Monday, August 24, 2009

Manic Monday

Dear Monday,

You get such a bad rap most of the time. But I actually like Mondays! Maybe because I don't have a job outside of the home but I just like it because Mondays are a new beginning I set goals think about the up coming week and reflex on the weekend... Ah great a weekend recap for all my readers...

Saturday... I painted the office... No I am not done. Hopefully we will be done in like 6 weeks....I painted the hub's office gray and red 3 walls gray 1 red... My last cleaning people said that it was UGLY. They no longer are employed by me. New cleaning girls said yes they love it... They are younger and going to school for interior design. They are still employed by me. Hub bought some black paint and I am going to paint the baseboards black?? Any thoughts?? Keep them to yourselves. j/k please let me know what you think. After all the painting I cleaned myself up and took my baked goods to the Eagle Scout Bake Goods Auction. Oh yeah I baked some crap on Friday night then got up and painted. It was fun The Eagle Scout earned around $200 to clean/fix up our neighborhood park. I did win some tasty treats that included some Homemade Oreo fudge cookies. YUM. And a rhubarb custard pie YUM. I have had some ideas for some cheesecakes Mint Oreo Cheesecake and a Strawberry Rhubarb one... I need to get working on those. REALLY SOON. That was Saturday I did not do much else because I was spent and don't remember much of the evening.

Sunday I guess I was really spent because I had left the only milk we had on the counter over night... I was mad, not only was it son's expensive lactose free milk but I had barely used any of it. I did cry over milk. So off to Albertsons I went. NOT Happy. But all that was cured by winning my SECOND blogger award. I KNOW WHAT THE CRAP, I just won one. I was really honored because it was from JennyMac and she is basically a blogger rock-star, And I am just honored that she found me and commented on my blog first. It was basically like winning the Tour de Donut, which hub and I are doing next year. Really I was very very very very humbled. To be honest I never thought I would win an award I did not think my blog was up to par with anything, I just like to write about the crap that happens in my life and did not care if anybody read it. To be honest I don't think my friend Jordan even reads anymore... She probably found new better friends in Wyoming because she never calls or answers her phone when I call... Great I started this blog for nothing. OH guess what else we did on Sunday We took son to a children's museum up in Salt Lake at the Gateway... Long drive, expensive admission, not to great exhibits, and son having a great time = priceless. And the best part of Sunday???? MAD MEN... Did you watch?? NO of course not why would you ........ It was ok... it was one of those episodes where not a lot happened but we need to see the events to build up the story. I would talk about it but HECK my readers don't watch... i really need to go find a Mad Men blog to join.

Have a good week xoxoxoxox


Kristina P. said...

I love homemade Oreos. Have you made the Oreo truffles? To die for.

Beth Dunn said...

I want to watch but I could not find it on demand. I was so bummed! xoxo

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