Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Things!!!

Happy New Years and New Blog layout!!! Oh did you notice the new blog background?? Oh yeah don't you remember when I won it a few months back?? Well its up and running and awesome to look at. Now you have another reason to be jealous of me.... I could go on and on about all the things but I won't. So the tabs you can click on them and they will take you to all sorts of new places. They are all fun and exciting and will not take you to porn!!! PROMISE. Oh don't click on the Wax Products button yet, it will take you no where. Moving on! But a BIG Thank you to Kristina P for picking me to win her "random" giveaway. And to April Showers for designing it for me! Her link is at the bottom of my blog, forever. and well if you read me you read Kristina. Now moving on.

So today is New Years Eve! How exciting. I am making cheese fondue, in my new fondue pot. I know it will totally rock. I have been thinking about my Revolutions this year. yeah yeah yeah me and hub call them that instead of Resolutions.... It just sounds cooler and makes them sound more serious. So here are mine....

1. Stick to my budget that I made. I was doing really, really well until the Holidays... this year I should start saving now for them. And this is how rich people stay rich.... I should have not said that I am going to get beat down from the other club members. But they I mean their servants. They don't like sharing THE SECRET.

2. Go to my classes, enjoy them, and the work I will have to do in them. And Try to make B's in them unless they are really really hard then I will take a C. Like my brother in law said " C's get degrees" Ahhh our future leaders and in this cause account... I think he is well on his way. ;) But he only got one C this past semester and the rest were As and Bs.

3. Try not to have diarrhea of the mouth... I don't know how well this will work since it does make for a good blog.

4. Blog like 3 times a week or when something really awesome has happened. Or if I am faced with a life changing question. And I will update my "Whats for dinner" blog every 2 weeks because I am super excited about that! *see above link*

5. Get Pregnant. I am just so sick and tired of people asking me when we are going to have another one. So fine. I will have one in 2010 or 11. HAPPY... and you all owe me a baby shower even if its another BOY. =P ALL OF YOU. I do like making major decisions in my life based on what people want me to do.

6. Be a better wife.... Delicious, Heathy Meals are just not enough. i should really try to listen to my husband when he talks about computers and what not. But I did start riding a bike this year!!

7. Spend less time of Facebook... but I will not try that hard, and I may need it for my homework.

8. Buy a Juila Childs Cookbook and make something... Yeah Yeah I saw that movie and it inspired me to make something fancy.
And apparently she was a really good cook. I would like one of her personal cookbooks with all her handwritten notes... but that would probably cost me a fortune.

So there you have it and I will try to do those Revolutions and keep you updated on all 7 of the. 7 is my lucky number and one of my favorite numbers! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all and think of you often and thanks for reading my blog.


*Ashleigh* said...

LOVE the new background! And thing your "revolutions" are fantastic ;0) good luck with all of them! I will be checking back often for your meal updates, I'm always looking for fun different things to try. Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

I like the new year revolutions! You must be have been up early with your son writing that! I am up early with my daughter reading it;)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I noticed the blog change yesterday, but thought she didn't mention it, maybe I'm just imagining things.

I love the term revolutions. Another blogger wrote a great post on goals vs resolutions and how any progress she made on a goal was a step in the right direction.

School, a perfect wife and now you want to throw a new baby into the mix? You're a brave woman.

I didn't know Julia wrote personal notes in her cookbooks. I do that and have for years...hmmm... think I'll get my own cooking show? NOT. Although, I love making notes in mine, it's a great way to relive the evening.

Kristina P. said...

The background really does look great. April did an awesome job.

Good luck getting knocked up!

Leah Rubin said...

Totally love the new design!

Happy new year-- you're going to do great things!

Joan said...

Yay! You got the layout!!!! ;)
Have a very happy new year! Perhaps I can throw you an online baby shower for that baby everyone's convinced you to have! lol

Ron said...


HOLY COW...I LOOOOOOOOOVE your new blog design! The header is BEYOND faaaaabulous!!!

I will definitely be stopping by April Showers blog to check it out. She did a wonderful job on your template. Brava, April!!!

Just wanted to stop by to wish you the HAPPIEST of New Years, Leah! It's been such a pleasure getting to know you this year and look forward to blogging with you in 2010!

I need to try your New Years resolution..."Try not to have diarrhea of the mouth."

That's a toughy for me - HA!



JennyMac said...

LOVE the new layout. And your goals. Although can I please recommend a Giada cookbook in lieu of Julia Childs? :)

Kerri said...

Great revolutions! I'm sure you will accomplish them all.

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