Friday, July 31, 2009

ahhh better....

I am feeling a TON better today... Maybe it's because I MADE hub take me to Wingers for dinner last night. Yeah we go out to a nice place maybe once a month for dinner, so it was a treat. A sticky finger salad and a piece of concrete pie can change anybody. It was just what I needed to celebrate all the weight loss in the house. Hub has lost like 50 pounds... HOLY CRAP yes you can say anything you like. He bikes to work 98% of the time, the only time he has called me to pick him up was due to flat tires and once when it POURED rain during his ride. So I will let that slide. It is also 10 miles each way... We were talking one day about the different way I exercise vs how he exercises.. He said he would rather bike each day to work in 100 degrees then to get up at 6:45 and go to water aerobics. I told him I would rather get up early and put on a swim suit for water aerobics then bike 20 miles in the HOT HOT HOT sun... Then we laughed and gave each other a kiss, it was cute. Also we are on diet pills from our Primary care Doctor, it has helped a lot too but watching what you put in your mouth and exercising doesn't hurt either.

Today was SUPER busy... I took my son and my mom to the BYU art museum it was FREE and FUN.... I wanted to go see the Walter Wick exhibit before it closed tomorrow, and she just wanted to get out of the house. I guess I was expecting there to be more then just 20 pictures of the iSpy that he does.... But it was what is was and I am glad I took them. There were also some other exibits that just rounded everything out ... from modern to classic oil paintings. One of my favorites was a Norman Rockwell, It was pretty neat to get up and close to it, I was so close that I could smell the oil paint. To smell the same smells and to see the same things as he did is mind blowing to me. I am grateful and humbled that I live this close to a GOOD, FREE museum. Here are some pictures I took:

I also went and got my car washed at Super Sonic the best place ever for that. They know me and my car and are always really nice and professional. And then I went to Costco to buy bulk products... What a day. Son is still asleep, well that's what he gets for waking up at 6:15 AM and making me miss the VERY last day of water aerobics for the season... and for having a FULL day of activities. I hope this weekend is more relaxing and I get to watch 2 episodes of Mad Men.


Kristina P. said...

If it makes you feel better, I don't know if I'm going to make it to the market again tomorrow. I need to email Kerri. I'm not usually this flakey, but I have some sort of sick bug, and have not been feeling well this week, again. I also haven't been sleeping, so things have been miserable! Booooooo.

wonder woman said...

When is Mad Men on?

Little Ms Blogger said...

What exactly is A sticky finger salad and a piece of concrete pie?

Your doctor gave you diet pills? Do they work?

La La La Leah said...

Kristina P: go take a pregnancy test

wonder woman: its on AMC the 3rd season starts Aug. 16th, I bet they will be showing a lot of re runs up to this.

Little Ms. Blogger: Salad: fried chicken pieces tossed in their house sauce that is sweet and spicy and good. then just cheese, crasains and ranch dressing. pie: is a cookie dough ice cream pie.

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