done it would make my life better in so many ways... SO FAR IT HAS.   I will keep you updated.... Then I was left thinking what else can get/con my blog readers to do for me.....   Well we do need to finishing painting in our new office and get the flooring fixed...  That maybe something you can do together as a family and then in return my family will cook you a meat dinner on the grill... ( I will buy this meat not win it)  =( So talk to your husbands and see if they want to come over to our house and do things they don't want to do in their own homes let alone a strangers home and in return we will grill him the meat of his choice on our grill... HA =) for realsies   

Something else totally from the other end of the spectrum... A Blogger play date?? Anybody game??  Probably at the SF library Park around the beginning of July any thought anybody want to organize a Pot Luck lunch ?? let me know..


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Kristina P. said...

Wait, wait, wait. Is this the same woman who not even 5 days ago was talking about being raped by bloggers?

Did you go off your meds?

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