Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween ???

Oh yes a day late and a dollar short are my middle names. I know its been awhile... like 2 weeks but I am feeling better, a lot better. Lots has happened but who wants to hear about that boring miserable stuff, of remodeling and my cousins death. NO lets relive the horror of Halloween 1989... OH YES.... when I realized that was 20 years ago... I had a mini stoke, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.... THE WORST HALLOWEEN EVER..... and why I don't like Halloween and why I will never dress up and why I will buy my children what ever they want to be at what ever the cost.

To take you back... Like most children growing up in America during that time we were poor, had to walk to school in the snow, did not have satellite TV or the internet... You know life was dang HARD. So hard that for whatever reason my mom decided to dress me up like this for Halloween. Some more back ground My older brother was so AGAINST store bought costumes he refused to let her buy me one and threw hissy fits if my mom even thought about buying me something... She was tired and old so she told him to make most of my costumes. And he did... One year I went as him........... I just wore his clothes and lettermen's jacket. No wonder I hate my brother. Anyways, I don't know who's idea this was.... his or my moms But I went out in public like this to the School Halloween Party

So there I was in 2nd grade... looking like an accident victim. OH GOODNESS. People did not know what to say or react but just ignored me. Its not the greatest costume and I did not win a prize... The girl dressed up like a present with silver wrapping paper and a big pink bow did.... I hate her. Anyways It was a bad Halloween.... I have always hated dressing up and it has resulting in many of issues in life. But oh well. What was your worse costume ever? Did you have a good Halloween? Let me know, I miss you guys and will try to be a better blogger.



Kristina P. said...

Your story and pictures did not disappoint. Hilarious!

Hey, what's going on with your blog makeover. Do I need to email April?

Leah Rubin said...

Aw, sweetie-- none of us regular people won a prize for a costume, but that's okay. It doesn't say a thing about who we really are. Our parents don't control us any more.

Glad to hear from you!

*Ashleigh* said...

You poor thing! I am pretty sure it was probably the same year that I had one of my "worst" costumes ever... I was a bunch of grapes! Haha! I wish I had a pic!! About two houses down we had to go back and take off some of the balloons taped or tacked to my purple sweats! HAHA! For what it's worth I think you had a VERY unique costume ;D I'm sure you didn't have to worry about anyone else having the same one!

Ron said...

Hey, I gotta tell ya Leah...

....I LOVE you costume!

Honest! It's so creative.

It's one of the most original Halloween costumes I've ever seen. I've always been one for making my own costume, so I appreciate handmade costumes much more than store bought.

So glad to see ya back in blogland.

You were missed!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

OMG...hilarious!! That actually was a really creative outfit!

Glad to see you back and to hear you are feeling a little better!

RachelP said...

I happen to think your halloween costume was brilliant. Who was the girl that dressed like the present? Do I know her? Do I share your detest? Hehe...

Kerri said...

I actually thought it was a great halloween costume1 And I love how dramatic you are in the pics. Very "Leah". I didn't knwo you hated halloween. Next year I'm going to tell Micah to beg you for a thousand dollar costume.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Okay, that has to be the funniest story about Halloween I've heard or read about.

I can't believe your brother cared about your Halloween costume? Why? How much older was he than you?

Happy to hear from you...btw, when do you start classes?

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