Monday, July 13, 2009

I do things... beside things on the computer....

Dear People that Read my Blog

Guess what I do things... really... This weekend I did things like Hub and I cleaned out our 2 car garage.... HOLY CRAP.. for real CRAP. We have a TON of $H!T. I think I said that a few times during the process because it was HOT and I pretty much got heat stroke and died. BUT its done =) We have a pile of EMPTY boxes... who the crap has 25 empty boxes in their garage.. I guess we did... We filled up our garbage can and our recycling bin so there are 2 piles of trash in our garage that I need to throw away... So if you need empty boxes I have a lot in different sizes, and guess what they are FREE to you. Thats right I am giving you trash for FREE. I know I am to kind. I know how we got here... this stupid remodel that is still not finished. I HATE IT. We had to move my car out of the garage so we could put stolen building materials there, and it just became a dumping ground... Why did we not move hub's car? Because its a 61 VW bug it needs protection from the bad and dangerous elements.... He protects it so much that he doesn't even drive it or WASH it.... its for sale btw... $4500 or $5000 its up to you... $5000 is what we put into but I doubt we would get that back.... Its pretty... Oh really we would sell for CASH if you came over with $4500 in Cash or certified funds. I am just not a angry wife that hates her husband. I don't hate my husband or the car, but really do we need a car that we don't drive... I never drive it because I can't drive stick... I need someone other then my husband to teach me how so I can buy an Audi TT someday, when my kids are like 15 and don't need me to drive them places............................. Heck I would settle for a Porsche, I am not picky. I SHOULD GO TAKE A PICTURE.... BRB

Well have a good Monday, I have a Dentist appointment in 2 hours and its SUCKS.



Rebecca said...

Good to see you today! Good luck at the dentist.

Kerri said...

WOw, you worked hard this weekend. I hope Suzanna called you to come pull weeds. I gave her your number. I would take the boxes if our house would sell. See ya tomorrow!

Kristina P. said...

Dear Anonymous (If that's even your real name),
I have died. I am sorry.

Love, Snuggie

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