Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dear People that read my blog! 

What's up?  Sorry  I have not writing in a few days, I just haven't known what to write about.  I had some ideas floating around and I still may do that some time.  But I did want to tie up some loose ends that I have floating out there in cyber land.  

I am riding a bike FOR REAL! last night my husband went on a 2 mile bike ride and I did not complain once... Well that is not true we did go over a part of the trail that was all jacked up and has not been taking care of in years, but he complained too.  If he complains and I complain about the same thing that equals 0 and everybody is happy!!!  Bike riding is good and its going to make me a super HOT babe, who is to busy to blog... hahah

My blood work came back yesterday and I am fine and healthy.  This upset Kerri over at messes and mudpies because she was sure I had a Thyroid problem.  I called her before my husband and she thinks my doctor and the blood test are wrong, and she is right.   Thats fine she can think that way, I will still make fun of her being smarter then my doctor and blood work.  She thinks all this because I have a moon face.  I am still not sure what that means, the only thing I came up with is that she thinks my face is ugly... =(  Some best friend I have.  I am such a good friend that I am going over there in a few hours to help her package 200 soaps and talk about my moon face! 

OMG did you see the big Jon and Kate show??  I did   They are pretty much getting a divorce.  I am going to give props for TLC not airing them actually going to the court house to file papers and for not showing them telling their kids.   It was pretty heart breaking.  I even cried when they did a "re-cap of family moments"  I just feel so bad for those children, because they don't care if they live in a million dollar house or go on fancy trips.   They just want a normal life with 2 parents that love them.  I don't think they will ever have that, and that makes me sad for them.   Now to BASH Jon and Kate because they are pretty much idiots... Someone somewhere has made this comment many times, and I find some truth and humor in it.   "God knew what he was doing when he made these two people not be able to have children." GASP !!!  Now my disclaimer/apology : Talk to God and see why you can't have kids, don't yell at me I don't have sex with you. But on that same note... why do some people get to be parents when clearly it is not in best interest for any of the involved parties.  I don't know don't ask me.... its messed up.  OH Back to Jon and Kate:  You suck and your children are going to suffer because of what you thought were a good ideas... BOOOOOO to you go back to school!   On a side bar I read lots of web sites/blogs about them.  It seems that Kate is super crazy and mean TRUE.  And that they have had problems since they got married 10 years ago.   =(    I think I am done with them. 

Anyhoo have a good Tuesday and hope you enjoy the new layout that my husband fixed again he is so smart! 



Kristina P. said...

I really like the new layout! I will say that the text is a bit hard to read, but I can read it in my Reader just fine.

And Kate and Jon are asses. That is all.

Kerri said...

I'm afraid to leave a comment because I might put my foot in my mouth again. I'm sorry! You have a beautiful face. Moons are beautiful don't you think? Like Luna on The Bear in The Big Blue House. No, you don't look like Luna. Your face isn't really moon shaped. But I still think your thyroid is low and if you do research you can find that many women have the blood test done and the levels are "normal". So the Dr says they are fine. But they have all of the symptoms. Some go to another Dr. who puts them on medication because of their symptoms (I have only found one Dr who would do this though) and they do a lot better. In my opinion, the medical field needs to do better in this area. I think "normal" levels are different for everyone. Also, there are several thyroid hormones and many Dr.'s only check 1. So if you don't haver a thyroid problem, you are lucky becasue it's not easy to get the right treatment for it.
And that's all I'll say. I hope I didn't offend you again.

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