Monday, June 8, 2009


A Disclaimer:  Jon and Kate have a TV show on  TLC that share their adventures with us.  We are so lucky to see this train wreck of burning toxic garbage.   I watch the show, and read the blogs I am pretty much a loser.  ENJOY!! 

Dear Jon and Kate:

Man this letter has been a long time coming, but I thought it would be a good time to give you a 100 episode gift.     So here it goes...  You both have lost sight of the prize!    Your actions will have consequences that you can not even image that will effect your children and if they have children, but they probably won't... it will effect them.  But I am sure you have not thought about that because all you care about is MONEY.  I don't think you even care about yourselves, well maybe a little bit only when it comes to how you can spend money on yourselves... But anyways  money does not solve problems.... A great artist/rapper/mogul Once Said Mo' Money Mo' Problems.  P Diddy is wise beyond his years.   We could all learn a thing or two from him.. HEY I HAVE AN IDEA!! You should have him on your show!!! YES you have had every other dog and pony show on there its time for some diversity....   Yes Emeril was a good, and Kate I am glad you only hit him twice BIG IMPROVEMENT.   

But seriously I am getting kinda tired of your show... I am tired of seeing you go on stupid trips too.  I think TLC caught on to that and thought it would be GREAT idea to have people come to you... so lucky so stupid.. I wonder how much TLC had to pay them to be degraded and hit by you Kate... whatever it was it was not enough. I think the point is that you have peeked and that makes you MAD...   So you have to create your own drama so you feel important and loved thats kinda sad...  I do believe all the "problems" you have are ones you have brought on yourself and now you have to deal with them.  Sorry so sad its real life get over it.     BOOOOO 

Kate: Stop being mean to people especially your husband  FOR REAL!  You wonder why he is so unhappy and nothing you do is working... Have you tried being nice to him and doing what he really wants to be happy ... And that is stop the show. SHOCKING!!  I have read that he really doesn't want to stop the cash cow...  but who knows what to believe I don't believe you or him even when you are "telling the truth" how can I? How can any of us.   But you do need to be nice to him or he will cut you bad... he is a time bomb, and you are just mean.  Think about that!   Oh yeah be nice to your kids or they will find some crappy old run down nursing home to put you in when that time comes... JUST A THOUGHT, its something I threaten my mom with, when she acts up.....  And they will make you wear a bib when you eat.... and probably post pics of you when you crap all over yourself.... think about it. Jon you will probably be dead before this could happen to you so don't worry live life to the fullest!   

Wow you guys have a lot to think about .... even though I am pretty sure you will never read this.  Hey I know I am not perfect  Heck I judge people on a daily basis based on the actions I see.  But its ok I will be watching till the end.  Probably because one of your kids has the same name as me... Any hoo have a good one! 

Love Always,


Kristina P. said...

So true! And they are EVERYWHERE! Every single magazine cover. I am done! Well, until next Friday.

Kerri said...

I have never watched them on TLC because we don't get it, but i hae seen them on other great shows like Extra. She is so mean and I don't blame her husband for cheating, but I don't know much about him. Maybe I should come watch it with you.

Evyn said...


wonder woman said...

I am SO SICK of seeing and hearing about them! I've actually watched the show for about a year now, and haven't had a problem with it till now. It seems that the show has become all about how stressful the show is for them, and celebrity appearances. It's no longer a "normal" family with all the kids and a dysfuntional, if amusing, husband-wife relationship.

I know that the show is their bread and butter now. But if I were in Kate's position, I'd quit it in a minute to save my marriage.

La La La Leah said...

Yes, If it is soooo HARD dealing with all this crap then why do it.. Whatever its a cop out. For $75k an episode I would probably do all kinds of crap too. There I said it. Not that I am jealous I do not want 8 kids or a husband who is afraid of me, just the money. But I am trying to make money of my blog.. SOMEDAY.

love always,

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