Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Blue has come!

Dear Big, Blue, Recycling Can!

Thanks for coming to our house!   For $6 a month you are a bargain for saving the planet, which is priceless.   In the following years we have BIG plans for you, including filling you up often with our recyclables  and bringing you down to the curb every other Monday.   In return we ask you keep clean and don't get hit by cars.   

I have never had a Recycling Can before.  Do I need to give you a name or  anything special??   I think I will just call you Big Blue, if thats OK.   I do hope more of your friends/relatives come to live near us, because I only saw 2 other ones in the neighborhood, which I think is kinda sad. 

I am thinking of adding another member to our "green" family a compost container. Everybody keeps asking me why I want to do that, I just do OK. I want to reduce our family's waste on the Environment and make this a better place for all of us to live. And I think it would be fun to make compost!  I am still learning about it so it won't be for a few more weeks.  Well here is to the next few years, may we grow old together and have a great time doing so! 

Love always,


PS:  I have been pretty excited about you coming for the last several months. =) 


*Ashleigh* said...

La La Leah, I am la la loving your blog :D It's so unique and I actually enjoy reading the random letters :D Looking forward to your next post

~Ah Ah Ashleigh

La La La Leah said...

Thanks Ash!

I love reading your blog too and its a fun way to keep up with Oliver and Khaner! Hope we can do some fun things together this summer.

Jordan said...

I can't believe you FINALLY got "Big Blue." I remember when the city first announced their plans for a recycling program and how excited you were! I saw a few others in the neighborhood before I left!
A compost? I think that's a great idea. I'm pretty sure Sis. Christensen has one in the back of her house...you should talk to her about it.

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