Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have been called out =(

Dear Kristina P.

Thanks for calling me out on my blog... YOU SUCK.   She is mad at me because I did not want to go to her bloggers lunch... and now I am organizing a bloggers play date...  I am pretty sure she hates me now.    I feel bad, but I just started blogging and I only had like a weeks notice.  I did not want to be that girl that just started blogging and people don't know me or care. =(  I have low self esteem.    The Bloggers play date, may not even happen nobody had replied, its to soon to tell.  I hope we can still be pals!  I think you are so funny and wonderful, you are such a special soul.. 

I bet you guys are like who the crap is Kristina and why should I care??  Well She is pretty awesome she always reads your blog and makes some witty comment. She will make you feel like someone cares and you aren't just blogging for yourself.    I would link her blog here but I don't know how, but she will be the first one to comment on this and then you can go from there. 



Kerri said...

No, I am the first to comment. Kristina must be sick becasue she is always the first. I don't recall hearing about a play date. When? I want to come!

Kristina P. said...

I was on my way to work. I need to be first! It's a complex I have.

That's OK. I have forgiven you. But I am still judging you. It's my resolution and all.

And we should do a play date!

La La La Leah said...

Yes Kristina,

You can bring lots of joy to the kids with your snuggie! You can be in charge of crafts.

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