Monday, March 1, 2010

Long time, no blog

First I would like to say I am sorry. I have let you, my reader and friend down =( Well crap you let me down by not coming to do my homework and house work.... or at least email me and offer. But I thought I would blog about crap because I just bought a ticket to my first blogger conference! So I figured I need to blog and keep it semi updated so i don't look a fool when I show up there..... SO you want to come ?? You probably won't for 2 reasons 1) you can't write it off like I did... it's $150 and 2) you don't live in utah and all that comes with that. But if you want to here is the link: 1st Annual Causal Bloggers Conference and 3) someone threaten to beat the crap out of me if I did not go and support her.... her and her snuggie will remain anonymous

I also signed up to be a sponsor and give away 100 of my waxes to put in swag bags.... I would have been announced sooner but my husband has not finished my web site. =( So if anybody wants to finish it let me know and I guess we can work out some kind of payment.

School is going well I bet I have like A's in my two classes. or maybe not but at least B's I am pretty sure I am going to only take one class this summer. OH and we got new couches on Friday they are PIMP!!!

Oh yeah speaking of snuggies and people Kristina P is doing a snuggie drive for the old and afflicted. You should go check out her bloggy blog!! You and snuggies can make a difference!!!


Kristina P. said...

Thanks for the love and support, as usual.

Little Ms Blogger said...

How fun about the conference....You should have a blast.

It sounds as though you're doing well in school and...

about the cleaning...well, you'll never get an email from me offering to help. I'm working on a hallway closet and it is scary.

kanishk said...

great conference..
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