Thursday, July 16, 2009

Date in the park!

Dear Blog Friends... (kerri and Alyssa)\

Thanks for inviting me to go with you guys to the park on Tuesday! My son and I had a lot of fun, he laughed all the way home and I think he even laughed during his nap. So It was a good time. Sorry I did not get to socialize much, my son is crazy and needs to be watched ALL the time while we are out in public. Its because he is 22 months and has no FEAR. I know we have all been there. So maybe we can get together another time.

While we were at the park a little boy, maybe a little older then my son, pushed my son down. FOR NO REASON. HOW DARE HE. Since his "mother" did not step in because she was to busy yapping with her friends I called him out. She did not care because she was to busy yapping about stupid stuff instead of watching her kids.... Probably why he thinks its OK to push people down. Later I found out who is mom was and really she did sit and talk to her "friends" the whole time. OK if you are going to wear a BYU shirt.... Please follow the BYU code of honor... which really is the only reason you like BYU, its not like their sports program is awesome.... Really only people who are MORMON wear BYU clothes... why would some Catholic wear one... they are to busy with their Norte Dame sports team.... SERIOUSLY it really miffed me. It always annoys me when parents don't watch their 5 kids.. then they wonder why they are heathens. Is Heavenly Father really going to reward you for having 5 kids you can not properly care for ??? I don't mean food, clothe and shelter.... I mean really care for and listen to their needs and teach them them to chose the right??

Children are not trophies... They are gifts from God that deserve the best. OK now I must say that I am by no way a perfect mom... My son watches ALOT of TV, eats pretty much whatever he wants , and is generally crazy. However when he does something I KNOW is not right or nice I let him know that I disapprove of his actions and correct it. Ok now that I bought up the kids vs TV.... here is my beef..... Son does not sit in front of the TV morning, noon and night. Its pretty much on for noise and distraction. Honestly I am going to sit in a quite house with a 22 month old.. NO we watch Nickelodeon, why because I am not a freak. He does not flip out if I turn it off OR worse becomes one of those zombie kids when their parents do let them watch TV....

My motto in life is pretty much everything in moderation. Its has been my experience with people that if you TOTALLY deny somebody something they are going to want to do it more. I don't know I will probably write my blog about that whole subject tomorrow, I have a lot to say about it and a personal experience.

Until tomorrow,


Kerri said...

Hi La La La Leah! I was sorry that you didn't get to sit and visit with us in the prk very much. Alyssa was very nice. I am going to send you the picture in a minute. You are a good Mom.

Nate and Emily said...

Nate called out a kid on the playground a couple of months ago, too. Some little kid pushed Tyson and Nate looked at the group of gossiping moms and asked whose kid it was, and no one would make eye contact or fess up. Great parents, huh?? Yeah, I'm sure he was a little intimidating, but seriously, watch your kids in public! Yeah, my kids are wild and crazy, but I do try to keep tabs on them as best as I can in public.

JennyMac said...

Love this..and it is SO true...I don't like to call out other kids, and haven't (if you knew me, you would be aghast at the irony) but all my other, wiser mommy friends said DO IT. Some moms dont pay a BIT of attention.

wonder woman said...

It was fun to hang out with you in the park. Next time we'll go somewhere that's not so crazy and actually talk to each other. Ü

I think you're totally right about people not watching their kids. It makes me mad, too. ESPECIALLY when they're mean!!

The other day we were at the other park and my oldest turned around and started running, only to run right into a little baby. The kid was less than a foot from him. Isaac wasn't being mean -- he just started running before he saw the baby there. But I jumped up and ran to him, telling him he needed to apologize. He started to cry and I told him he wasn't in trouble, it was an accident, he just needed to apologize. The other mom was really understanding about it, but I felt bad. kid wasn't even being mean and I made him apologize. It irks me when moms aren't paying attention and their kids get away with things they shouldn't.

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