Monday, June 8, 2009

right back atcha !

Dear Kerri, 

Your letter embarrassed me to the point that I cried... hahaha NO I LOVED IT,  I think all the readers of this blog should post a letter to me... WHAT A GREAT IDEA.   I am off topic... I am really glad we have become great friends. I REMEMBER when we first spoke/met!  It was at Recipe Club and it was Feb/March 07 and we were both pregnant..  So there I am the better friend.    I even remember that you were 6 weeks along. or something like that.    I bet if we both were not pregnant we would have become friends then, but preggos make horrible NEW friends and I read this thing on line or at IHC that you should not make new friends when you are pregnant because they might only want to be your friend to steal your baby!  I KNOW RIGHT.  So that is probably why we did not become BFF right away, I was scared you would steal my baby.  

SKIP ahead 22 months or so... I was ask (TOLD)  to do a craft night with the ladies of the our church, so I started to go a few months before I did mine, so it my would not suck....... So I went to the Soap class Kerri did and had such a good time and was able to relax and be myself, because its hard to do that when you are around like 15 people you kinda know...  And then there were talks of play-dates and what not, because Kerri did not steal my baby, but birthed her very own.  I felt good about that so,  I thought it would be a good idea to have our sons play together And they ended up being BFF so I was like now I have to be friends with this kids parent... And I was like GOOD.   Side note her son calls my son... KA-KA... because he can not say Micah... its really cute.  

 I am glad this all worked out because now I have a great friend that I trust and like to hang out with.  Its really hard to find that in a person so when you do you have to make sure that you don't screw it up!!  But that is easy with Kerri because we just hang out and have a good time we don't gossip or say mean things about others.  We just talk about things going on in our lives like soap, exercise, kids, food, growing up, and just things that we like.   I hope you all could read her post she wrote about me.  You better bring your tissues. Also I think I am going to print it out and take it to Kinkos and have them blow it up to the biggest poster I can buy for $100...   YES    

OMG I forgot to say things about KERRI that are fun and true.  I really like her because we can hang out and be ourselves, she has no hidden agenda for being my friend, she is not after me for all my husbands riches or to get me to go to church. Even though she wants me to be the next YM prez... I say NO!  Maybe I am a touch crazy but I think some/a lot of the time, people have another reason for being my friend.  This is turning into a crazy post... So here it goes.

Things I like about Kerri

1. She is a great mother, I want to be more laid back like her.
2. She is funny and we have the same sense of humor
4. I love her kindness towards others. I need more of that in my life.
5. Kerri is not flakey! I love that in people
6. I love how she gets so excited about stuff she is doing or going to do.  
7. She has goals and plans for her life and her soap business.  She is pretty smart! 
8. She is so Talented I mean WHO makes soaps from scratch! like 1o people in the world.
9. I love how she the best YW president and loves those girls... its not a job for everyone.
10.  I Like that she is my friend!   And that she wants to do stuff with me. not to many people do. 

Kerri, I am sorry that mine was just a list and not a well written letter.  But I think you will enjoy reading it.   I hope I don't do something stupid or lame and that we can be friends after you move into your big fancy house in the "rich neighborhood" and I think we can.  And I am glad you did not steal my baby, that can be 11 if you would like. 

Your BFF,


Devri said...

I love that you write little letters! fun. What a fun blog you have. I love Kerri too!



La La La Leah said...

Dear Devri!

Thanks for the nice comments. I went to your blog too and read it! GO ME! and you. pools are scary I don't know what I would have done, But I am glad that Heavenly Father used you and the lady as an instrument to help save one of his beloved children. He really does love us and has a special plan for each of us!


Kristina P. said...

I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt and thinking I'm not a blog stalker! Time will tell, my friend.

And I turned off comments on my last post, but I usually have them on. I will return! Thanks for your nice email!

Kerri said...

I see that you have met Kristina and Devri! Devri used to live across the street from me and I just found Kristina somehow and think she is hilarious.
I loved this letter. It was both hilarious and sweet at the same time. I wish I was as funy and witty as you! Thanks!

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