Tuesday, June 30, 2009

32 Nights of dinner.....

Last night I was feeling pretty optimistic.... So much so that I did something I have never done before... plan an entire months of meals for my family, with no repeats. I did it with the exception of having a leftover night each week. I was feeling so good about it that I posted about it on Facebook and 6 emails letter I was tired of sending so I decided to post it the blog!

All the recipes I have made before and like, they are also easy and tasty. So If you need help or a recipe let me know. I have a lot of them on my computer all ready so don't feel like you are putting me out. I make cookbooks as wedding presents so I have a collection on my computer and don't mind adding to it.

Not all of the recipes are my own creation, I did not invent tacos or the flag fruit pizza(inside joke). This is really what we are having for dinner in July, and maybe in that order, and I just wanted to give you ideas, I do not expect your children to eat Pork Curry.... =) but they should its really good. Also I try to plan as many gluten free meals as possible by using 3 that help me a ton. I buy can tomato and cream of chicken soup at Sunflower Market/Trader Joe's and I buy Farm Rich Meatballs from Walmart. they are not that crazy of food items and they taste fine. So here it the list and I am already thinking about meals for August.

BBQ Chicken- Crock-pot
Hamburger/Pasta skillet (hamburger helper with corn, tomatoes and other veggies of your choice.)
Leftovers/Pot Luck
Hamburgers/brats/dogs (4th of July)
Beef Dip Subs (from my blog)
Chicken Fajitas (crock pot)
Chicken Pot Pie (use chicken from Fajitas if you want)
Meatball Lasagna
Fried Chicken Salad (ooo fancy restaurant dish )
Hobo Dinners (tin foil dinner hamburger patty, carrots, onion, potatoes)
Cranberry Chicken - Crock-Pot
Pasta Salad
Tater Tot Casserole (use leftover Cranberry chicken, and make in crock pot)
Pork Curry or pork chops
Sweet Sour Meat Balls (make a lot so you have a freezer dinner)
Cheesy Chicken and Rice
Shepherds Pie
BBQ Pulled Pork -Crock-Pot
Spanish Rice ( I make mine in the crock pot or use rice a roni)
London Broil -grill
Chicken Spaghetti
Chili Dogs
Mexican Pizza
Orange Chicken and Rice

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Kerri said...

I'll definitely have to steal some of your ideas!

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