Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I can make monies ??

Dear Adsense and readers,

I guess you have noticed that I was approved for Adsense! Go me! I was pretty nervous because I had read some reviews about how some people has not been approved because their blog was not considered "family friendly" by Google.... WOW. Thats some hard core stuff. I did not go to these blogs because for some reason they were not listed in the articles... HMMMMMM Makes ya kinda wonder what the heck those people are into... WAIT I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. But its good to know that Google thinks my blog is family friendly... I must have been the 32 nights of dinners that pushed them over the edge. They probably did not read the blog about me being gang raped by my bike... Which after writing, I was surprised to find out I was not the only one this has happened too. HUH bike seat makers take note. And if I am ever featured in a Blog spot light, and asked "What is the most surprising thing you have learned about while blogging?" I will tell them about the staggering number of women that are assaulted by bike seats each year. There should really be a charity/organization on facebook for that. YES, we can hold a bike-a-thon for all the victims and raise funds to pay for meals, baby sitting, and cleaning while you recover....

So now that I have Adsense, Have I sold out?? I have noticed on many blog that people do not have it. And I was like HMMM why?? I know I will not make hundreds of dollars a day or ever, but I will give it the old college try. Is it a scam?? My husband and I don't think so because its run by Google, and they don't scam people EVER, I don't think..... And I did not have to put up any money or give them my credit card. Or is it because you are just to cool for that and don't want to bother? I really want to know why you don't have it?? I will keep you updated on it and let you know when I get my first check and how much it is for. =) As of today I have made $0. I guess I can't really consider this my day job.

By the way I am looking for away I can make money sitting at my computer all day while staying at home semi-watching my son. Isn't that every SAHM dream?? That and winning a year supply of food and all the shelving needed from ??? Wait not all my readers at SAHMs and /or Mormon. Sorry. But still I am looking for this stay at home dream job. I don't want to sell crap at home parties or make things. Also I can't spell or do math real good. Geesh I have no idea why I do not have a job. =( Any thoughts?

Take it Easy,


Kristina P. said...

So, I don't have ads. People think I'm crazy and they tell me that with my traffic, I can probably make a few hundred dollars a month.

I'm not fully opposed to them, but I don't love the look of them, and I don't know, I just don't feel like they are for me. If someone approached me and had a cute little button, that didn't look like an ad, I would probably do it.

But I have nothing against bloggers who have ads. More power to you!

Nate and Emily said...

So, I don;t have ads on my blog because I'm stupid and didnt know that was an option and possibly a way to make money! If you make money at it, maybe i'll give it a try. I was laughing so hard at the mention of your bike gang rape- now I need to go back and find thst post so I can laugh some more!! And yes, I, too, would love to find a sit at my computer while semi watching my kids job!! That does sound great- lemme know when you find that, and I will do the same for you!

Jordan said...

What's adsense???
When you find a job you can do fom home, and actually make good money, pass the info on to me!

Susan said...

Hey Leah-
Good luck! Wouldn't that be cool if you make money doing your blog...It is always great when you make money doing something you love.

Kerri said...

i haven't tried ad sense becasue I don't think I have enough readers to make it worth it. Also I don't know that much about it. Does it pay you for the amount of clicks on the ad? I think most people don't click on the ad. I waited for that deam job and never found it. I gave up and had to make my own job. But you should be happy that you don't NEED a job.

La La La Leah said...

Today I made 18 cents!

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