Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's new with you??

What's new with me? Not much  I lost 10 pounds in 30 days !! GO ME  I had my monthly update with my doctor about this he is happy.  Not so much about the fact that I am soooo tired all the dang time... I am.  So he order a complete blood work up!  GO HIM!  I will let you know how that is on Monday and if I have any STDs I could have possibly given you.... ;)  

Also something new I am not getting a divorce like Jon and Kate plus 8... apparently there is a spacial one hour episode Monday because they have an announcement that effects the whole family.  I hope its the one where she says she is sorry for being a hoe and she will act better. We will all know soon enough ...... Everyone is invited to my house to watch on the big screen. please RSVP by Monday afternoon at 4 PM =)  Also we have a family member that is getting divorced... Its awkward  and I don't like to talk about it.  BUT I do not judge in real life but I must say Its not a good idea to get a divorce then live together... its just a bad idea.  I don't care what the reasons are they are not good enough it will make things worse.     

You know I will say this and it may ruffle some feathers but whateva Its how I feel and in the end I am  only responsible for my actions.  Gay marriage doesn't hurt my marriage.... Friends/Family getting a divorce does.  Why because when I hear this I go WOW if they can't make it work I have no hope.  =(  I really do feel that way because I am friends with these people for a reason because they are awesome. I don't know it just makes me and the hub talk about our marriage and then we recommit to make it work.  I love do my hub very much and we hardly ever fight and if we do its about 2 things... Me spending to much money and me not wanting to have sex every night ............. TMI I know.  Then I say but babe if those are really aren't that big of problems...  Its fine cause he knows I try not to spend to much money on food and household products... Sorry if a case of TP is $15 at Costco... HHAHAHA 

OH the other thing I want to talk about is babies... Why is everyone having one??  All those people that have kids the same age or younger then my son.... It makes me look bad like I can't have kids... That is not the case I cost my insurance company like $900 to get my Mirena... LOVE IT....  so I gotta get some more miles out that.  I can't get prego because of that and because I am taking a diet pill from the doctor I talked about earlier apparently its not a good idea if you take speed when you are pregnant.. Thats my PSA for day don't do drugs while you are prego...  Also he was SHOCKED when I told him I was tired all time... apparently people taking speed  should not be tired.... I think I am going to die.... hence the blood work...  But back to the babies I have a theory... these people got pregnant so I would be forced to make them  a diaper cake.... Because the ones I make are AWESOME.   Just FYI they cost like $40-50 to make did any of you spend that much money on a present for my baby???? If you did let me know.. =) 


Rebecca said...

I have to retype my comment bc the server was too busy so here it goes again. Hey way to go on the 10 lbs. Sweet. I am a fan of the Mirena as well, but not the installation. Take care!

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I do think that Kate will ever apologize for being a ho. She's really, really good at it.

La La La Leah said...

I posted on Gosselins without Pity blog that the big announcement was going to be about her getting a new hair cut. What a tard. Or it could be about how Gymboree is having their big sale right now on children's clothing.

Kerri said...

Good job on the weight loss! I bet you have a thyroid problem. Actually I'm pretty positive. Now that I think of it, you have a low thyroid "face". I have learned to sometimes be able to tell by peoples face. Just wait and see. And tht makes you tired and gain weight and have a hard time losing it on your own.. I tmakes you lose more hair and feel sensitive to the cold. I can't believe your Doctor hasn't checked it before. Actually yes I can, because Doctors never seem to check it unless they are asked. I hope you don't though. It kindof sucks.
Also, tht would explain your lack of energy at night for sex. But listen to Dr. Laura and it will help with the sex life. Really.

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