Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Santa: This year I have been pretty dang good and just generally awesome. So my list of things I want should not be unreasonable. And being who you are, they can all be acquired by Friday morning.

1: A Beach front home: Nothing to fancy or big... Here is a picture to help with your search.

2. A 2010 Audi Q7

3. Le Creuset Cookware, the 11 piece set from Williams-Somoma and while you are there grab me a 14 cup Cuisinart food processor

4. Disney Cruise to Hawaii I know it does not exist, but see what you can do

5. World Peace (i can't seem like a totally witch during this time of year)

6. a pair of black Manola Blahnik shoes..... size 7

7. a Louis Vuitton Purse just the brown logo one they are classic and NEVER go out of style.

But what I really really really want this year, besides a Snuggie... Is the Chia Herb garden, only because hub said this was just to horrible to be in our home.....

I guess that is about it..... I expect all these things on Friday morning, or at least letters of intent for some of the items.....

Love Always,

PS: Just wanted to share our holiday card with you this year:


Little Ms Blogger said...

There really is an Obama chia pet? Oh, that's just wrong.

Btw, only ask for the dutch oven piece from Le Creuset. It's really heavy and there are better manufacturers for frying pans...unless you want a work out everytime you make an egg or don't mind having a bruised foot from having a frying pan continually drop on it.

wonder woman said...

Can you get duplicates for me? House, car, and cruise in particular.

Kristina P. said...

I'm glad to see you are being reasonable this year. I've been worried about that.

Ron said...

OMG...I almost DIED laughing at the Obmama chia pet. That was PRICELESS!!!

You kill me, girl!

And hey...I use to work for William-Sonoma, so I would have been more than happy to give you the cookware and cuisinart for Christmas. They gave us a 45% discount on ALL items!!!

LOVE your holiday card! That is so sweet.

Here's wishing you get ALL the things on your list, Leah!

Merry Christmas, my friend!


*Ashleigh* said...

Just make sure you ask for the diesel Q7. Amazing mileage and surprisingly easy on the environment ;D Oh, did you copy my list??? Cheater! haha! We got your Christmas card today, love the picture! I love getting Christmas cards.

Rebecca said...

Nice list. I love the Obama kit!

RachelP said...

I want one of those Chia Pets too. I saw on the news a while back that stores weren't going to sell them anymore because they were racist. Gah.

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