Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank you!

Dear Stef !  

Thanks for FINALLY reading my blog and inviting me to read yours!   I guess all I had to do was be in a bathing suit in front of you!   GAH !$@$#%@   No for real I LOVED water aerobics!! I will probably sign up for the July and August classes even if none of my "friends" join me.   I am not doing it for me I am doing it so I don't weigh 200 lbs!!  YUCK did i just say that!?!?   Don't get me wrong I was TIRED today but I think I am always tired, even if I work out most days... I am going to talk to my doctor about that next week...    But to all the PEEPS out there  Water aerobics M-W-F 7 AM its awesome!!  $3.5o for a drop in class $35 a month.  DO NOT WORRY:  1) water is 90 degrees 2) you are not fat 3) NO you are not ugly or old....  (thats not to you Stef thats to all my "friends" who can't come....)  Granted I know its early and husbands have to get to work I understand that, but he will think its sexy you lose weight and feel good! 

Love Always,


Rebecca said...

I will join you on Friday, maybe pick me up:)

wonder woman said...

Alright, not to be a weird stalker person, but I saw on Kristina P.'s blog that you weren't going to come to the lunch because it's too far from Spanish Fork. I live in Spanish Fork. Is it possible that there's another cool blogger in Spanish Fork? Have all my wildest dreams come true?!

I walk at the HS track with some friends each morning, we may have unwittingly caught glimpses of one another.

I'm seriously freaking out a bit. What if I've seen you at Macey's.....

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