Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coupons anyone??

Dear Readers,

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about going to grocery store and all the things I hated about it?? You DO don't you? If I could get my LINK thing to work I would post, but I can never get it to work after being told how. =( Well one of the things I said I hated were the coupon ladies and their cases of coupons. Apparently I am not alone. It seems that a lady here in Utah decided it would be a good idea to STEAL Albertson's ad flyers out of peoples mailboxes... She must really like those double coupons. YIKES Well some people saw her and it freaked them out so they called the police... Apparently the Police don't like it when you take things out of peoples mailboxes that don't belong to you. Oh its pretty wrong to steal.... Well if that wasn't amusing enough I read the comment board for this story on our local news ( And people were going CRAZY... Crazy I tell you.. saying things like Its a FEDERAL offense to tamper with the mail and my personal favorite... I hope she has a get out of jail free coupon... Wait thats not my favorite I guess my favorite was.. I hope she saved enough money to pay for her legal fines... I am telling you those coupon people are CRAZY.... Some things I would like to point out ... Uh you can get those for FREE at the store and I think you only use like 2 or 3 per time and they expire. I wonder what will happen to her.... here is the link for all that want more info

Some UPDATES: I have lost 23 pounds.... and have made $2.57 from the ads on my blog. So you would think life would be coming up roses for me... But its not, I am trying not to get my depression/blues get me down... Why are you feeling this way La La La Leah...

Well apparently sometimes when we write emails to family members they don't always appreciate it. In the future I will ignore your actions and shun you silently, instead of trying to help buy telling you to read your scriptures and pray about how you can be a better parent..... So if that was not enough... Apparently my Awesome pool party was not that awesome. It seems that some people were unhappy about how I spread the cost around... So I will break it down for you... Pool Rental $169 Pizza $85 =$254... It was asked that people pay $2 for the pool and then everyone pay for pizza. I put the pool and pizza on my debit card.. I only got $175 Let's talk about cost.... Or lets not and be grateful that we could spend time together as a family and that Leah and Hub likes us enough to invite us and our family to a good time and not have to worry about the cost. In the future I will think twice about doing events and who I invite. So Damned if you do... Damned if you don't... How are we still all alive??


Kristina P. said...

I just read that story on KSL. Crazy!

And congrats on the weight loss. You skinny bitch.

JennyMac said...

Congrats on 23 pounds! That is fantastic Leah. And sorry you have a headache with certain family members. Hope tomorrow if better.

Rebecca said...

The whole family money stuff is hard, I know, I have a huge family. Funny coupon story. You know I wonder about it too, do you really save enough to justify all of the time, etc?

23 lbs! That is awesome.

Nate and Emily said...

That coupon mom is a little nuts- I admit, I am a fan of coupon clipping, I like saving money, but I'm not obsesive, and I dont hold up the line with my huge pile of coupons. I also dont have 5 newspaper subscriptions, or steal other peoples mail to save a few bucks!! Crazy! Great job on the weight loss- you're my hero!! And also, of course I'm going to address the pool party thing... you did an awesome job, we all appreciate that you ate a lot of the cost, and wanted to pay our share, so if we would have known the cost per person, we would have come more prepared- since I dont carry cash normally. I felt bad not bringing enough! You did great, and its a learning experience for next year- it really was great!

wonder woman said...

I want to be better at finding good deals, but I could NOT coupon. Way too much work for such a little pay off.

Family drama always sucks. Having my family 15 hours away kinda cuts down on that.

23 pounds?! That's awesome!! And CRAZY that your husband bikes 10 miles each way to work. Wow. Go you guys!

Kerri said...

Sorry I didn't read this sooner. I'm sorry you are frustrated and sad. Sounds like you did a great job planning the party. Good job on the weight loss too and I love your new ad!

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